Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am on a roll!

Holy shit I have actually blogged like 4 fucking day's in a row.  Whats up with that?  Tonight starts the zumba class.  This ought to be interesting since my mom and my aunt roped me into this little shindig.  But hey I'm up for anything and seriously I got on the scale this morning and reminded myself to lay off the biscuits and gravy leftovers from Sunday morning cause it wasn't pretty.  Oh well, I will still stuff my ass into the bikini's I just bought.  Oh and speaking of bikini's, we are finally making it out to the lake this weekend.  FINALLY!  I am so fucking happy I could shit purple Twinkies!  I mean when you haven't seen the sun in like literally a month.  And it's shining today, and I'm wearing a skirt.......bonus!

So yesterday I was checking my email when I got a message in my spam from a funeral home?  Weird I thought, but opened it, they were responding to a post I put up on a message board on Ancestry when I was looking for some info on my grandpa's dad.  I started a family tree thing BTW.  So anyhow they apparently had my grandpa's dad's military discharge papers and wanted to return them to the family.  Wow, it's amazing the shit you find on there.  So I sent my address and let the grandparents know.  And they were all excited because we really know nothing about him since he died when my grandpa was 2.

I actually cooked for my dog last night while we ate leftovers.  Yes I am a bad wife!  She had to get her special diet for the next two days so I made her plenty of chicken and rice, and you know what, she loves my cooking!

I am really not feeling work today.  But really when am I ever.  Since bipolar minion quit, it's been fairly busy.  Dealing with menopausal minion has been much better, she comes in, in a better mood most of the time.  Thank god.  3 more days to go till the lake!

OK well I'll give you the skinny on the zumba class tomorrow.  I just hope I don't make an ass out of myself.  I heard it's a pretty intense workout.  And coming from the person who smokes on the way to the gym and then lights up on my way home, hopefully I don't go into cardiac arrest!  And hopefully the old ladies don't make a scene!  hahahaha.


  1. Well, you're doing way better than me as far as blogging is concerned. Have fun at Zumba. I'll probably be eating a bag of popcorn sprinkled with Raisinets while you're working out...