Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Xmas eve!

For my first Xmas present this year I received and 11 thousand dollars bill for the operating room bill only for the boys arm. I can't wait to see what the ER bill is going to be. This is just going to be the best Xmas EVER!

Speaking of Xmas. The oldest boy texted the hubby last night asking if he could come and stay the night and spend Xmas with us. We figured he would do his usual dissappearing act and show up after to get his stuff. So we didn't get him anything. Just figured we would give him a 50 when we saw him, but since there has been a change in plans, the hubby actually went out on Xmas eve so he would have something to open. It's funny because the hubby HATES any kind of crowd and this is this worst possible time to go. Hehehe!

Well off the the family party tonight, and then the present fest begins in the morning!

Merry Xmas all, I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Monday, December 19, 2011


The banks and health insurance companies should merge into one big conglomerate to bend over the American people and literally gang rape us into submission by paying more and getting even less then we are now. After this mornings realization of I just met my deductible for the boys arm, only for the insurance companies to pay 80% while I'm stuck paying the other 20. This sounds fine in reality, but when you think about it, in less then 2 weeks it becomes 2012, thus reverting my deductible back to ZERO. With plenty of "specialist" visits that are costing me double along with having to pay in full for X-rays now because my deductible of $1500.00 that I just met is going back to ZERO. So merry fucking Xmas to me, and I am now taking it up the ass by Humana! I am just short of canceling the insurance on the kids and putting the $300.00 a month or sorry it's $400.00 now, into a savings account for medical expenses. I would probably get off way cheaper and be able to pay for it in cash, since most places will discount the bill by 20% if you pay it all right then. Just think, $400.00 times 12 is $4800.00 a year and we usually have 1 maybe 2 doctor visits a year. So it seems pretty worth it to me not to even have it at this point.

Well my Xmas shopping is pretty much done. I thought I'd blow the rest of my money on presents for the kids considering I'll be living in a box come next month. Oh well. At this point I give up! I'm defeated. Just when I thought things were getting back on track. Wham! So I'm guessing 2012 isn't going to be my year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 2

So I have been home for 3 days now.  The boy has been doing pretty well I must say.  He even tried eating spaghetti left handed last night.  It didn't work out to well, but he tried.  It was a little rougher last night sleeping because he was trying to turn over most of the night.  Which wakes me up because his arm needs to be elevated, so 5 times I had to turn him back over.  Good thing I took today off.  This shitty cold I have got seems to be developing a new symptom.  I now have a cough.  The hubby went to work today, hey it's better then nothing at least.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that something comes up soon for that company.  All and all he's been really lucky so far.

Last night our neighbors stopped by and dropped off candy to us.  It was really nice, but I was a little embarrassed because I was in my sweats, no makeup and my hair in a half assed pony tail.  She looked at me and said are you OK?   HA, yeah, I must have looked hideous.  Oh well!  So were going to try a bath today.  Bag up the arm and get him cleaned up.  I brushed and probably will be brushing his teeth for the next six weeks, but that's OK because at least I know they will be brushed good for a while.  I swear, last night I sneezed and I think I blew out my eardrum if that's even possible.  All I know is I hard a pop and if freaking hurt.  It's still a little sore this morning.  Weird.  Well enough of my boring ramblings.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa has Shit Down My Chimney this Year!

I really must have made the naughty list this year.  It all Started with the nasty hangover last Saturday.  The emergency dental visit for the hubby.  God only knows what that bill is going to be.  The hangover has turned into a nasty head cold on Sunday, so I spent the entire day sick on the couch.  Monday wasn't going great either.  I had to drag my ass out of bed to go to work because menopausal minion took a couple days off at the worst fucking time of year.  I guess I looked pretty shitty because the boss lady told me to go home an hour after I got there.  I was like oh thank god cause I feel like CRAP!  I got home crawled into bed and watched some TV and fell asleep.  After about an hour I started drooling because I cant breath out of my nose and woke myself up.  My phone was on vibrate so I picked it up to see if anyone had called and it rang in my hand.  It was the school.  I thought oh crap, the boy has got my cold.  The girl was already home sick at grandmas.  I only wish that was the call I had gotten.  I said hello.  The lady says Hi I'm the nurse, your son fell off the slide and I think his arm is broken so you need to come get him and take him to the ER.  UM, OK.  At this point I wasn't sure what to do, I think I was in shock from the call.  I called the hubby, then my mom, while on my way to get him.  I walked in the nurses office and looked and the big dip in his forearm and said yep that's broke.  The funny thing is, is the nurse said he just walked in, not crying and said his arm hurt cause he fell off the slide.  Tough kid I have.  So off to the ER we went.  I picked up my aunt to help me with him.  We get to the ER and of course it's hurry up and wait.  They gave him an IV (which he didn't cry with that either)  Gave him some pain meds, and he felt so much better to wait for the next 6 hours for the bone doctor to get out of surgery to set his arm.  At least it was a clean break, the sucker just snapped right in half, so he didn't need any surgery.  However, they did take him to the operating room to use this contraption to straighten his bone.  It was better to knock him out anyways.  We finally, after 8 hours in the hospital got to go home.  We picked him up some McDonald's because the poor kid had nothing but breakfast yesterday.  He ate, we gave him his drugs and he slept with me because he has a loft bed and wont be able to get up there for the next 6 weeks.  We just kicked the hubby to the spare room.  I am so glad he is OK, but man this couldn't have happened at the worst time.  Aside from the emergency dental bill I'm waiting on, the hubby is out of work at the moment, it's Xmas time, and this little ER visit will probably end up costing me $2000.00 or more I don't have.  Just when I think I'm starting to get ahead a bit, the rain cloud lets loose.  I guess the most important thing is that the boy is OK and I will just deal with everything else as it comes.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

And so it begins!

Right at this very moment on Saturday night at 5:16 pm I am sitting in a dental office waiting for the hubby to basically cost me my rent money in emergency dental work, because he had a tooth ache and couldn't wait till Monday. Aside from the fact that I am also majorly fucking hung over. My Xmas party for the office was yesterday and a couple friends and the hubby usually go out afterwards. Well 4 bars and way to many beers later here I am. So far all I've eaten all day is a leftover extreme sausage sandwich from jack in the box that we got before heading home in the wee hours of this morning. Ive also had about 4 hours of sleep due to the hubby moaning and groaning over his tooth this morning. I said can you go be in pain on the couch? I need some fucking sleep. I did manage to get a nap in though. So I'm sitting hear starving in a plastic uncomfortable chair depleting my checking account by the minute. This sucks.

Work has been a nightmare this last week. It's Xmas and that means I get to deliver and mail out 1000 boxes of sees candy and wine boxes I have to put together for clients every fucking year and get it all delivered by Xmas. Considering I'm one person short this year and menopausal minion has taken the next couple days off, I'm fucked this week. I'm canceling Xmas this year. Why can't things just go smoothly for once this time of year. We were suppose to visit his dad next weekend but dickhead step fucko cleaned out the savings needing 2 fucking cars. I also blame the hubby for this. He basically has no work for the next couple weeks, so as of right now bah fucking humbug!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Black Friday

Yes, I went.  Yes, it sucked.  Yes, I got what I went for and nothing else.  I was at Walmart by 8:30 standing in line in the automotive section waiting for a TV.  My BFF, was standing in another line (for me) in the paint section for another TV.  My mom was guarding the Portable DVD player pallet for me.  Because I cant be in 3 places at once you know.  So 4 1/2 hours in the automotive section I finally got my TV, met up with everyone else to get my other shit, and waited in line for another 45 minutes to check out.  I spent most of my bonus and walked out of there with 3 things.  I was a little disappointed, but I was really to tired to give a shit too.  I think I'm staying home next year.  I did manage to do a quarter of my Xmas shopping on line.  It's totally worth paying the shipping to avoid the crowds.

My husband went all Clark W. Griswold on the Xmas lights this year.  What started out as just putting some lights up, ended up being 5 trips to Lowe's and I'm sure a huge power bill.  I had 3 rounds of pictures because everyday I came home there was something else on the house lit up.  It was funny.

Tonight my Daughter is singing at the state capitol building for the Xmas tree lighting ceremony.  Keep in mind I have lived here 25 years and not once have ever thought about going to it.  But once again a kid of mine sucks me into doing this shit.  Not to mention it's fucking FREEZING out.  Hopefully it wont take long, but on the upside I'm making my hubby suffer through it with me....hehehe!

Tomorrow more freezing of the asses off to go cut down a Xmas tree.  Good thing I bought those DVD players.  The kids and I will be waiting in the truck while lumber jack hubby preforms some primitive ritual to make him feel like more of a man.  But it's all in good fun I guess.  Have a warm weekend cause I know I ain't!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Uh yeah!

Well the final verdict on dickheads car........(drum roll)........he is now the proud owner of a $6500.00 Jetta that needs a new engine! That was money well spent for him to drive a total of 3 whole weeks. (I'm still, right at this very moment) shaking my head. So, now, we get to spend another $500.00 on a beater truck that he can drive until he gets a job to pay for a new engine because we are now tapped out. And not to mention its Xmas.

On to happier things. My friends drug my ass to the midnight showing of twilight. It was pretty good. Every other year I really haven't enjoyed myself to much or the movie due to the fact that I'm a loser and usually go to bed at 9 most every night. So I'm so tired by 12 I don't care about the movie. But this year I was good. I was up and enjoyed myself. I even refrained from taking drags, or even asking my BFF for a cigarette the entire night. I'm super proud of myself. I totally thought about it more then once, but I got through it. So I guess I can officially call myself a non smoker with some self control. Yay me!

