Saturday, August 25, 2012

Were in like Flynn!

First night in our new house, check!  Typical up at the crack of dawn because it's a new place yet I'm still in my own bed, always.  Good thing I have a week off to get used to it.  Actually I take that back, it's 10 days with the holiday, and let me tell you Friday drug on and on at work.  The hubby and Jesus, got all the heavy shit moved during the day, and left all the little shit for mom and I to do the rest of the weekend.  We must be out of the rental by Friday.  Which means, the hubby still has his man room, and man garage to pack up and move out.  I dont know which is worse, lifting furniture or dealing with the little crap.  My vote is little crap.  Or I just hate all things associated with moving.  Will see how the rest of the week plays out.  I'm hoping it's not all gung ho like the painting only to crap out at the end and alls I'm left with is one fucking bathroom that still needs paint.  And YES, i am still pissed about that.....STILL!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The time has come!

Moving has commenced.  The carpets got cleaned yesterday, and packing has started.  Shit gets going today.  Have I said that I really hate moving?  It's just so fucking overwhelming to me.  I don't know where to start, I just feel like I'm going in 10 different directions.  I got most of my kitchen packed up, I suppose I'd better stick to one room, finish it then move to the next.  I got the kids drawers cleaned out.  That was a big chore in itself.  The boy cleaned out his toy box and thank god minimized his junk.  This is going to be hell this weekend!

Aside from all of the moving craziness, the girl has Middle School boot camp today.  She gets her schedule, locker, and meets her teachers.  I cant believe I have a kid in middle school.  I don't feel that old, but I guess I'm not getting any younger these days.  cant wait to see what fresh hell middle school brings.  Hormones, boyfriends......did I mention puberty?  God help me.  I pray to god she's nothing like me.....NOTHING!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going, going, over it!

So you know when you start a project with such gusto, and then towards the end your kinda over it?  Well lets just say I'm kinda over it about now.  Thankfully we are on the last leg of this little renovation.  Just waiting for the hubby to get his ass in gear and finish the one fucking bathroom that needs paint that he seems to be taking his sweet time doing.  The carpets are getting cleaned tomorrow and then that's it, ready to start moving.  Keep in mind I haven't yet packed one fucking box, but I'm moving two blocks away.  Its basically going to be throwing shit in a box and taking it to the new house, dumping it and repeat.  That's how we roll when we move.  I am so looking forward to my week off next week, a week with no painting, ripping out bushes, or scrubbing dropped drywall mud off the carpet because people cant fucking be careful.  Nope, just sitting in my new house while the kids are finally back at school, casually putting the last minute things away that I know are going to get piled up this weekend.  Maybe go shopping for some new stuff I want but don't need, who knows, 10 blissful days off is all I'm looking forward too!

I did finally make that one last minute decision on Sunday regarding the wall color of our room.  I saw this awesome bluish greenish grayish wall color in HGTV and was instantly in love.  I woke up in the morning rolled over and said to the hubby "OK I decided, I want that color in our room!"  So off to Lowe's we went for the umpteenth time to get more paint.  But in the end, the room looks fabulous and everyone LOVES the color.  It especially looks awesome with the flat white ceilings.  I am totally tooting my own horn right now!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

running out of time

So this little snowballing house project of ours is just that, snowballing.  And on top of it, time is running out.  The kids rooms are done and painted.  The ceiling in the living room and kitchen are painted.  Other then that, nothing else is done.  Well I take that back, Mom and I busted ass and got the entire house primered, but we are not allowed to paint per the anal retentive hubby who wants it perfect.  Hey, do you want it done, or perfect?  He's bitching this morning about needing to start moving shit in.  REALLY?  That's the last thing that needs to be done.  Plus we have till the 31st, that's another week.  Just do the tile, and the paint then worry about the rest later.  It's going to come down to the wire I can feel it.  I am NOT lookng forward to the next two weeks.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ding Dong The VWs GONE!!!

It's gone, It runs, It's registered and insured as of yesterday.  I don't know if It's completely fixed or not, but it isn't coming back here!  I actually got the garage back for the last 3 weeks were in this house.  So I hope nothing happens to that fucking car for the next 3 weeks.  Once that's up, no more garage and sorry it's broke, but you cant bring it here!  Just run for the next 3 weeks.....please.

