Saturday, March 26, 2011

A bit interesting!

All right so Thursday, wait let me go back.  Last Saturday mom and I were talking about my dad's family and how we know nothing about them.  My grandpa's dad died when he was 2 and he wasn't close with his mother or siblings, so we didn't know much about them.  Also we have been watching that damn show Who do you think you are too.  So my favorite computer genie at work is really into genealogy.  So we were talking on Thursday about if she could look some stuff up for me and see what she could find.  Anyways,  Friday she started digging and came up with a bunch of stuff.  Like the name of my grandpas dad, pictures of his headstone, marriage registries, and a death certificate.  So from there she managed to find his parents names and his fathers mothers parents.  You with me so far.  Then it kind of came to a halt there.  Then she came across this lady from Florida who referenced his dad, his siblings and parents.  She had a whole tree going back but we couldn't decipher how we were related.  So she asked if she should email her and give her my email address.  So the lady emailed me back this afternoon saying some lady married someone from her family.  Still trying to figure out if this was a sister of his dads or what, but its actually kind of cool that we are distantly related.  So more to come on this mystery, just thought I'd share what Ive got so far.  Not to bad for 1 day of digging.  I want to no so much more now, about my whole family.  I might just have to join myself now.  Lots of fun and interesting facts!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I am so sick!

And tired of the snow.  I swear I am moving someplace warmer.  Last night was a freaking blizzard with all the wind and snow.  So we woke up to 6 more inches, JOY!  Thank god it's Friday cause the storm is suppose to go through the weekend.  Then maybe just maybe by the end on next week we will hit 65.  I am praying!

Well it's been a pretty uneventful week.  I really am sick too.  Got the hubby's cold        :( But thankfully that's all it is, is a cold.  I stayed home on Wednesday with the boy.  Teacher institute day.  Mom had to go to a meeting and couldn't watch him so what the hell, I took the day off.  And by the sounds of it I'm glad I did cause it was SLOW at work.

So yay, the girl has ANOTHER project on top of the 5 we have to do.  Now she has to do a Chautauqua.  Her teacher is so getting his ass reamed by me next week.  That's all I have to say about that.  And if your thinking I probably shouldn't have had kids because this is my job as a mom, your probably right!

Have a good weekend :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Better....I think!

Last night there was no talk of our little tiff.  He knows how I feel, but yet nothing will be done about it as usual, so I might as well get over it I guess.  But now we are on to him being sick.  And you know how that is when men are sick.  The whole world is crumbling and he's at the center of it.  My reaction to this is, there's some theraflu in the bathroom, do you want hot dogs or spaghetti for dinner?  I'm going to the gym so dinners on you!  Hot dogs it was!  Aside from listening to him complaining most of the night, we did manage to watch the movie I got 3 days ago.  Then went to bed.  About 1:00 this morning my earplugs decided to start failing me because he was snoring so loud.  I reached over and got a fresh set and that seemed to help, plus I got a few good kicks in to shut him up as well.

I have a parent teacher meeting next week.  I am so not looking forward to this.  And not all the kids required one but my daughter was one of the lucky ones that did.  Then I get an email from the step mom yesterday saying she would like to meet with the teacher to see if theres any work he can give her to help her with whatever she's having trouble with.  GREAT, yeah cause you have to deal with her 5 days a week when she's in school and homework every night.  No you get her on the weekends when she has nothing to do but play.  Meanwhile, I, have to deal with her homework every night.  And on top of that I am going to have to relay to the teacher my displeasure about these fucking projects.  I just got done doing her science fair project and now I, me, not her, have to do 3 fucking more on a state, not even our state.  Cant they do this shit in class?  Last time I checked I graduated from school, which to me means that I shouldn't have to do this shit anymore.  And it's really sad that most of her work I don't even get and have to google it.  She's in 4th grade for Christ sakes.  Jesus when I was in school (and it wasn't that long ago) I never had this much homework.  It's like they keep cutting the budget, but try to cram way to much into the year, so most of this bullshit work comes home that they should be doing in class.  So if anyone knows or lives in Maine and wants to send me some interesting facts, let me know cause I have about two weeks to get this shit done, while she puts her name on it and takes all the credit for it.  UGH!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Bad Hubby

I am still pissed from yesterday.  I got the car insurance bill.  He added the ungrateful, jobless step bastard to my policy.  It went up $100.00 a month.  Are you kidding me?  I am paying for this shit not you.  So I text message him about it.  I get the usual response of I'm at work what do you want me to do.  NOTHING FUCKER.  I'm just telling you so we can discuss this when you get home.  So I roll up to the house and he is looking at my broken car.  We start to get into it, and I am one to just pick my battles with him, but I wasn't letting this one go.  I simply said I can not pay for this every month.  He is suppose to be working and helping out with this.  He was suppose to be paying his phone bill as well, but I have yet to see a dime for over a year.  He is 17, and needs to find a damn JOB!  His response is, I had a bad day at work and I don't want to hear it.  Of course you don't because anything I have to complain about regarding your kid, you never want to hear.  But I couldn't pay you to keep your two cents about my daughter to your self.  So I made dinner and went to my room and watched TV just to get away from him.  I am so pissed.  He says I work, I'm tired.  Yeah well I work a full time job too, I clean the house, make dinner, deal with the asshole kids, laundry, you name it I do it.  You go to work, come home wait for your dinner, then sit your ass on the couch for the rest of the night.  Sorry your life is so fucking tough.  Try walking in my shoes for a couple of days, you would be happy to go back to your life.  So on facebook this morning he posts "If my wife whines about one more thing, I am going to the bar like every other guy".  Don't do me any favors asshole.  Remember we already went through that 6 years ago.  When every night you were at the bar while I was taking care of you kids.  The ones that don't belong to me!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The flying BBQ!