After 4 hours of sleep I had to get the kids up and off to school. I turned on the news and saw most of Reno was on fire and we had some gnarly winds yesterday. Like the entire morning it sounded like the roof was going to blow off. I did get the dog to the vet, and finally after 3 weeks got my haircut after she mis scheduled the first appointment and the next week my grandpa died. Finally this week, I made it and feel so much better. Now time to dye the greys.

Have a nice weekend!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am having such a hard time with the no smoking thing this week. I am staying strong. So far anyways. It's been such a stressful week it's all Ive thought about the last couple days. So as a detourent I have been trying to keep myself somewhat busy. I cooked breakfast yesterday morning, cleaned up, made chili put that in the crockpot, cleaned up. Then cleaned the house, did most of the laundry, braved Walmart & Costco in the middle of the afternoon, and still going nuts. It's been 2 1/2 months and I'm fighting through it, because once I cheat, there's no going back.

We have been mulling around the idea of going to the in laws house for a visit. I was trying to escape here for thanksgiving, but that's not going to happen because we decided to save the money and go in about 3 weeks, just before Xmas. They have a Xmas party and the whole neighborhood decorates so I think it would be fun. At least just to get away for a few days. I wish we could do both, but that's not going to happen. Maybe it's just this time I've year, maybe I just hate thanksgiving and think its a pointless holiday, other then the fantastic shopping on Friday. It's just to much shit has happened this time of year and it makes me down. I start feeling better closer to Xmas and am happy to hang with the family then, just not right now.

So, a couple weeks ago we gave dipshit money for a car ( happy birthday, merry Xmas, happy graduation). You would think this would have gotten him off our asses, however now the car is broken. And not just broken, it fucked up like we have to take it in and have it looked at to see how extensive the engine damage is. Gee how much is this going to cost us, cause shithead still isn't working enough and now is car less. I wonder how long that's going to last before he's whining about needing a car. Either way it going to end up costing me money. I liked it when they were fighting, he didn't come around for a couple months and it was nice.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well thank god it happened quickly yesterday and not today.  I came home early yesterday and so did the hubby so we could tell the kids.  I let the girl go with her dad and we broke the news to the boy.  He reacted like I thought he would.  Really didn't have much to say, and was a bit uncomfortable with the situation.  And that's OK.  How else should an 8 year old act.  The girl came home, and I made sure the boy was in the shower so we wouldn't be interrupted.  I tell you, she reacted better then I thought she would.  The hubby explained things to her, she cried for about 45 minutes, then we just sat together and watched TV for a while.  We all went to bed and things were fine with the kids this morning.  I on the other hand am fine, but I just couldn't get motivated to get my ass out of bed and dressed.  So I took a day to myself to watch movies in bed and be a bum.  Plus I have had this freaking headache for 2 days now, which I'm sure is caused by stress.  It feels like someone is sitting on my head.  The funeral is on Tuesday, why Tuesday, I have no idea, but it saves me from having to make the decision of taking the kids or not.  They will be in school so that takes care of that.  Well Time to go, but thought I would just give a quick update.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This has been quite a rough week so far. My grandpa is dying. I am not good with death. I don't know if it's because I haven't had to deal with it much, or if it's just my personal preference. I got away with avoiding my other grandparents death because I was pregnant and everybody left me alone, didn't pressure me about going to the funeral and I was fine with that. I don't need "closure" like some people do. I would prefer to remember them the way they were and not in a box. My dad was a different circumstance. He was young, and went quick. It was more shocking then anything. I still felt no need to go to his funeral, however I had to. So I sucked it up and went. Now that's the last memory I have and it really sucks. This morning we all went to the hospital and the doctor said there was nothing they could do. So thank god my grandma agreed to take him off all his meds and just keep him comfortable. Now we are just waiting. I am hoping it's fast. I'm hoping it's today rather then tomorrow because the step kids birthday is tomorrow and my dad already died on the othe step kids birthday so I am praying for it not to be tomorrow. I'm not sure how to break the news to my daughter. She is very close to my grandparents, and I'm also not sure if I should bring her to the funeral? I don't want to put all that on an 11 year old. Well sorry for the depressing post but I needed to talk it out. Thanks for listing to my internal struggles.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Almost Friday!

You know what cracks me up? It's when I look at that feedjit thing and all "those people" that are googling porn and come across my post entitled "fuck me". Which really I typed because I was pissed off one day. Poor sick bastards looking for boobies, but ending up on my blog. It makes me laugh. So, I have been reading, ok wait, torturing myself with the new Nicholas sparks book. Would it be to much to ask for a happy ending once and a while. Quit killing people off. And if you read his books, you know what I'm talking about. I got a nice call from a friend I haven't heard from in a while. All seems to be good with them and that makes me happy, because they deserve to be happy!

Trick or treating was a blur. We went through four bags of candy in an hour. My mom had to run out and buy us more. The overalls I ordered showed up Monday at 4:00 on my porch so the farmer was complete.

Parent teacher conferences were this week. The boy, doing great. The girl, it will be a fucking miracle if she graduates high school.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Starting off Well

Since today is only Tuesday, I thought I'd throw you all off from my normal Friday Posts.  This weekend we went to apple hill.  Here are some pictures from that day.
We will start with the beautiful fall colors.

A purple rose, my favorite, at the first farm we went to.

We visited the pumpkin patch.  This is my yearly pic of the boy with the pumpkins.  And yes that is actually the real color of the pumpkins.

We went apple picking and got some yummy apples!

Fresh apple right off the tree!

We had a great time and I got the best apple crisp ala mode at one of the farms.  We even tasted a variety of apple wines, which were gross by the way.  The hubby worked all weekend (poor him, yay me) I had some much needed free time on Sunday.  I actually managed to get through a few of the Grey's Anatomy's I had recorded forever ago.

The weather is turning grey and cold, however we are suppose to be back to the low 70's by the weekend.  That is totally unusual for this time of year.  Hell I have been out trick or treating in the snow.  I'm glad to have this little reprieve.  Speaking of Halloween.  My son wants to be a farmer this year.  OK, seems pretty simple.  NOT!  We have been on the hunt for overalls for the last 3 days.  You think they would still make them for little boys or I'm willing to even buy a girls pair, but NO, nothing unless your an infant.  So I took my chances and ordered some from Amazon for $30.00 in hopes that they will be here before Monday.  Fingers crossed.  I even checked every thrift store in town, and had the hubby running all over Reno looking for them.  I called the 5 kid stores at the mall, and nothing.  I hope they arrive on time or he's going to be a half assed farmer.  The Spirit store doesn't even carry anything, what the hell is up with that?

Friday, October 21, 2011


Well it's Friday!  Menopausal minion is on vacation for the next week starting today.  Boo, that means I have to work later then usual.  Double boo.  We are getting new carpet in the building.  Everything seems to be running fairly smooth.  My boss lady has decided to work half days to be here at night when the carpet gets installed in sections.  It seemed to have started off fairly well, but as of last night I guess it's taking it's toll.  Lets just say I was wondering where the wine dirty wine glass was coming from.  But seeing as how our computer lady is also on vacation and the new IT people are really a waste of time.  I told one of the attorneys that this guy needs to be fired and go back to our old IT people.  Along with the carpet and the computer bullshit, she has a lot on her plate.  And this is suppose to go on for another week.  I wonder how long till she breaks?

Anyways in lighter news.  The girl is officially 11 today.  I made her dad take her this weekend in hopes he would give her a party, but that didn't happen.  His cheap ass family gave his brother a birthday party on Tuesday and just happened to include her as well.  That was nice of them.  So she got one present from her aunt, her grandpa gave her ten bucks and her great grandpa spotted her a five.  Gee that was big of them to even give her that.  So her dad is planning on taking her to the mall so she can spend her $15.00.  If I were him, unless he is planning on pitching in, which I seriously doubt, I wouldn't even wast my gas to drive to the mall.  Just take her to walmart, she will at least get your employee discount on the crap she buys.   So once again he's cheaping out on her.

Last weekend after the kids party I threw for them, which went well.  The girl got a wii game called just dance.  After everyone left she, her friend who stayed the night, and me, played this game for like 3 hours.  It was so much fun, I enjoyed kicking their asses.  And the girl is finally getting some rhythm.  Sunday we took them to Toys R Us to spend their money (which was way more then $15.00, by the way)  After that fresh hell we had a nice lunch at the roadhouse, and went miniature golfing.  We had a really nice day.  My son had never been, and on his first hole got a hole in one.  He decided her really liked it after that.  I wish all weekends could be like that, fight free, everyone behaving.

Tomorrow we are heading up to apple hill.  We went last year and had a lot of fun getting pies and picking apples.  I hope I can get that peach dumpling I got last year, it was fresh out of the deep fryer and freaking AWESOME. 

Well here's to hoping for a quiet day, but I'm not counting on it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wine Tasting!

This is my friends uncles Winery in Healdsberg, CA.

Yummy wine fermenting in the barrels.

View of the vineyard, yes I turned it sepia to give it that dreamy look, but that is really the view.

More vineyard shots.

Cool empty bottle rack at one of the tasting places.

Me stomping grapes to help support breast cancer. 

Me again!  Sorry the picture is a little pixelated.

Just a cool sunset shot on the ride home!