Picked out the tile last night for the kitchen.  I really liked that multi colored stone tile, but it's a little to blueish for the counter tops, so we went with a smoky grey.  It's nice, has some highs and lows to give it texture to it.  Then picked out a sink since that's getting replaced too.  Mud man should be done by tomorrow afternoon, then we can start painting on Sunday and paint the rest of the week.  Technically this puts us ahead of schedule.  Fingers crossed it stays that  way!  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Robo maniac

All right, I must say that the guy doing the texture of my ceiling and walls is a freaking robo maniac.  The living room ceiling is done and 2 out of 3 walls are done.  The hubby had to tell him to go home last night because he was starting another wall and it was late.  Either he's that enthusiastic, or he's sick of us and wants it done.  Either way it's going pretty quick now so who cares.  At the rate were going, we should be able to start painting this weekend.  Fingers crossed.  So now the kitchen is snowballing, because the counters and appliances look so nice that the floor needs to be done, so add tile work before we move the the list of to do's.  I told the hubby that it's gotta stop somewhere sometime or we will never be able to move in.  Will see what happens at this point.  I figure that if I don't suggest looking at tile then he'll let it go......hopefully for now.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Well so much for replacing the appliances one by one in the future.  Damn you Lowes and your sale prices.  I am now the proud owner of a nice new stainless steel stove, dishwasher (keep in mind that didn't need to be replaced because it was fairly new, but got to have everything matching right?) and fridge.  The house is coming along great.  Walls are all taped up, the ceilings are all scraped and ready for texture, hopefully it will be all done by this weekend.  We let the kids pick paint out for their rooms.  Purple and blue were the final decision.  Whatever makes them happy.  We had a nice easy day yesterday.  I think the hubby needed it.  But it's back to work now.  Hopefully that stupid car wont hold things up to much more.  I cant wait to move now, and use my new stove.  It's funny the stupid things that make you excited.  The hubby said this is our "do over" the things that we should have been able to do with our first house.  And since we got screwed out of that, were going to make this how we want it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Douche Bag

Hey guess what?  That fucking car is still broken taking up valuable space in my garage.  Wanna know why?  Because douche bag is an idiot.  How this kid will ever make it in life is the question of the week.  After the hubby tried desperately to put the thing back together the right way, dumb shit cant follow simple instructions of DO NOT USE THE OLD BOLTS.  Well 8 out of 10 were new.  The so one of the old bolts stretched and sheared in half allowing the newly rebuilt engine to fill with antifreeze. And now the bolt is stuck, which means all that work needs to be taken apart and put back together again.  Um HELLO, we have a house to renovate and move into in less then a month.

Speaking of the house, we finally got back to it yesterday.  The corners have been taped up in the living room, today is ceiling and more mud work.  Keep in mind I have been supervising the hubby and his mud guy throughout this whole thing.  Not like when we did moms house and I actually did all the manual labor.  I went and got the lights for over the bar.  The hubby bartered again for granite counter tops.  So those will be going in sooner then we thought.  Project "trailer trash" is in full effect!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The piece of shit!

The pile of crap that the step bastard bought and blew up around Christmas last year is finally running.  After 2 grand a lost $300.00 key and it taking up my spot in the garage for the past month, it finally started up last night.  The hubby worked his ass off the last two weekends putting the engine back together.  He ordered the key from VW in Germany, and spent the last two weeks putting it together and what do ya know, it started right up last night.  With the exception of the antifreeze connection that the idiot (step kid) put together that wasn't right, that leaked and entire bottle of antifreeze out of the radiator when they started it up, but they got it fixed.  So as of tonight that thing is out of my garage (not that I have it much longer anyways) (plus every time I walk by it I key, kick, or intentionally bump something into it because I hate him and that car so fucking much) and out of my hair FOREVER!  Life is good.

The house is coming along good.  The kids rooms, our room and both bathrooms have been scraped and textured.  Only the living room, kitchen and laundry room are left. The hubby also got a hair up his ass to texture the walls as well.  It puts us a little behind with the extra work. but it will be worth it and we had a little extra time.  The girl comes home tomorrow and she doesn't even know were moving yet.  I just hope all goes smooth the rest of the month.

So Saturday I got a jump on things getting prepared to move.  I cleaned the house and cleaned the oven and did a few extra things so I wouldn't have to deal with it at the end of the month.  So I go to cook in the oven last night and it doesn't light.  So WTF?  I clean it and it breaks.  I'm going to be pissed if I cleaned it for nothing.

Friday, July 27, 2012

It's Official!

