Saturday, August 25, 2012

Were in like Flynn!

First night in our new house, check!  Typical up at the crack of dawn because it's a new place yet I'm still in my own bed, always.  Good thing I have a week off to get used to it.  Actually I take that back, it's 10 days with the holiday, and let me tell you Friday drug on and on at work.  The hubby and Jesus, got all the heavy shit moved during the day, and left all the little shit for mom and I to do the rest of the weekend.  We must be out of the rental by Friday.  Which means, the hubby still has his man room, and man garage to pack up and move out.  I dont know which is worse, lifting furniture or dealing with the little crap.  My vote is little crap.  Or I just hate all things associated with moving.  Will see how the rest of the week plays out.  I'm hoping it's not all gung ho like the painting only to crap out at the end and alls I'm left with is one fucking bathroom that still needs paint.  And YES, i am still pissed about that.....STILL!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The time has come!

Moving has commenced.  The carpets got cleaned yesterday, and packing has started.  Shit gets going today.  Have I said that I really hate moving?  It's just so fucking overwhelming to me.  I don't know where to start, I just feel like I'm going in 10 different directions.  I got most of my kitchen packed up, I suppose I'd better stick to one room, finish it then move to the next.  I got the kids drawers cleaned out.  That was a big chore in itself.  The boy cleaned out his toy box and thank god minimized his junk.  This is going to be hell this weekend!

Aside from all of the moving craziness, the girl has Middle School boot camp today.  She gets her schedule, locker, and meets her teachers.  I cant believe I have a kid in middle school.  I don't feel that old, but I guess I'm not getting any younger these days.  cant wait to see what fresh hell middle school brings.  Hormones, boyfriends......did I mention puberty?  God help me.  I pray to god she's nothing like me.....NOTHING!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going, going, over it!

So you know when you start a project with such gusto, and then towards the end your kinda over it?  Well lets just say I'm kinda over it about now.  Thankfully we are on the last leg of this little renovation.  Just waiting for the hubby to get his ass in gear and finish the one fucking bathroom that needs paint that he seems to be taking his sweet time doing.  The carpets are getting cleaned tomorrow and then that's it, ready to start moving.  Keep in mind I haven't yet packed one fucking box, but I'm moving two blocks away.  Its basically going to be throwing shit in a box and taking it to the new house, dumping it and repeat.  That's how we roll when we move.  I am so looking forward to my week off next week, a week with no painting, ripping out bushes, or scrubbing dropped drywall mud off the carpet because people cant fucking be careful.  Nope, just sitting in my new house while the kids are finally back at school, casually putting the last minute things away that I know are going to get piled up this weekend.  Maybe go shopping for some new stuff I want but don't need, who knows, 10 blissful days off is all I'm looking forward too!

I did finally make that one last minute decision on Sunday regarding the wall color of our room.  I saw this awesome bluish greenish grayish wall color in HGTV and was instantly in love.  I woke up in the morning rolled over and said to the hubby "OK I decided, I want that color in our room!"  So off to Lowe's we went for the umpteenth time to get more paint.  But in the end, the room looks fabulous and everyone LOVES the color.  It especially looks awesome with the flat white ceilings.  I am totally tooting my own horn right now!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

running out of time

So this little snowballing house project of ours is just that, snowballing.  And on top of it, time is running out.  The kids rooms are done and painted.  The ceiling in the living room and kitchen are painted.  Other then that, nothing else is done.  Well I take that back, Mom and I busted ass and got the entire house primered, but we are not allowed to paint per the anal retentive hubby who wants it perfect.  Hey, do you want it done, or perfect?  He's bitching this morning about needing to start moving shit in.  REALLY?  That's the last thing that needs to be done.  Plus we have till the 31st, that's another week.  Just do the tile, and the paint then worry about the rest later.  It's going to come down to the wire I can feel it.  I am NOT lookng forward to the next two weeks.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ding Dong The VWs GONE!!!

It's gone, It runs, It's registered and insured as of yesterday.  I don't know if It's completely fixed or not, but it isn't coming back here!  I actually got the garage back for the last 3 weeks were in this house.  So I hope nothing happens to that fucking car for the next 3 weeks.  Once that's up, no more garage and sorry it's broke, but you cant bring it here!  Just run for the next 3 weeks.....please.

Picked out the tile last night for the kitchen.  I really liked that multi colored stone tile, but it's a little to blueish for the counter tops, so we went with a smoky grey.  It's nice, has some highs and lows to give it texture to it.  Then picked out a sink since that's getting replaced too.  Mud man should be done by tomorrow afternoon, then we can start painting on Sunday and paint the rest of the week.  Technically this puts us ahead of schedule.  Fingers crossed it stays that  way!  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Robo maniac

All right, I must say that the guy doing the texture of my ceiling and walls is a freaking robo maniac.  The living room ceiling is done and 2 out of 3 walls are done.  The hubby had to tell him to go home last night because he was starting another wall and it was late.  Either he's that enthusiastic, or he's sick of us and wants it done.  Either way it's going pretty quick now so who cares.  At the rate were going, we should be able to start painting this weekend.  Fingers crossed.  So now the kitchen is snowballing, because the counters and appliances look so nice that the floor needs to be done, so add tile work before we move the the list of to do's.  I told the hubby that it's gotta stop somewhere sometime or we will never be able to move in.  Will see what happens at this point.  I figure that if I don't suggest looking at tile then he'll let it go......hopefully for now.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Well so much for replacing the appliances one by one in the future.  Damn you Lowes and your sale prices.  I am now the proud owner of a nice new stainless steel stove, dishwasher (keep in mind that didn't need to be replaced because it was fairly new, but got to have everything matching right?) and fridge.  The house is coming along great.  Walls are all taped up, the ceilings are all scraped and ready for texture, hopefully it will be all done by this weekend.  We let the kids pick paint out for their rooms.  Purple and blue were the final decision.  Whatever makes them happy.  We had a nice easy day yesterday.  I think the hubby needed it.  But it's back to work now.  Hopefully that stupid car wont hold things up to much more.  I cant wait to move now, and use my new stove.  It's funny the stupid things that make you excited.  The hubby said this is our "do over" the things that we should have been able to do with our first house.  And since we got screwed out of that, were going to make this how we want it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Douche Bag

Hey guess what?  That fucking car is still broken taking up valuable space in my garage.  Wanna know why?  Because douche bag is an idiot.  How this kid will ever make it in life is the question of the week.  After the hubby tried desperately to put the thing back together the right way, dumb shit cant follow simple instructions of DO NOT USE THE OLD BOLTS.  Well 8 out of 10 were new.  The so one of the old bolts stretched and sheared in half allowing the newly rebuilt engine to fill with antifreeze. And now the bolt is stuck, which means all that work needs to be taken apart and put back together again.  Um HELLO, we have a house to renovate and move into in less then a month.

Speaking of the house, we finally got back to it yesterday.  The corners have been taped up in the living room, today is ceiling and more mud work.  Keep in mind I have been supervising the hubby and his mud guy throughout this whole thing.  Not like when we did moms house and I actually did all the manual labor.  I went and got the lights for over the bar.  The hubby bartered again for granite counter tops.  So those will be going in sooner then we thought.  Project "trailer trash" is in full effect!