OK now that the pictures are out of the way, I had so much fun.  Lots of wine, beautiful weather, and supporting a good cause.  Oh and some time away from the family which is always nice.

So this week is the kids birthdays.  Well last Saturday was the boys, he's a whopping 8 years old, and next Friday is the girls who is turning 11.  So we are having the party this weekend in the middle.  Poor kids always get screwed having their party's together because they are a week apart.  Oh well.  On the actual day of their birthdays we have just us cake and presents, so they get their own special day.

So work update is, we have a new leader in the retard race here at the firm.  I am really not sure how this lady even functions days to day being this stupid, let alone getting by being a secretary?  Yesterday during our morning meeting, Me and 3 other co-workers who come in and bull shit until it's time to start.  Who desperately try and avoid retard from joining in, but one of us, who shall remain nameless engaged her in conversation.  The whole time with me trying to send psychic messages of don't talk to her and she will go away to the others.  Which obviously didn't work.  So this bitch starts rambling on about how she hates her room mates cats, and somehow it turned into her saying "I don't wash the cats dishes with my human dishes, because I don't want to get strep throat"  OK, WTF?  Is it just me or is this bitch NOT crazy?  Then she starts in on how her room mates cat reminds her of one of the attorneys that work here because the cat has blond hair and blue eyes.  This.......sparked a whole new thing, which I will get to in a minute.  So still reeling from the shock of the word vomit that just oozed out of her mouth, the mentioned attorney walks in at that exact moment all of out jaws are on the floor trying to not laugh hysterically until she left.  Well that didn't work because we just couldn't contain the laughter, especially after I wrote it in my facebook status and passed it along to the others.  Anyways this sparked the mission of giving the said attorney a new name with the word cat in it, since ya know, he looked like one.  So after much debate, going back and fourth, and one of my personal favorites being "pussy"  because in reality, that's what he is, the final verdict came down to "Hello Kitty"  the only reason was because it came with funny pictures as the emails were going around about this.  Yes the stupid things that are spawned to keep us entertained at work.

Now on to why I'm fucking PISSED OFF!  (this post has taken me most of the day to write so it's been like 4 hours since I started this)  It is pay day.  So I decide, ya know I'm going to go get my self some lunch today!  I go to the local BBQ place and get a potato topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, nacho cheese, and green onions......HOLY FUCKING SMOKES, it was so good.  While at home enjoying my meal in peace, playing on my computer, my grandma calls.  UGH!  Keep in mind I have reamed my exes ass a few days ago about not paying me my child support which I had to borrow from my mom and told him he has to pay her back now in an effort to make him feel guilty enough to not do it again.  But I can see that's not going to work.  Oh and also now that my weekends are no longer girl free, because he's working weekends now, he takes her on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  OK last night he says can I start taking her on Wednesdays too?  OK No biggie, you deal with the homework during the week.  Enter Grandma (mine, her great), who watches her on Monday, Wed. & Fridays.  Grandma now thinks I'm taking her away from her and that he's plotting to get her over to his side "the dark side"  DUDE, what about me?  You are are so worried your not getting enough time with her but you sure don't give a flying fuck if it takes away from my time.  Which is not that big of a deal considering shes a real pain in the ass anyways.  So instead of grandma watching her all her life out of the goodness of her heart it now has stipulations attached to it.  So I yelled at her, made her cry, and I'm sure I will be paying for it tomorrow at the birthday party.  I am so FUCKING DONE!  And if my husband calls me one more time to tell me his phone is fucked up because I updated it last night I am going to fucking go off the deep end!  So HAPPY FUCKING FRIDAY, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


OK, I am a total dumb ass.  I forgot it was my anniversary today.  Yep, it wasn't until my mom called and said happy anniversary!  I was like what?  OH SHIT!  To be fair he forgot as well.  I guess I shouldn't have said no to that five minute quickie he was asking for this morning.  There has been a lot going on so it's understandable that it totally slipped our minds.

First off, camping last weekend was nice until we got there and the hubby starts setting up the trailer.  I am holding the dog who is wound up after being in the car for a few hours and gets out to someplace new.  So for 2 seconds I hand the leash to my son, just so I can help the hubby and grab something out of the way for him.  In that 2 seconds the dog (who is a lab and loves other dogs BTW) sees the dog next door which happens to be a pit bull and runs over to say hi, quickly being met by the dog clamping on to her throat.  This is totally my fault for giving the boy the leash.  Her dog was on a leash so really I cant blame anyone but myself.  So the dog has a nice puncture wound on her neck that I tried keeping clean with peroxide since we were out in the middle of nowhere for the next 4 days.  Long story short, it got infected, we got her home, shaved her neck and didn't look good.  As of right now I cant afford a $800.00 + vet bill, so I didn't know what to do.  I went to work where my co-worker told me about some stuff she got at the feed store when it happened to her dog.  So I went and got some $5.00 it's a synthetic penicillin.  Injected it into the puncture and I swear to god the infection is gone and the dog is healing.  Amazing.  Lesson learned, go to the feed store before the vet unless the dog is dying!

This weekend I am off to my friends uncles winery for a grape stomp.  I cant wait, it sounds like it's going to be so much fun.  Plus anything that involes drinking is the shit anyways.  I will give you the story when I get back from that, probably Monday! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I know I have been totally slacking on this blog thing lately, however I really haven't had much going on. Since the step bastard went to live with his mom everything has been peachy. We all seem to just be in a better mood these days. So I went to the dermatologist last week and had my skin checked. (my dad died from melanoma). I have been putting this off for the last five years. I know, you would think after my dad we all would have rushed out and did it, but alas better things had come up other than that. So I had to spots biopsied on my back. They call Monday to tell me that one was fine and one was being sent for a second opinion. Great. Not really sure what to think of that. But I'm sure it will come back fine in the end. So I'm not going to get worked up about it.

Next weekend we are going camping. Considering webhave only been out once this year, and my in laws are camping 2 hours away from where we live. We decided what the hell, let's join them. We were planning on just either going for the day to visit, or possibly getting a room for the night. But no, we decide to create way more work for ourselves and drag out the trailer. But this way the dog can go and it should be fun. However it's in mammoth, so it's going to be fucking cold up there.

The weekend after that, I am so looking forward to. Curly and I and her daughter, are going to her uncles winery for a grape stomp. It should be so much fun. An I get to take the new car on a chick road trip! Yay, can't wait!

Well that's about all for now. Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3 day weekend.

I didn't do much.  Saturday I didn't fell that great.  I did manage to get the house cleaned though.  I had neglected it for the last two weeks because I found something better to do.  Sunday we decided to go to the rib cook off in Reno.  Holy shit!  There was like a million people there.  We drove around for 45 minutes just to find a parking spot.  Then walked the length of it and my son was not a happy camper.  We decided to go to eat at a BBQ place rather then stand in line for half an hour to spend $7.00 on 3 ribs.  I did manage to get me some fried pickles though.  I had been craving them since Friday.  And no I'm not pregnant.  So we made our way back to the car and hit the restaurant.  The hubby decided on Monday he wanted to have a BBQ at the house.  He should have just got his ass to work, but I'm not saying a damn thing.  So we invited the family over, made some kabobs, and some sangria and had a party.  It was nice.  Everyone left by 6ish, which is always nice.  So we sat out front and watched the kids ride their scooters for a bit.  The my daughter who I swear is not really a girl, was trying once again to do a cartwheel, which my son has seemed to master.  So the hubby gets up and tries to show her how.  Funny as shit seeing a 200 pound man doing a cartwheel.  Hell, I can still do it myself, however last time I did one to show her I think I pulled a groin muscle.  Then my son tells his dad I want to be in gymnastics!  HAHAHA, I thought his head was going to blow right there.  He looks at me and says grrrrreeeaaaatttt!  All and all it was a nice weekend! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

World War III

Yes, that was what went down in my house on Tuesday night.  First of all the hubby worked until 8.  I went to the gym and got the boy and went home.  Took a shower, got out and noticed the hubby was home.  And he was actually in a good mood.  I was exhausted, so I went to bed to watch TV.  He comes up and starts changing out of his work clothes when dickhead pulls in.  He decides to go down and talk to him.  I swear not even 5 minutes later I hear screaming.  The hubby yelling FUCK THIS and FUCK THAT.  I was like WTF?  Then it moves into the house where I hear him yelling at dickhead to pack his shit, call his mom to come get him, and don't come back.  Still having know idea what the hell happened, but only now I can guess.  I think he finally pushed his dad over the edge with this car thing.  He thinks I'm the undeserving bitch that shouldn't have gotten anything.  Um, HELLO, I bought the car, I...ME, make the payments, not your dad or us.  ME!  We have separate accounts.  The only thing he did was sell his other car to pay off his truck which I am making the payments on.  That way I could make my own car payment.  But NO, his dad should have help him......jobless, ungrateful, you owe me everything, get a car.  I don't think so.  So I hope he learned his lesson.  And I got my house free of him!

Monday, August 29, 2011


I FINALLY, FINALLY, got a new car.  It has been 12 years since I bought a car.  I am so freaking HAPPY.  Considering my shit week last week, this totally made up for it.  And my payments are only $93.00 more then what I was paying on the truck, which is getting paid off thanks to selling the suburban.  Now if we can just down size a few more things it will all be good.  The Hubby is even in love with it.  I was nice and let him drive it home.  He's all running around like don't touch it, your getting fingerprints on it.  It was really funny.  He's even moving the sea doo's out of the garage so the new car can be parked in it from now on.  HOLY SHIT!  I have NEVER been able to park in the garage for nothing.  I am so glad I now have windshield squirters that work, an a/c that works, and even the clicker works to unlock the doors now.  It's the little things ya know that make me happy!