Here is the story.  2 years ago on my 30th birthday my hubby decides to throw me a party at the park.  He spends way to much time trying to clean up the BBQ to take which makes us late.  I say to him your going to tie that down right?  To which I get the response of I'm not an idiot!  So I say we need to hurry we are going to be late.  He throws everything in the truck and start to make our way to the park.  It was really windy that day, he takes a corner and the BBQ flies out and smashes to bits in the middle of the road (and almost hits the car behind us by the way).  This is how I ended up with a new BBQ for my birthday.

Fast forward to last night.  Which keep in mind my birthday is weeks away.  My day had already been shitty enough.  My car broke a belt in the middle of my errands for work.  Took me pulling over 6 times just to get it home without over heating.  The hubby yells at me that he's in sparks at work and what do I expect him to do?  Uh I dunno, fucko, I'm a chick this is not my area of expertise!  Kids are being total assholes.  So We finally sit down to dinner and the weather has turned rather shitty.  Really bad wind and it's starting to rain.  I get up to get another taco and I sit down, looking out the slider, and I see the BBQ start to roll past the door, to the end of the deck, where it will fall a foot and break.  I start yelling "the BBQ, the BBQ"  jump up and save it right before it hits the edge.  Thank god, cause I really didn't want another BBQ for my birthday this year.  AAAANNNDD  what the hell would I use to cook the 10 boxes of chicken currently taking up all the room in my freezer?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Time Change

OK this time change blows.  Nothing like going to bed late, just to drag my ass out of it earlier.

Friday I went to the movies with my BFF.  We saw Beastly (her choice, not mine)  it was OK for a teeny bopper movie.  During dinner my hubby calls me about buying chicken.  Yes one of those drive by meat sellers caught my hubby in the driveways and saw the sucker sign on his forehead.  So 3 calls of me screaming at him just to buy a box of chicken, and not the fish, because I had no signal where I was, I am now the proud owner of $240.00 and 10 boxes worth of chicken.  Yes I was quite pissed when I got home.  The worst part of it was, was I made the chicken cordon bleu last night for us both to have the shits this morning.  That was worth it!

Saturday, he spent the day going back and forth to the other house getting garage shit.  We have now officially white trashed up the neighborhood!  I think a few dump runs are in the near future!

Sunday the girl had a choir concert.  So I drug my ass to that.  It was OK, a little long though.  They were singing with 4 other choirs and an orchestra.  Although the lady in the front playing the clarinet kept basically giving the instrument a blow job before she began to play was kind of entertaining.  So we got home, and I forgot about the software updates for our IPhones.  A 2 hour update which took 4 on the laptop.  So I didn't get to bed until 10:30 waiting for this damn thing to finish.  Sometimes I think it's not even worth it.

Today I get to work alone since bipolar quit and menopausal is having a colonoscopy.  Yay me I have to close too.  This day SUCKS ass already.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

so sorry

It's been a while.  Just been moving more crap from one house to another for the last two weeks.  It has really been hell and I hope it will be over soon enough.  Everyone is adjusting to the move quit well.  Even the dog stopped freaking out after about 4 days.  Friday I am taking a break and going to the movies with my bff, and then to our favorite place to eat.  It was nice parking in the garage for once, that is until last weekend when the boat was more important then my car.  So kicked to the curb once again.  In the 10 years we have been together, I have never been able to use the garage.  Work has been slammed, life has been slammed, so that's really just about it for now.  I figured while I actually had a second to sit I would write a little something.  Cant wait for Friday.....I need a break!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


This morning I let the kids walk to school.  Considering it's right across the street, you would think this is no big deal.  Enter my idiot daughter into the equation, and I look like a lunatic!  So I walk them one house down to the corner, watch them cross the street to the crossing guard to cross another street to the school.  Walk back and get in my car to leave.  I stop for the crossing guard and notice my daughter standing across the street on the corner, with this stupid look on her face.  So I start pointing and yelling at her from in my car, across the street to go to school.  Still looking at me with stupid look.  I start screaming and pointing at her, and nothing.  So I roll down my window and yell from across the street, in the car GO TO SCHOOL!  She starts moving slowly, and by this time I need to turn before I get honked at.  And I'm sure all the parents, the crossing guard, and whom ever else was standing in the vicinity was thinking I'm the freak.  I told her to go directly to the office and turn in the change of address forms as soon as she got to school today.  But NOOOO, she had to just stand there.  I don't know if she was waiting for a friend or what but her ass needs to be in the school if she's going to walk.  Her ass will get reamed when she gets home.  If she cant just go to school, her ass will be getting a ride from now on.  Ugh, sometimes, she is so fucking frustrating I just want to ring her neck.  Oh and that look she had, that reminded me of the confused look her dad gets.