Thursday, January 31, 2013

Waste of time

So just like I thought it would be, the student led conference was the biggest waste of my damn time EVER.  I didn't even say 1 word to the computer teacher whose class we ended up in.  She gets a folder of some class work shes done, and that's it.  I wrote a nasty comment on the comment card they made me fill out that went along the lines of if I wanted to get my childes perspective on how she's doing, I can ask her that at home and get the answer of fine.  I want the truth from the teacher, because clearly her grades indicate shes not fine.  I walked out of that school so pissed off, five minutes later.  Took her directly to my grandmas house where she sat with the math tutor for the rest of her day.  She now knows fractions.  So now we have him coming on a weekly basis to work with her, that way I don't have an aneurysm one day yelling at her.

So the hubby has been sick the last two days.  Weird fever and that's it.  It broke last night, and thank god he went to the couch as soon as I got into bed.  No I'm not that nice wife who will give him the bed, although I expect him to go to the couch when I'm sick.  Hey I bought him some meds yesterday so get off my ass, I'm not that mean.  Hopefully he will be back to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Homework + Wine = less yelling!

So the Math teacher who hasn't returned my call from Monday is on my fucking SHIT list.  The guy has been out for like 2 weeks now.  Somebody better be dead, because I'm not sure how much more I can take of fractions.  My ex is a dumb ass piece of shit who is as dumb as the girl.  She calls me and says I have homework.  OK if I'm going to need to help you on this you need to get your ASS (exact words, I shit you not) home early, because I'm not going to be doing this at fucking 9 at night.  So I call the Ex and tell him to you tube how to do it, because that's the only way I figured it out on Sunday.  He's off all day, why do I have to do this shit when I work all fucking day?  Oh yeah, cause he's stupid!  Well he cant even figure it out watching the video (I really think he didn't want to do it) so he dumps it on me.  I pour myself a huge glass of wine in anticipation of the next 2 hours of screaming.  Two glasses later, a lot of yelling between my hubby and I, one you tube video on how to subtract mixed fractions watched oohhh, I'd say at least 40 times, about 10 text messages to my cousin whos in high school, and I can do the fucking things in my sleep!  Her, still has no clue.  So basically I did the damn homework while she stared at the wall.  Today is my parent teacher conference minus the teacher.  I cant wait!

Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm so dumb I have to google my kids math work.

You get to a point in your life where you think hey, I'm almost 35, I think I'm pretty smart.  That's until your kid brings home math homework that you have know clue how to do.  Oh did I mention she also is failing math at the moment and has a whopping 22% in the class.  And the quarter just started over.  So here we are again, middle of the year and I'm calling the math teacher (who hasn't returned my call yet by the way) to find out what crappy solution that he can suggest to get her back on track and understanding how to do it.  First problem is this has been a problem since the 3rd grade.  Second problem is that they are giving her stuff that I vaguely remember doing in high school, in sixth grade.  Third the teachers don't really seem to give a shit, so really why should she at this point.  It makes me mad that I cant even help her with this crap.  I have a tutor lined up who helped her with her make up work while she was out sick a couple weeks ago who is more then willing to help her with her homework, but she never has any damn homework.  And she doesn't understand what the teacher keeps going over with her.  I don't want to call her stupid, I think it's actually lack of interest.  Also if she is uninterested, how and I going to make her retain anything anyone tells her?  And If I cant even do the damn work, what the FUCK?  I'm so fucking frustrated.  I googled it and I'm still not even sure I'm doing it right.  So If I'm trying to show her the wrong way, or the way google is telling me is not the way the teacher is telling her so now what?  I wonder if the have a dumbed down version of the math class that they can put her in, and maybe I can understand?  I'll update "the Talk" tomorrow.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back in a flash!