Friday, August 26, 2011

today will be better.

I hope at least.  Yesterday went from shit to shitty in a matter of hours.  Since my a/c is STILL broken, and my mom had to hook up her trailer to go camping (yes were still not going either) I borrowed my aunts car.  It had under a quarter of a tank of gas so I went to the gas station.  It was a little crowded but I saw an open space on the other side and pulled in.  I get out and the gas station attendant said can you do me a favor?  I said sure.  She said can you back up so this guy can pull forward to get out?  He has difficulty (old guy) backing up.  Sure, I say no problem.  So I get in, back up and the guy leaves.  Pull forward to get my gas, and here comes old bitch trying to pull through.  Gas station attendant stops her (which I'm sure pisses her off) and lets me pull forward.  I pay my money go to pump the gas but I see no way to get the tank cover open.  So I start frantically searching the car for a lever or button.  Nothing.  So I call my Aunt.  She says just push it.  AAAHHH, OK great hang up the phone to start getting gas when old bitch yells get off the phone and pump your gas.  Keep in mind the fucking bitch IS sitting next to the other gas pump.  I yell back pump your fucking gas right there, your sitting next to the pump.  But NO, she wanted to pull forward.  Then throws her hands up and says if you weren't on the phone, I stop her mid sentence and say pump your fucking gas there, pointing at the pump.  Then I yell sorry it's not my car I didn't know how to get the thing open.  By this time I'm so pissed I wanted to put the car in drive and RAM her car, but instead I replaced the nozzle and yelled THERE YOU GO PRINCESS, and sped off.

So if my day wasn't bad enough, I had to go to the DMV for work.  That place always pisses me off because the people that work there are the biggest fucktards ever.  The boss lady left early, and I was still pissed at the hubby, so I left early.  Went to my moms to drop off the car so she could take me home, and she says do you want a glass of wine?  Yes please!  Well the glass turned into the bottle in the next half hour (yes I drank it myself) so by the time I left 45 minutes later after arriving, I was feeling no pain.  I got home, talked to the hubby, well he talked I just nodded.  And said I'm drunk, dinners on you.  And went and laid on the couch.  I felt so much better and relaxed.

So we have apparently sold our suburban to pay off his truck.  And he has my car sold to a guy at work, so this weekend I might FINALLY be getting a new car.  FINALLY!  Hopefully it will all work out.  But now I have to quit smoking cause that was the deal for getting a new car.  This isn't going to be pretty.  So today I will be spending the day cleaning out my car so it doesn't look like such a shit hole.  And I'm off, the kids are at school, this is going to be a good day!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a shitty week so far.

Well dickhead (step bastard) has managed to make this entire week SHIT.  My sister in laws mom texted me on Monday to see if he could give her daughter a ride to school and she would pay him.  I said I'll ask.  I asked Tuesday morning he said fine (figuring dickhead has no job and could use the money I thought it wouldn't be a huge problem.  Obviously I was WRONG).  Tuesday night I said don't forget to pick her up tomorrow.  He says well now I have to take some other chick to school, maybe.  I said well you better let me know so I can tell her to make other arraignments.  Nothing was said about it again.  Well he also left and didn't come home till we were in bed.  Wednesday I said at 7 a.m. don't forget to pick her up.  I cant I'm picking this other girl up.  REALLY, you didn't fucking tell me that last night when I asked you.  You said you didn't know.  Then I flew off the handle and called him a flaky piece of shit.  So scrambling I had to call this other mom at the last minute and look like an asshole for telling her it was fine.  Thank god she understood.  Then I get a call from my husband because dickhead called and tattled like a fucking toddler about what I called him.  So now I'm the one that's fucking WRONG.  I don't think so.  Last night I was told that I need to apologize for calling him that.  FUCK THAT, he needs to apologize to me.  So next on the agenda of the fight, camping.  We were suppose to go this weekend.  I told my mom, who told my brother.  So all was set.  Then he asked me last night is your brother going?  Yes I told you that Tuesday.  No you didn't.  Yes I did.  Well were camping on the other side and there's no room for him.  I said fine then go by your fucking self!  You know I am so tired of this shit.  It's his way or no way and I am not going to give in.  So have fun.  This morning he didn't wake me up, so I got up late.....thanks ASSHOLE,  My a/c in my car was fixed on Sunday and didn't work again by Monday, so Ive been borrowing my moms car all week.  Man, I am ready to just leave for a few days by myself.  Oh wait, I cant my car wont make it.  FUCK IT ALL!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I am that bitch neighbor!

Alright let's start with my neighbors piece of crap car that they won't park in front of their own house because it's embarrassing to actually admit that you own it. So, they park it across the street directly in front of my driveway so I can look at it for months, because it never moves. I finally got tired of looking at it, and was really tired of the hubby bitching about it. So I called the sheriffs department and got them to red tag it. So far so good, it's now in their driveway. Well see how long that lasts.

I just got back from meeting the kids teacher for this year of school. I can and can't wait for it to start. I'm not looking forward to the homework again that I will be doing for them because the shit is way to hard, even for me to do.

Well my car is maybe on it's way out. I think I talked the hubby into getting a in between car. One that runs, with small payments, until the trucks paid off next year so I can get a new one. I've been using my moms truck this week because the air conditioning went out again! And you know I'm just sick of putting money I to it. So now the search is on! Hopefully I'll find something soon.

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's post day!

I swear it seems like it's only Fridays I have time to post anything these days.  And the fact that I'm off as well.  This Wednesday was my office summer party.  They took us to a baseball game in Reno.  It was a lot of fun, my Mom, the kids and the hubby and his friend came, and also got totally drunk.  I think the hubby was about one drink away from mooning my co-workers.  This wouldn't be the first time by the way.  A small incident at my wedding that involved a lot of bloody marys, and quite a few of my co-workers were at our wedding so right after the ceremony he turned and mooned everyone.  Thank god I didn't get married in a church, how would I've explained that one.  Anyways.......

One more week and school is starting.  The kids are all ready.  We went to uniforms this year which I am totally fine with because now I don't have to worry about what their going to wear everyday.  That kind of makes it nice.

Oh yeah, my mother in law had her heart transplant on Tuesday.  That's good, she's been in Salt Lake since June waiting for one.  I don't mean to be so whatever about it, but she isn't like real close with any of us except the step bastard.  And the only reason I think he kisses her ass so much is because when she dies he gets everything.  We see her like twice a year and she lives in the same town, hell a couple years ago my son didn't even know who she was.  So it's like saying hey a friend of a friend had a think oh that's good, and go on with your day.  But she is my mother in law and to at least ease my guilty conscience a little for not really giving that much of a crap, I asked my office to at least make a donation to her (the school she works for is having a fundraiser)  So really that's about all that went on this week.  Hopefully I can get the hubby over to the other house to get the rest of our crap tomorrow.  We don't have much more time before the thing goes to auction.

Well have a great weekend all!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday post!

So, I was suppose to have a nice quiet evening to myself, since the hubby was suppose to go to some gay 80's reunion part at some bar in town the size of my closet, BUT, apparently it's next Friday.  DAMN!  So I guess no me time tonight.

Well I finally got the trustees sale on my house, so this weekend we will be getting the rest of the crap out of there and then it's out of my hair.  I am so happy it's finally over.  Now I just have to wait 6 more months to see if they are going to come after me.  And if they do.....hello bankruptcy!  Fuck you BofA.

The kids are starting school in 2 weeks.  I cant believe summer is over already, god it went by so freaking fast.  Before I know it, it will be snowing....ugh, after last winter that never seemed to end, I am not looking forward to that.

Thats all for now.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Cry me a river!

That's what I told the hubby along with shove it up his ass this weekend!  Back to the beginning of the story.

Tuesday:  Girl asks if she can stay the night at her friends house Friday night.  Sure no problem.

Wednesday:  We talk about going to the lake this weekend.  Since mom and my brother are camping, why not!

Thursday:  Call the girl to see if her friend would rather stay here and go the the lake on Saturday?  Girl cant make a decision and finally says she would rather stay at her friends.  FINE!

Friday:  Make a girl date with curly for dinner and a movie since the girl is at her friends house.  Get picked up at 5 and off to dinner.  5:30 get a call from the girl who has now changed her mind and they want to come with us Saturday.  Ugh, call the hubby to make sure it's OK if they come over cause I'm out and not coming home for this shit.  Fine, but you owe me he says.  Fine whatever.  6:00  hubby calls.  What time is the movie?  7:30 why?  Because nobody has had dinner and if I order pizza can you get it and bring it to me?  Sure, cause you are doing me a favor and all.  6:30, get pizza and drop it off, only to get you really owe me and I'm out of beer.  Well sorry it's 7 and my movie is starting.  7:15 the girls friend is crying and she wants to go home (the text I get in the theater)  she called her mom and her mom told her to suck it up.  Now I really owe him and no amount of "pussy" is going to help.  Oh well, what can I do, deal with it.  9:45, I get home to kids running a mock, and hubby not speaking to me.

