Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've had it!

With dickhead and dumb ass.  Yes we are revisiting the dishes situation from last week.  The stupid fucks once again left 2 sink fulls of dishes for me last night.  I finally yelled at my husband about it because I am in full PMS mode right now.  So I had to do the dishes in order to cook dinner and then do more.  Plus they drank all the milk I bought on Saturday, so guess who had to go to the store to get more.  You think getting out of the house would have calmed me down a bit, but no, it didn't.  While trying to make my way out of the damn store there was this little girl maybe 7 standing in the way of the out door.  So in an attempt not to have the door swing open and hit her in the face I stopped, but to late.  BAM right in the forehead.  Then she stands back starts to push the door closed all while I'm waiting to leave, and the idiot mom is just standing there looking at the board.  Finally she notices the girl and shoos her away.  By this time the fucking door is jammed and wont swing open.  Of course.  So I pushed the cart as hard as I could and rammed through the door which was fighting me all the way.  I managed to shimmy through it finally all while yelling on the phone at my mom what a dumb bitch this lady is and she should keep her fucking kid on a leash.  I hope she heard me because she was getting into her car while I was returning my cart.  THEN, I took the kids towel after they were done on the slip and slide to put them in the laundry basket which was empty this morning and noticed it was full of towels.  I just walked away in order to keep my self from snapping.  Of course I get the "why are you being such a bitch?"  Oh I don't fucking know why do you think?  They sit here all fucking day creating more work for me when they could be doing it.  But NO, I'll fucking do it.  Well he goes to school.  For like 2 fucking hours!  I clean that fucking house diligently every week, well if this shit doesn't stop I am going to stop and they can live in filth for all I care.  Oh and another thing my lotion bottle disappeared as well.  I left a nasty note to return the fucking thing before I go postal.  FUCKERS!

Well the decision has been made.  We are going to see his dad for the 4th.  Next up getting the AC fixed in the burb.  I wonder how much this will cost me?  He did state we can make it without AC, ha yeah.  You cant even sit in this house while it's 75 without turning on the AC.  I dont think so.

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