Let me start this story from last night.  And I will try to be brief.  Hubby's in a really bad mood because work has been crazy.  Oh wait let me back that truck up one more time.  I forgot I've been gone awhile.  OK, so hubby's friend/boss, the one that got him the job quit like 3 months ago.  He was the superintendent.  Now hubby takes his position, but they don't replace hubby's job, so now he's doing both.  Anyhoo, the weather has been in the one digit the last couple weeks.  So the fire sprinklers in a warehouse busted and flooded the whole place  (but that's what happens when you don't want to pay for the heat to be on).  Hubby rips all the damaged carpet, sheet rock, etc... out, dries the building out and the insurance adjuster is now on his ass about asbestos.  The the glass people put in new windows in the wrong unit and doesn't want to fix the mistake.  Then I laugh at the situation, because really, only this much bad shit can happen to him in one day which lands my ass on the shit list for the rest of the night.  This morning I say "well maybe you will have a better day, at least it couldn't get any worse!"  HA, he calls up and says he forgot his wallet on the dresser that just so happens to have the company credit card that he needs to buy supplies.  So me being the good wife that I am, decide I'm going to be nice and drive my ass 20 minutes to Reno to give it to him.  So I drop the boy off at school 5 minutes early and haul balls.  I make it there at the time I say, and I wait.  I wait because he sends the dumb ass (step kid who is now also working with daddy because he cant find a job of his own and was about to be cut the fuck off by me) I wait 10 minutes all the while I feel like I'm doing a drug deal sitting in the empty parking lot of a mall that wasn't even open yet to have a truck pull up along side my car to do the exchange out the window.  And yes, I got some weird looks from the people cleaning the parking lot on my way out.  All in all I was only 15 minutes late for work, because I drove like 100 on the freeway on my way back managing to hit every asshole going under the speed limit in the fast lane and every red fucking light when I got into town!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getting Back on Track!

OK, so yes, I know it's been like months.  Where have I been you ask?  Well I'll tell you.  And it totally has NOT been interesting.  So basically we moved into the house, and have been blowing money out our asses because now we actually have some.  We have calmed down a bit since Xmas.  Were trying to save some at the moment, but that all flew out the window when the light bulb over the hubby's head went on right after I made the last payment on my new appliances.  HOT TUB!  Yep, the hey can we just go look at the spa place so I can get prices on what these things cost?  Ended in us being the proud owners of a brand new spa!  The funny thing is.  I like it.  We have been having our alone time with a glass of wine right after dinner the last few weeks for about an hour and a half or so.  Then we put on our jammies, watch a little TV and head to bed.  It's really been kinda nice to get away from the kids for just a bit.  And hell they have been really good about leaving us alone, and not starting shit with each other.

So all I got for Xmas this year was an extra 10 pounds added to my ass.  I'm really trying to get back on track these days, but damn it, all the chicken wings, pizza, sesame balls, CRACK fries (I'll get to that in a minute) oh and the cake being dropped off at my house from various relatives because hey, she has kids, they need this 3/4 of a birthday cake I don't want at my house.  Ends up on a plate in my mouth because I have no fucking will power.  And the fact that I cant see my my bathing suit bottoms due to the ginormous fat roll I have suddenly acquired (thank god none of my neighbors can see me get in and out of the hot tub) have got me suddenly depressed.  I think hey, today I'm going to do it, but then I have lunch and am like well that last piece of cake needs to be ate before it gets stale.  And no one wants to waste cake.  So I'll start tomorrow then.  HA, cookies at work today, you don't say.  OooHH I'll just have one.  Then when I'm cleaning the kitchen.  Oh look theres 1 1/2 cookies left, cant let that get thrown away.  And last but not least, the CRACK fries.  So in September I joined a bowling league with my friends.  I have so much fun, and I really like it, but the bowling alley snack shack makes these french fries that are ridiculous.  Hence the CRACK fries.  The serve them with a side of nacho cheese and you have the perfect combination for a continual backed up colon.  I keep trying to resist to no avail.  Maybe today will be the day,  So far so good.  And I look forward to seeing my bikini bottoms once again.  Hopefully before summer starts or I'm swimming in sweat pants!