Saturday:  Off to the lake, it's a nice day.  Kids are so far behaving.  Hubby is acting like a little girl.  I swear, every 5 minutes his mood went from fine to shitty.   4:00 storm starts to come in and we pack up to leave.  It pours on us for 20 minutes while we are trying to get the boat and everything ready to go.  He has some serious road rage on the way home.  And seriously with the way he's been acting all day I'll be surprised if this girls mom ever lets her stay again depending on what she told her.  Get home, pull up to back the boat into the driveway and it starts to pour.....AGAIN.  I call the girls mom, and thank god she comes to get her.  For the rest of the night he bitches about me leaving him with the kids and how it's bull shit and I'm selfish.  REALLY asshole?  I didn't think she was coming to I decided to go out for a bit.  Remember all those time I took care of your kids while you were at the bar EVERY WEEK?  No of course not.  So long story short, we spent the rest of the night in separate rooms.

Sunday:  We didn't talk much about the previous day, Grandma came and took both kids shopping for school stuff, and they both ended up staying the night.  I didn't know what to do with myself and all this kid free time. 

Well off to work now, have a good week!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Mother Fucking Friday!

This is going to be a great day, I can feel it.  The boss called and is taking the day off, which means I can probably sneak out of hear early.  It's Friday today!  And the piece of shit blazer of my neighbors that hasn't moved in 3 months directly across the street from my house finally got moved because the city is fixing the street.  This means that as soon as the hubby gets his ass home our truck is going there so we wont have to look at it anymore.  Oh and the step bastard is on vacation with his mom, so no him and his girlfriend to deal with this weekend!

So I drug my ass to Zumba last night because my friend wanted to try it, and my mom doesn't want to go Thursdays.  Which means that I have good intentions of going, but then I get home and sit on the couch and ultimately decide nah.  So with her wanting to go I guess that gives me motivation to go as well.  God knows I need it if I'm going to keep eating dessert everyday.

Tomorrow we decided to take the boat out for the day.  Good thing cause my tan is starting to fade a little.  And the weather is going to be really nice.  The hubby got his application approved for the state, so hopefully they will be calling him for an interview shortly.  HA, see I told him it was worth filling out.  and if he doesn't get the job, oh well, but if he does I will be on the big fat I told you so wagon.

Well have a good weekend all!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dreaming of Pie!

So last week during a marathon of Diners, Drive In's & Dives, the key lime pie episode came on.  This had my mouth watering.  I almost got out of my jammies to go to the store to get one.  So the rest of the week I was on a pie kick.  I know how sad this sounds, trust me.  So on Saturday while at the store I remember I am needing a pie.  Eight friggin bucks for a frozen pie?  I don't think so.  So I passed it up.  Not that my ass needs the pie to begin with.  Sunday my mom calls and said she was at another store that I was going to go out of my way to hit just looking for pie.  Perfect, she was already there.  She found one on sale and picked it up for me.  Oh and it is totally worth all the calories I'm consuming.  I had dessert every night and I am a happy camper.  Apparently I have been talking about this key lime pie at work so much last week that one of my co-workers was actually going to make me one.   HAHAHA. 

I tell you ever since I got back from vacation I have been one lazy bitch.  I did absolutely NOTHING this weekend.  I just don't have any motivation to get my ass off the couch, and apparently neither does my husband because that's where we both sat for two days.  My mom had asked if we wanted to go see a movie on Sunday and we were both like that sounds good.  The boy was like nah, I just want to stay home.  So there he sat in his boxers all day watching TV.  Maybe we are all just burnt out from the trip?

So Zumba resumed last night, thank god.  Man she kicked our asses.  I am making a vow to actually go this Thursday.  I always have good intentions of going on Thursdays but once I get home, it goes out the window.  But seriously, I am going this Thursday.  My friend is interested in going so I have to go now.  Oh well It's motivation for me.  Plus I have to work off that pie I just ate this week.  LOL!

Happy Hump Day!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Thank god!  Well lets recap the week shall we?  After being off and returning to work this week, it's like I never left.  On Tuesday we went to Zumba, but since all four of us missed the last week we didn't know that the instructor was on vacation this week, therefore no classes this week.  But instead they had a Ty Bo class.  The ladies in the class were all like stay, try it, it's so much fun.  OK fine.  It was the lamest class ever.  I kicked my mom twice, and she punched my hand once.  All the ladies in the class were sweating and breathing hard, I was like this is nothing, I barley broke a sweat.  Oh well I tried it and didn't care for it so moving on.

The girl is off to Disneyland with grandma this week.  Two whole weeks of no bitchiness.  I'm excited.  But I still have the hubby to deal with.  Speaking of the hubby, and I being his personal secretary, I managed to get him to finish the job application for the state on Monday.  Oh and trust me it wasn't without a fight either.  It was like trying to get the kids to do their homework.  With a lot of pushing and typing from me, I finally finished it and sent it in.  It's a little less money, but a cushy job with good state benefits for him.  Now just have to cross our fingers.

We are getting lunch today at work....WOO HOO!  Always up for a free lunch.  And I have reception duties today, which means a fun filled day of angry birds and words with friends.

Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I am totally annoyed right now.  First off it started yesterday when the girl came home from my moms house.  I swear, she can not entertain herself at all.  So instantly she's up every one's ass.  Are we going to do this?  Are we going to do that?  Then she's pestering the shit out of the boy.  GGGRRR.  So I said OK lets play a board game.  Two rounds of that and she's pouting again cause she lost.  This went on till bed where I went in, shut the TV off and said goodnight in one swift motion with me closing the door halfway through her "but momma"  Slam, went the door.  Then right from the get go this morning they were both at it again.  I swear to god, nothing makes it stop.  I was praying they would eat their breakfast in a hurry just so I could go to work to get away from them.  She's off to Disneyland with my Grandma tomorrow so when I dropped her off this morning I was like BYE!  Just short of kicking her ass out the car while driving by.  This is not the extent of the reason I'm so annoyed.  The hubby apparently didn't sleep well last night and decided to sleep some before he went to work.  OK well fine, but it doesn't end there.  Do you think he went to work?  NOPE!  He's sitting at home bitching about all his aches and pains and how he's to old to do this job anymore.  Well I have been trying to get your ass to fill out a cushy state job app.  that would be perfect for you for the last 3 fucking days.  But NO he's waiting for his personal secretary (me) to do it for him.  I said while your sitting home fill this shit out.  But NO I spent my entire lunch hour filling out information for him which he was like no help with.  Really you cant remember the year you started it was only like 4 or 5 years ago which is it?  So I guess my secretarial duties resume as soon as I get home.  UGH!

Friday, July 8, 2011


So on my 2 days off sitting at home with the kid, (the girl will be back tonight)  I am getting all housewifey.  Maybe I should quit my job and do this full time......hahaha yeah right!  It's just a novelty for right now.  So I saw this recipe for apple banana nut cookies from my friends facebook post on paleo recipes,  and got a hair up my ass to make them.  $20.00 later, and I had 90% of the shit in my fridge, viola, cookies.  And they are pretty damn good.  Not chocolate chip good, but not bad.  High in fiber and protein.  If I try this next time I think I am going to add some blueberries to give it a little tartness.  So on the continuance to my healthy cooking, I grabbed a salad in a bag and I am now grilling some chicken to have  a chicken salad for dinner.  It's kind of nice being off.  I met my mom for breakfast, went to Costco and got the 2 things I went in for, no more.  And now I'm actually blogging 2 whole days in a row.  The hubby went back to work yesterday, so you know it was all back to the aches and pains bitch fest when he got home last night.  And I was thinking about going to zumba since I sat on my ass all day, but decided I am making the most out of my vacation and doing NOTHING!  Well time to throw the chicken on.  TA TA for NOW!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The trip!

The trip was good.  We left on Friday about 12ish and go there about 7:30.  The kids weren't there 5 minutes and they were already in the pool.  Which we quickly followed.  It was freaking HOT!  And the in laws A/C was broken.  Lucky us.  Five days of 100 degree weather and no A/C in a two story house.  Lets just say we spent a lot of time in the pool for relief.  Upside I got a killer tan going on.  My hubby slept on the couch the entire 5 days because it was cooler so me and the boy got the bed to ourselves.  I didn't mind, he doesn't snore.  So on the fourth of July a few people came over but that morning his dad got a call that his moms boyfriend they put in a nursing home died.  They weren't sure how to break the news to grandma, so they didn't.  I never met the guy so, I could really care less and from what I hear anyways he was an asshole, but still kind of sad anyways.  Now it's going to be a huge issue over money that the guy apparently had but was such a dick didn't leave it to anyone.  Not even grandma who spent the last 30 years with, just because he hated my father in law and didn't want him to have it.  So on Tuesday we decided to get out of the house, because I couldn't spend another day in the pool.  So we went to the mall and then took the boy to see cars 2 in a nice air conditioned theater.  My idiot hubby gets a large popcorn and a soda and 5 minutes into the movie, leans over to get a drink and the bag of popcorn falls on the floor.  I started laughing hysterically.  He says yeah laugh that was a 12 dollar bag of popcorn.  It was still funny.  And by the end of the day, we had way to much together time.  We were starting to get a little bickery, well he was being a bitch.  So as it being our last day there and all we said he maybe we should go out to dinner.  But the in laws were like there's left overs in the fridge.  OK, wait till you guys come up, I wont be going out of my way like I always do.  Come on, you cheap ass bastards.  Serioulsy, they have money coming out their asses.  And they got the A/C fixed the day we left.  Whatever.  All and all it was a good trip, but I'm glad to be home!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Sorry, not much has been happening this week, so therefore I have nothing to report. All and all it's been relatively quiet. We are leaving tomorrow for California. I can't wait. Ten whole days off. I'm sure there will be plenty to write about when I get back. But for now, it's just laundry and packing. And I might get my ass motivated to go to zumba tonight since I will be gone on Tuesday. I got a giant iced coffee to perk my ass up to go, but I could get lazy, it won't kill me. I'm just hoping the hubby works at least half day tomorrow so o can get the last of the shit done before we go. I'm sure my mom will win the bet on that hes going to find an excuse not to and knowing him he will. Oh well anyways have a great fourth and I promise when I get back I will post all about the trip. Bye!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've had it!

