Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm off, we were suppose to go camping, but nnnoooo, fucking Nevada weather, I live in the fucking desert, what the fuck? No more snow! If you haven't figured it out I don't live in Vegas. If I did I would be basking in the 90 degree weather right now. Hey I guess I could go sking if I wanted, but no, I don't, I wanna go swimming, getting my tan on. Sitting in my mother fucking chair in the sand with my book and some fruity drink so I can get drunk and roast marshmallows and make some fucking s'mores! Is that to much to fucking ask? Sorry, I'm just pissed. At the weather, at the hubby's bad fucking mood, at the fact that I put on my damn capris today and I'm cold. I mean come on already. Fat bastard got home at 11:30 today and is grumpy as hell. Why? Oh I no, it's because your fucking bastard kids did something that pissed you off and guess who's going to pay for it. Me!

I spent the morning cleaning the house so I dont have to do it this weekend. My friend curly is coming over tomorrow night. She has been having a rough time and venting to me so I said come on over and let's get drunk. We bought some ribs for camping ugh, and I dint think they will last until next weekend so it's going to be a BBQ day tomorrow.

The kids last day of school is today. And the boy has a game tonight at 7:15. I am not looking forward to that and getting home at quarter to 9 tonight, not to mention it's cold too. I took the kids to mcdonalds for lunch this afternoon. I let them play in the playland for two hours, then took the girl to her dads house, because she had an attitude and I really didn't want to deal with her. Thank god I have that option at least. Well that's it for now. Here's wishing a sunny day for me for at least one day this weekend.

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  1. OMG!! I'm in utah and thought the same shit yesterday!! It's freezing and it's JUNE Where the hell are the 90s!!

    Thanks for posting and reading my blog, I feel so alone over there..LOL So my response is ....

    Funny, i was thinking last night at work, I would kill for a burger with onions and a side of onion rings, but just thinking of eating it killed me. I would go for a turkey burger though. :) yeah i declared bankruptcy over 13 years ago, got out of it managed to get us back on our feet and i'm going to be heading that way again too...and my daughter is bitching at me about how i'm ruining things for him..EXCUSE ME!!! Oh I say fuckem all all the time, I am so glad I'm not alone! I didn't ask for this family. Am I terrible? I have done the best that I can for what I've been dealt...I love reading your blog, you and I are the same!! :)