Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sick Again

Woo Hoo, I got it back again.  Fourth time in eight weeks.  I thought I was in the clear last Friday when I was feeling actually good and had no reoccurring symptoms of the whatever I keep re- infecting myself with.  Guess not.  Saturday morning I felt great.  Saturday afternoon, not so good.  We did have our late Valentines dinners Saturday night.  Steak and lobster, which I ate in my jammies because I was freezing and didn't feel good.  The lymph node on my neck seems to be a little bigger then it was the last two weeks.  I have an appointment with the doctor in a couple weeks to re-establish since my doctor retired and didn't tell anyone.  Oh well hopefully I can kick this shit one way or another eventually because I'm really sick of being sick!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Disappointed AGAIN!

As you know every year on Valentines day I get my hopes up just to be let down.  This year was no different.  However, on Wednesday when I get home and the hubby declares that he is buying a 5 ft. plastic display of his favorite race car drivers car for $80.00, I expect my ass to be kissed for allowing such shenanigans to take place.  No, I am not happy about this.  Yes, I did expect flowers of some sort waiting for me when I arrived home yesterday.  And yes he his on my shit list and knows it with out me having to say it.  I did however get a nice surprise for one of my dear friends last night at bowling.  He brought me a jar of bacon bits for the crack fries that they have that I eat with nacho cheese and keep saying how much better it would be with bacon.  Yes it was a joke and funny, but also thoughtful!  Oh and I got two beers out of him too!  So I guess it wasn't a total loss of the day anyways.  As for the hubby, until I get my mother fucking flowers, we are not speaking and I will be wearing my granny panties until this matter is resolved!

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Little Crazy

All right so the hubby's birthday flew by this weekend.  We had a little get together on Friday with my family, and Saturday the boy and I took him to see a show at one of the casinos downtown.  It was a magic show with Vegas show girls.  It was good, we all enjoyed it and had a good time.

The great moldy cheese experiment has commenced.  Yes it's that time of year again where I get to do some more of my kids homework.  The boy is now required to do science projects.  I get one out and one goes into having to do it.  So he picks which cheese molds the quickest.  OK, doesn't sound all that hard, but the thing that irks me is I have to waste 9 pieces of cheese.  3 for each kind.  Cheese ain't cheap.  So now I have 9 pieces of cheese in 3 zip locks on my washing machine waiting for it to mold.  Aaahhh good times!

I got the house all nice and clean and disinfected yesterday.  I am on my last day of antibiotics.  Will see what happens at the end of the week because it's about that time where I should be getting this shit back.  I keeping my fingers crossed that this time I wont get it.  I'm still a little concerned about the swollen lymph node on the side of my neck.  I keep checking everywhere to make sure there is no other ones on my body.  So far so good.  But I still just don't feel quite right.  I wish my Dr. Appt. was a little earlier then March.  Oh yeah my Dr. retired with no notice to anyone, so I have to establish with another Dr. in that group.  I've been going there since the age of 12, you would think I'm already established!

Monday, February 4, 2013

As I age

I'm approaching 35 in a few months and some fun new things apparently come along with aging that they sure don't go over with you in health class.  First off, my new party trick is when I cough 2 out of 5 times I pee myself a little.  What the hell is with that?  Does this mean I'm going to be sporting adult diapers by the time I'm 40?  I'm really not sure I can handle that.  I was looking at my hands the other day and noticing that my skin is not looking as smooth as it used too.  It's starting to take on this grainy transparent look that has got me a little worried.  Oh and don't even get me started on the acne.  OK what the FUCK ladies?  I feel as though I'm going through puberty again breaking out in places I didn't even break out in when I was a kid.  And last but not least, the facial hair.  I'm a fucking chick!  What in the hell is going on.  Why wasn't I told of this happening?  You see the commercials for waxing and whatnot's, but really don't think its that big of an issue unless your Greek (no offense) or have a serious gland problem.  OK OK, I'm Italian, I should have seen this coming.  But I didn't.  So now I have to damn near pluck everything in sight every damn day.  Long story short, I'm saving for laser hair removal, and getting old blows! 

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Yesterday afternoon my mom calls he and says is douche bags (step kid i hate) girlfriend pregnant?  Um I don't know why?  Because his mom posted she was going to be a grandma.  I don't know I say because I'm not friends with him, but I'll check it out.  Sure enough, she's pregnant, and it's all over Facebook.  So I text my hubby who's been sick in bed over the last couple days whether I should start officially calling him grandpa?  He did not find this funny.  I guess the kid has told the world but is to chicken shit to tell his dad and the hubby is a little pissed.  And it's kind of weird because the girlfriend has a two year old from another guy.  Ok if I were her, I would avoid getting knocked up at all cost.  Oh we'll he's an adult now, my only concern is now they will be welfare cases because she doesn't work and his job is sketchy at best.  Whatever!

So I'm sick again.  This is the third time in 6 weeks.  The last two were viral, this time it's come with a fever so my mom drug me to the urgent care this morning.  I've been laying in bed all day hoping the antibiotics kick in quick so I'll feel better tomorrow for the people coming over for Super Bowl.  The hubby found a buffalo meatball recipe that stick with the diet I'm currently back on.  It was nice cause he vacuumed and did the dishes for me today, but informed me he doesn't do bathrooms or the laundry hahaha.  Happy Super Bowl Sunday!