With dickhead and dumb ass.  Yes we are revisiting the dishes situation from last week.  The stupid fucks once again left 2 sink fulls of dishes for me last night.  I finally yelled at my husband about it because I am in full PMS mode right now.  So I had to do the dishes in order to cook dinner and then do more.  Plus they drank all the milk I bought on Saturday, so guess who had to go to the store to get more.  You think getting out of the house would have calmed me down a bit, but no, it didn't.  While trying to make my way out of the damn store there was this little girl maybe 7 standing in the way of the out door.  So in an attempt not to have the door swing open and hit her in the face I stopped, but to late.  BAM right in the forehead.  Then she stands back starts to push the door closed all while I'm waiting to leave, and the idiot mom is just standing there looking at the board.  Finally she notices the girl and shoos her away.  By this time the fucking door is jammed and wont swing open.  Of course.  So I pushed the cart as hard as I could and rammed through the door which was fighting me all the way.  I managed to shimmy through it finally all while yelling on the phone at my mom what a dumb bitch this lady is and she should keep her fucking kid on a leash.  I hope she heard me because she was getting into her car while I was returning my cart.  THEN, I took the kids towel after they were done on the slip and slide to put them in the laundry basket which was empty this morning and noticed it was full of towels.  I just walked away in order to keep my self from snapping.  Of course I get the "why are you being such a bitch?"  Oh I don't fucking know why do you think?  They sit here all fucking day creating more work for me when they could be doing it.  But NO, I'll fucking do it.  Well he goes to school.  For like 2 fucking hours!  I clean that fucking house diligently every week, well if this shit doesn't stop I am going to stop and they can live in filth for all I care.  Oh and another thing my lotion bottle disappeared as well.  I left a nasty note to return the fucking thing before I go postal.  FUCKERS!

Well the decision has been made.  We are going to see his dad for the 4th.  Next up getting the AC fixed in the burb.  I wonder how much this will cost me?  He did state we can make it without AC, ha yeah.  You cant even sit in this house while it's 75 without turning on the AC.  I dont think so.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers day!

Yes it's that time of year again where I have to pretend I give 2 shits about what a wonderful father the hubby is.  I really don't care.  But in the spirit of the day I will go along with it.......maybe!  So I got the hubster a wine fridge for fathers day.  I should have done like he did and run to the store this morning to pick up his present, but no, I am way more organized than that.  I just do it while I'm working.  So this thing has been in my trunk for the last 3 days.  It's kind of large and I'm wondering how I'm going to lug it into the house.  I didn't wrap it, or get a cheesy card to go along with it either.  Maybe I will take him out to the car, hit the trunk button and yell SURPRISE!  Hey it's just as good as wrapping paper don't you think?  But we'll see.  So my mom offered to take us to dinner for fathers day, I was like yeah, no cooking or dishes, or I could have done like he did on mothers day and order take and bake pizza and then made him go get it.  But NO, he wanted to BBQ.  Which is fine, so mom and I went out and got some ribs.  No we wont be giving the dog any bones this time, that last vet visit costed me a pretty penny.

So Last night we did the taste of downtown.  It was a lot of fun.  We worked a local wine shop who totally hooked us up for handing out their fliers.  FREE WINE!  I was seriously buzzed by the time our shift was over.  The food was good although I couldn't figure out why an Italian restaurant was serving pulled pork sandwiches?  Last time I checked that wasn't Italian food.  It was still good though.  We made it home by 8:30, I know we are partiers.  To tell you the truth I was half drunk, full, and kind of tired, so we left.

We got the kids a slip and slide.  I think I may have mentioned it in my last post.  We set it up for the yesterday, and they went to town.  It looked like so much fun.  Hell if I didn't think I'd break a hip or something I would have had a crack at it.  But I left all the fun to the kids.

Well Happy Fathers Day to all you dad's out there......till next time!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Dumb ass finally went home!  YAY, I think she got the hint on Wednesday.  I tell you it has been a long ass week.  I am ready for the weekend!  This weekend My friend and I are working the Taste of Downtown.  It's like a huge party in the middle of downtown and all these restaurants give you tastes of their food.  Theres bands everywhere and it's a lot of fun.  We volunteer every year to get a free ticket......yes I know it should be for the cause, but fuck it, I'm all about the free!  But it is for the domestic violence advocates so it really is a good cause.  Anyways, we are in the great debate on what to do for the 4th of July.  So far it's camping at the lake, camping in Tahoe with my mom because he's tired of dragging toys everywhere and it's cheaper and more relaxing, or going to his dad's which would mean he has to get one of the 2 cars fixed.  Yes, we have 3 cars and there is a problem with all three.  The suburban, it's comfy, but the air conditioner is broken.  The truck, he needs some part for his wheel and then to put new tires on it.  My car, were not even going there it's such a piece of shit.  So decisions decisions.  Hell I could care less if we stayed home, I'm off the entire week.  I could just take the kids to the beach everyday for all I care.  I thought about taking them to the water park but I looked up the prices and DAMN I could take them to Disneyland for cheaper!  So fuck that idea.  We went to big 5 last night because fatty blew out his tire on his bike.  hehehe, it needed a new tube and my son conned me out of a slip and slid.  Man I remember those when I was a kid, so much fun, but my mom...aka "Hitler" was always yelling about using to much water or it was going to ruin the grass.  Oh and I swear she would never let my dad turn on the air conditioner either.  We spent many a hot summers sweating away.  Cheap is what I think they call it.  I find myself doing the same thing now a days.  But hey I'm willing to pay if it keeps the kids out of my hair.  And this one has 2 lanes so they can use it to race each other, which I'm sure will cause some sort problem and they will be in trouble within 5 minutes of busting it out of the box.  Oh well it's worth a shot. 

Well have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

playing house

After 2 months of of staying at his moms house the step bastard has moved back.....GGRRRR!  And that's not the worst of it, dumb shit hasn't gone home either.  For some reason the hubby thinks it's OK for the girl to be staying the night.  Which whatever I shouldn't be talking, my boyfriend lived with me when I was 17, but still that was under different circumstances it was only for a month till he went into the army and we got married when he got out of basic training.  I told the hubby whats good for the goose isn't good for the gander.  Anyways step bastard is going to summer school half days while dumb shit sits at my house till he gets home.  Basically it's every teenage girls wet dream, to play house with her boyfriend.  Does this girls parents like not want her home?  I would be having a fit.  Maybe it wouldn't bother me so much if lets say she actually cleaned up after herself.  If I stay at someones house, I clean my mess, make sure my dishes are put at least in the dishwasher.  For example, I come home for lunch yesterday, the shit box is parked in the driveway which first pissed me off.  Second, I walk into the kitchen and almost fall on my ass because fuckhead decides to make eggs and spilled grease all over the floor not to mention the loaf of breadcrumbs all over the counter.  UGH, am I being to anal here?  So I get home from getting the kids and the piece of shit truck is STILL parked in the driveway, IN MY SPOT.  Look when you start paying rent you can park wherever the fuck you like, till then park that shit box in the street.  One good thing that was last night about quarter to 10 I heard this tire screech and then a thump and was like oh shit, what was that.  The hubby goes to check it out and someone paint balled the step bastards shit box.....that was KARMA, considering all of our cars were parked in the street and was a way easier target.  HEHE!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Was fantastic!  The weather was great and I got my tan on.  However getting to the point where we were leaving was an issue....of course.  I swear, we are dead at work for the last 2 months and the day I am actually trying to get out of here on time is the day all hell breaks loose.  I had to skip my lunch, go to Reno to like 3 different places, downtown, in the middle of lunch hour.  Let's just say I'm surprised my head didn't explode.  Not to mention the fact that I was fucking starving, because I was trying to get it done and back so menopausal minion could take it to yerinton, which is about a 3 1/2 hour drive round trip.  So I managed to get out of here just a little behind schedule.  I picked up the boy, ran home and threw a few more things together and was like I'm ready.  HAHA, the hubby says were waiting for step bastard and his girlfriend which I am now referring to as dumb shit.  Now I know why they are together, it's because she's really that stupid.  We are going to the lake, to camp, with a boat and jet ski's, but she didn't think she needed to bring a bathing suit.  So step bastard took her to buy one.  About an hour later we finally left!  Everything ran pretty smoothly, out of all the glass and nails I picked up I managed to step on a stick that punctured my foot, now I'm limping like a tard.

I guess the girl is back early, they were at the house when I pulled up for lunch, dammit, I wasn't expecting her back for another 3 days.  Ugh, it's been nice and quite without her.  Oh well.  Back to reality.  Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


If I learned anything about myself during this class, it was white girl cant dance.  Now I know where my daughter gets her non gracefulness!  Although I did have a really good time and it was fun.  We are going to do it again.  Holy shit though, I sweated my ass off.  I told my mom I wanted to go back to the gym cause it was  Thank god I was wearing a thong, because it was catching all the sweat running down my back to my ass crack.  I wish someone could have you tubed that whole session cause I guarantee I would have got a lot of hits dancing like a tard, trying to keep up with the instructor.  I cant cha cha, or seem to get that hip swagger, the entire hour I fucked both of those things up.  It was pretty funny.  Oh and also learned I probably should wait till after the class to have dinner, because I about threw up my mamwhich right after the class.

So I went home, drug my ass into the shower, put on my jammies, and collapsed on the couch for the rest of the night.  I did get up to make a bowl of popcorn which I ate the entire thing.  Hey I just burned off my lunch and dinner I needed a calorie refill.

Well camping tomorrow, I cant wait!  Thats all for now.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am on a roll!

Holy shit I have actually blogged like 4 fucking day's in a row.  Whats up with that?  Tonight starts the zumba class.  This ought to be interesting since my mom and my aunt roped me into this little shindig.  But hey I'm up for anything and seriously I got on the scale this morning and reminded myself to lay off the biscuits and gravy leftovers from Sunday morning cause it wasn't pretty.  Oh well, I will still stuff my ass into the bikini's I just bought.  Oh and speaking of bikini's, we are finally making it out to the lake this weekend.  FINALLY!  I am so fucking happy I could shit purple Twinkies!  I mean when you haven't seen the sun in like literally a month.  And it's shining today, and I'm wearing a skirt.......bonus!

So yesterday I was checking my email when I got a message in my spam from a funeral home?  Weird I thought, but opened it, they were responding to a post I put up on a message board on Ancestry when I was looking for some info on my grandpa's dad.  I started a family tree thing BTW.  So anyhow they apparently had my grandpa's dad's military discharge papers and wanted to return them to the family.  Wow, it's amazing the shit you find on there.  So I sent my address and let the grandparents know.  And they were all excited because we really know nothing about him since he died when my grandpa was 2.

I actually cooked for my dog last night while we ate leftovers.  Yes I am a bad wife!  She had to get her special diet for the next two days so I made her plenty of chicken and rice, and you know what, she loves my cooking!

I am really not feeling work today.  But really when am I ever.  Since bipolar minion quit, it's been fairly busy.  Dealing with menopausal minion has been much better, she comes in, in a better mood most of the time.  Thank god.  3 more days to go till the lake!

OK well I'll give you the skinny on the zumba class tomorrow.  I just hope I don't make an ass out of myself.  I heard it's a pretty intense workout.  And coming from the person who smokes on the way to the gym and then lights up on my way home, hopefully I don't go into cardiac arrest!  And hopefully the old ladies don't make a scene!  hahahaha.

Monday, June 6, 2011


We went on a family bike ride yesterday.  It was nice.  Aside from the weather, which couldn't make up it's mind on whether it wanted to be sunny or rain.  So my mom had taco night at her house last night, and since she lives close we decided to just ride our bikes there too.  It was nice, and the tacos were good.  We decided to leave around 6:15 and halfway home it started to rain.  It was a really chilly ride home!   I think if we would have left about 10 minutes earlier we would have been fine.  And WOW I really need a bigger seat.  My ass is killing me from that tiny thing.

So in the middle of the night the dog started throwing up.  I of course had no idea what as going on until the hubby woke me up freaking out because we gave her a few rib bones on Saturday night and she threw one up last night.  Plus he said she was having a hard time pooping.  So of course he's thinking the worst like the bone is stuck in her intestine.  So he says watch her this morning.  I do, she doesn't eat a whole lot but seemed to be OK.  He was still freaking out at work, yelling at me because I wasn't standing there to watch her shit out her breakfast this morning.  Dude I love the dog but had some things to do like get the kid ready to go this morning.  So I called the vet and asked what I should do.  $300.00 and an X ray later she is fine.  No bones stuck in her poop shoot.  I called the hubby and he's like I feel so much better knowing shes OK.  REALLY?  You act like you could give two shits about the dog.  I'm the one that takes care of her and feeds her and plays with her, but I guess I was mistaken.  Next time he goes to see the doctor I'm going to tell him to ask for some xanex to calm his ass down for a change, or start slipping it into his food or something.  God he's moody.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rainy days!

Well yesterday was a wet one. But we managed to get the boat out of the garage to get it ready for camping (hopefully) next weekend. So far so good on the weather, it's suppose to be in the upper 70's with no rain. So fingers crossed that we will actually go this time. I actually got to put my car back in the garage, of course bow that the snow is gone the car can go into the garage.

Last night the hubby cooked 3 racks of ribs and my friend curly came over. Oh my I don't know if it was too much wine or if the ribs were that good cause we ate most of them. We had some good conversation and of course in my buzzed state I think I invited myself to go with her to her uncles winery in October for a grape stomp. Hey it sounded fun and I like hanging with her. And I can get away for a few days. I slept in this morning and am now sitting around waiting for the hubby to get back from the store so I can make some biscuits and gravy for a late breakfast. It's what he was in the mood for so he can go get the shit.

Apparently my aunt has talked my mom into a zumba class on Tuesday so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Kind of getting bored at the gym so time to shake things up to get back into the swing of things. If the damn weather would get better I would get out my bike.

So happy sucky Monday tomorrow, back to work and a really late last baseball game. Tootles till next time!

Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm off, we were suppose to go camping, but nnnoooo, fucking Nevada weather, I live in the fucking desert, what the fuck? No more snow! If you haven't figured it out I don't live in Vegas. If I did I would be basking in the 90 degree weather right now. Hey I guess I could go sking if I wanted, but no, I don't, I wanna go swimming, getting my tan on. Sitting in my mother fucking chair in the sand with my book and some fruity drink so I can get drunk and roast marshmallows and make some fucking s'mores! Is that to much to fucking ask? Sorry, I'm just pissed. At the weather, at the hubby's bad fucking mood, at the fact that I put on my damn capris today and I'm cold. I mean come on already. Fat bastard got home at 11:30 today and is grumpy as hell. Why? Oh I no, it's because your fucking bastard kids did something that pissed you off and guess who's going to pay for it. Me!

I spent the morning cleaning the house so I dont have to do it this weekend. My friend curly is coming over tomorrow night. She has been having a rough time and venting to me so I said come on over and let's get drunk. We bought some ribs for camping ugh, and I dint think they will last until next weekend so it's going to be a BBQ day tomorrow.

The kids last day of school is today. And the boy has a game tonight at 7:15. I am not looking forward to that and getting home at quarter to 9 tonight, not to mention it's cold too. I took the kids to mcdonalds for lunch this afternoon. I let them play in the playland for two hours, then took the girl to her dads house, because she had an attitude and I really didn't want to deal with her. Thank god I have that option at least. Well that's it for now. Here's wishing a sunny day for me for at least one day this weekend.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mower drama

So last weekend was a frosty one I tell ya, we invited a few friends over for a BBQ on Sunday and to watch the race. Well Sunday morning I woke up to snow, yes I wrote snow! Thank god we decided to skip camping and try to go this weekend, however that's a bust now because it's.......wait for it......snowing and raining again! Anyways, since we figured that camping was going by the wayside this weekend the hubby decided to stay home with me on Monday :( not what I had planned but whatever. So he says you know I think I'll mow the lawn today it's getting kind of long. Ok I say I will go out and watch you in an attempt to not fall asleep here on the couch at 2:00. So as he's mowing, I'm standing there trying to get as much of the sun while it was out as I could. He stops half way through to empty the bag and says to me ya know I got this mower years ago and it might be time for a new one soon. He pops the bag back on starts the sucker up, walks 10 feet and the fucking thing blows up. Yep that's some fucking irony for ya. Alls I could do was laugh at the timing of the situation. That pisses him off. I mean come on did that really just happen? Seriously? So guess who went to buy a new mower.

Well my little man is growing up. 7 seems to be the time when they tell you they want their haircut they way they want it. And when the underwear you pick out isn't what he likes anymore. Now it's boxers instead of the boxer briefs I was getting him, I drew the lone at the socks when he said can I get black ones instead? No you feet will sink cause black is to hot in the summer, but at the rate were going summer is never going to get here. And I am not dealing with stinky ass feet. Now if the girl would just get on bored with this whole growing up thing that would be great cause she's 10, getting boobs and still bitches about showering and brushing her teeth. However we have evolved into wanting to straighten her hair in the mornings which is fine with me cause at least I know it's getting brushed.

Well at least I have tomorrow off, a half day to myself cause the kids have half day.... Boo, but I finally got some dye to get rid of these Greta well have a great weekend and I hope your weather is better then mine wherever you are.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Aint that a bitch!

You know I have many rolls in my household as I'm sure many of you do as well.  Short order cook, maid, mom, taxi, and now I can also add secretary to the list.  A couple of weeks ago the hubby which will now be referred to as fat bastard because I'm pissed off asked me to make him a doctors appointment.  OK fine I did that, and then last week the paperwork comes in and guess who gets to fill all that shit out......not him.  So yesterday he goes, well he needs blood work done so he says didn't I get a letter that I was suppose to use another lab?  I say yes, but the lab slip he gets is for an entirely different place.  I say I don't know if the insurance will pick it up if you go there.  He says well you need to call and find out.  UGH, NO!  First of all I don't know who to fucking call and second of all I'm not your personal secretary.  "FINE I'LL DO IT MYSELF"  As you should have done in the first place ASSHOLE!  Then it didn't end there, I decided I had enough of his attitude after dinner and went to my room to watch TV.  He comes up around 9 and says ugh, you didn't plug in my phone?  WHAT?  Are you fucking kidding me?  I just updated it for you, unplugged it from the computer and set it on the counter to put the boy in the shower......SORRY, I must of forgot.  JESUS, then starts the cryptic talk.  He says everyone is just so indecisive.  I say who are you pissed at now.  ugh, never mind good night.  Whatever, I guess I need a fucking crystal ball to know what your talking about.  So this morning he wakes me up 10 minutes late, then acts snotty when I say how come you didn't get up?  His response is OH, I can see your going to drag this into today.  I simply say FUCK YOU and go downstairs.  Lets see what tonight brings......yay me!

Last weekend I decided to get some sun and I took my chair and a book and sat outside for a couple hours.  What I didn't realize was I was wearing Capri's and my shines burnt.  So I had a nice start to a farmer tan from the knee down.  Sunday fat bastard says why don't you put on your bathing suit and try to fill some in.  Yeah that sounds like a plan.  Well now the whole front of me is burnt and I have a nice blister on my lip from it.  Good idea dip shit.  But then again I thought it was too.  So at least this morning I could finally turn the water hot enough so that it didn't burn the whole front part of me.  It's the little things that make me happy ya know.

Camping next weekend!  YAY, excited for that, and to get the hell out of here for a couple of days.

I hope everyone has a nice 3 dayer, and if you have nice weather good for you cause ours is going to suck as usual.!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Paul Blart

The hubby has gotten his ass into some real hot water last week at work.  I guess last Wednesday while he and his buddy were driving to work they encountered some guy on a motorcycle who cut them off.  His buddy flashed his lights at him and flipped him off.  The guy pulls up along side of them and sticks out his chest to show them his badge, and motions for them to pull over.  Keep in mind this guy was on an old man on a gold wing motorcycle.  So they notice when they stop at a light and the guy pulls up next to them that he in fact is NOT a cop but some security guy thinking pointing at his mall cop badge on his jacket will scare them off.  OOOHHH NO,  so the screaming like little children commences between the three of them.  Also keep in mind they are in a company truck with the name and number all over the damn thing.  They are not the brightest crayons in the box I tell you.  So the hubby jumps out and yells "your nothing but an $8.00 an hour paul blart mall cop", snaps his picture and runs back to the truck, where paul blart commences to yell "your momma" and "you suck cocks for a living" back at them.  So the hubby posts the picture on facebook with the story, and you can imagine all the comments.  So they finally call the cops to say this guy is impersonating a cop.  They took a report blah blah blah, so at the end of the day the guy shows up at the office, with his wife (I guess he needed back up) and is looking for the owner.  Fortunately he wasn't there, but the guy took his card and started emailing him non stop.  The emails say that her cant get the image of my hubby out of his mind, it's burned in his brain and he needs compensation.  Yep, you read that right, he wants money.  Then goes on to say my hubby made terrorist threats to him.  When I heard this I was like, "are you threatening to blow people up again?"  Anyways morel of the story is don't pick fights with people when your in a marked vehicle which seriously I thought he was a little smarter then that......I guess not.  And when the boss heard this his fell out of his chair laughing until the guy starts asking for money, now he's pissed.  Another moral lesson don't bite the hand that feed you and your family.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Hump Day....Or Not!

Yes it's Wednesday, and all I have to say about that is BOO!  Last weekend I suggested to the hubby that we should hit Costco because I needed some green beans.  I had some left over frozen ham and the bone from Easter so I thought I would attempt to try and make my grandmas green beans and ham for dinner.  I heard Costco had 2 lb bags so I figured I would get them there.  The moment I mention Costco, it's like I said biscuit to the dog.  Ears perk up and tail starts wagging.  I honestly should have just went myself, it would have been cheaper.  So while were there, he says well how much money do you have?  I say I said I have about $200.00 left from my check and I will buy groceries this week (we keep separate accounts).  So he says well since were here we should get some stuff for camping.  UGH!  Fine!  Well $300.00 later and an additional $78.00 at wal mart, I'm fucking broke.  I usually low ball him when he asks how much money I have because I will need gas and other things until next paycheck.  So now I'm fucked for the next two weeks.  And guess who will be filling up my tank.

So the boy has a double header on Saturday.  And it's suppose to rain.  Lucky me!  I tell you my weekends have just been flying by with all the baseball and really having no time to do nothing.  I cant wait till our camping trip in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully the weather will be better, like actually warm and not raining.  Hell we got snow last night up on the hill.  I cant wait to sit my ass in my new chair on the beach with a book and some well deserved foo foo drinks. 

So we got new copiers at work a couple of weeks ago and I swear the people around here think I work for Xerox.  Whats wrong with this, how come this doesn't work?  I don't FUCKING KNOW!  And I really don't care.  I was ready to dump a glass of water in the stupid machine hoping it would blow the fuck up yesterday, but I called the fix it guy instead and I'm sure it still isn't working properly.  Then the boss lady informed me that the postage machine was due for an upgrade.  I politely said no, if it ain't broke, lets not replace it with another headache!

Well that's it for now.  Till next time!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mothers Day......Yesterday!

Lets begin with last week first.  Or wait, the previous week.  Yeah, so the last week in April was secretaries day.  Our office always takes us out for lunch and gives us a nice gift.  So that Thursday I came in and did my usual, looking at the paper and what not and one of the attorneys came in and says did you see the graffiti?  HUH?  Nope, so we walked out and checked it out and by this time about 3 more people had come in, walked right past the "FUCK THIS PLACE" in big black marker next to the back door.  I tell you we are all oblivious.  So I point it out to the boss lady in case she needs to file some report.  She didn't notice it either.  I said it's time to get out the magic eraser.  She says whats that?  REALLY?  Are you living under a rock?  It's like the greatest cleaning invention since comet.  So I get it for her and tell her wet it first and it should come off.  She's like this sponge, is going to take that off.  Yep!  So she goes out and starts scrubbing.  Guess what it came off.  By this time one of the old guy attorneys came along to supervise the scrubbing.  He was also in total shock that this little white magic sponge was taking off permanent marker.  It was fucking comical.  So off to lunch we went to the place down the street.  It was not bad, I had a steak salad, but it could have used some dressing.  Hey it was free and I wasn't going to complain.  So were walking back and I swear they are still going on about the magic eraser.  All freaking day, it was like I showed them the invention of the wheel or something.  So about 2:30 ish I took my break, went to my car to read a bit and smoke.  So I see menopausal minion and the boss lady like frantically running around by the back door.  The boss lady putting her head in the garbage can, and I'm like WTF?  So I get out to see whats going on.  They are like do you smell something burning?  I was like huh, yeah I do.  Turns out, and it totally wasn't me, someone didn't put their cigarette out all the way and lit the butt can on fire.  I tell you it was an eventful day, and consequently my Friday as well.

My in laws came into town a day early.  JOY.  And instead of them staying at the hotel as they usually do just so my hubby's drunken brother doesn't get all butt hurt and jealous.  But alas they ended up staying at my house of course since we have room now.  I initially took Friday off as a mental day for myself since they were suppose to come in that afternoon.  Surprise, they came Thursday night.  So Friday I took them to Virginia City and did the touristy things while the hubby went to work.  Saturday we went to the Boy's game then BBQ'ed at our house.  Sunday we took them to Tahoe and had lunch, then BBQ'ed more at our house.  Monday they left.  I was so freaking tired from going non stop all weekend it SUCKED getting up Monday and going to work.  I did however lean to make sangria on Friday night and my aunt and mom came over and we got drunk.  AAAHHH, good times.  LOL!

So this mothers day weekend, other then the baseball games which I got volunteered to learn to do the score book and it's a good thing I did because the lady that does it didn't show up until the end of the game on Saturday.  We decided to just relax.  The hubby made me breakfast and got me my new camp chair lounger, cause my other one broke last year and I got to watch all my showes that were DVR'd that were stacking up due to the in laws visit.  The girl actually took a nap for a few hours on the couch while the hubby napped with the boy watching the TV upstairs and then we topped it off with pizza cause we didn't feel like cooking.  It was a nice mothers day!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter was an a very eventful day to say the very least.  I had it at my house this year.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Hell by the way things were going, I threw a hell of a party.  The kids were happy with their baskets, the girl wasn't to much of a pain in ass.  Everyone headed over at 1ish, and everyone headed straight for the wine.  I don't know how many bottles I opened, but it was a lot.  About an hour after everyone got here, the entire family (adults only) were drunk or half drunk.  My uncle passed out, mouth open on my couch for two hours (lucky him he slept most of it off) while the rest of us got smashed.  Finally everyone left around 6:30ish and the hubby who was driving our go cart around was like hey wanna go for a ride?  I was folding laundry in order to keep myself from passing out and was like sure! So we left the kids with the 17 year old for an hour or so and we ended up driving the go cart to our friends house across the street from my aunts who was also there like 2 blocks away.  More wine!  Lets just say this morning I think I went to work drunk, and my son lost his tooth last night and his idiot drunken parents forgot to leave the tooth fairy money under his pillow.  I got the dollar out of my purse and gave it to the hubby and in the middle of the night he was like is that money on the dresser?  Where did that come from?  DUH!  So needless to say he will be getting double what he would have for our fuck up.  Other then that it was a good day. 

This weekend the in laws are coming for a visit.  That should be interesting, it always is.