I am currently a homeowner.  I own my house free and clear!  I don't care that it's a mobile home, It's mine.  Now the renovations begin.  The popcorn on the ceiling is coming down so we can texture it.  We did it to my moms house and it made a huge difference.  It's amazing how much it opened it up.  Then the paint.  And then we will start little by little (since I no longer have a house payment yay me) replacing the counter tops.  Were putting granite up in this bitch.  Stainless appliances, and tiling the floors.  And the first trip I'm taking is I'm taking my kid to Disneyland!  The process went so smooth yesterday morning, I couldn't be happier.  I'm just so excited to start a new chapter, a debt free chapter, in our lives!  Not many people can say that these days.  But let me tell you we have been digging ourselves out of a hole for the last 7 years.  And the time to start reaping the rewards are here.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Next week came early today.

Well today around 10 this morning the house will officially be mine.  I didn't expect the lady to come in until this weekend, but I guess her dad isn't doing well and she came in yesterday and cleaned out the entire house.  So I called her and instead of next week, we are transferring title today.  We went in last night to look at the house a little more in depth then we did the first time.  I was so relieved to see that most of the stuff was gone and only 2 beds and a little furniture was left.  I was a little worried on how I was going to deal with 2 houses full of crap.  This is actually a great thing because now the hubby can get his guy in to start scraping the ceilings and texture and paint before we move in.  This gives us some much needed extra time.  Were going over to get the storage unit this weekend so we can start moving stuff little by little and  garage sale the stuff we cant fit.  I'm happy that it's not as small as I had previously thought, although the girls bedroom isn't exactly spacious but she will have to just deal with it.  I'm excited to start this new chapter in our lives.  It's kind of like getting a second chance to start over. And I'm excited to be able to have money for a change!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Run a ground

We went out to the lake this Saturday to take out the boat and get some sun.  Mom and my brother went with us.  We were suppose to camp but with everything happening with the house next week, we decided to just enjoy the day instead.  So, I'm not sure if my husband is just getting old and it impairs his judgement or he just had one to many beers?  We went out on the boat in the late afternoon to go swim in the middle of the lake.  Then started to run around a bit.  The lake is really low at the moment due to our shitty winter.  So were running around and I was like wow the weeds are out of the water over there, but he keeps going then decides to turn last minute.  Then this idiot on a sea doo is about to run right across our bow as were turning around because he acts like he doesn't see the big red boat to his left, so the hubby lets off the throttle and bam......instant stop.  We hit the ground, so while my husband is screaming and flipping the sea doo guy off who is pretending he doesn't see him and goes on his merry little way.  Were stuck in the mud!  So the hubs jumps out, water is to his knees, and has to push the boat about 3 football fields to get us off the ground.  How we went in that far to begin with without hitting the ground is a mystery.  We finally made it out, and I'm thinking that's probably the last time we will be at the lake the rest of the year.  He says he's ready for some safe hotel vacationing for a while!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PMS Wagon!

How do you know your about to start your monthly curse?  When a post from your granola sister in law about cloth diapers sets you off.  SERIOUSLY?  Didn't we already go through this with the first kid?  Are you having amnesia?  Nobody wants to change a mother fucking cloth diaper.  Are we in the fucking stone age here?  With all the non-leakable shit out there that modern technology has perfected to avoid explosions of diarrhea and to hold a gallon of pee just to make sure your getting your moneys worth from these things.  Why in gods name would you EVER consider this?  Quit being a fucking CHEAP ASS!  This ain't your first time at this rodeo.  God this just really pisses me off, but I suspect that the reason behind me getting my panties in such a twist is because of the "PMS" thing.

On to a new subject.  I got a call from the lady who were buying the house from this morning and all is falling into place.  She got the title from the housing place that day to replace the lost one.  We transfer title on the 30th of this month.  I was a little worried about my money coming on time so I called my 401K place and asked if the paperwork was sent yet, and he said Oh I can fax that to you.  PERFECT!  Alls my boss has to do hit the approval button and I will have the money by Monday at the latest.  I was getting a little worried there for a minute that I wouldn't have it on time, but no worries now.  Plus she will be out even earlier then expected.  Bonus!  The hubby traded the laborer at work our truck he bought when douche bag blew up the car for scraping the popcorn off the ceiling and texturing.  The great thing about her being out earlier is that we can now paint as well by going in with the spray rig and dousing everything down..  Things are finally falling into place for us and  I look forward to a new beginning.

Friday, July 13, 2012

And here we go!

Onto a new journey.  We looked at the house last night and bought it!  Then I couldn't sleep last night.  It's totally not buyers remorse, it's just nervous about a new chapter in our lives.  A smaller chapter.  Like as in closets and bedrooms.  But, like I said in the last post, I like money more!  Plus my hubby has a plan to make the master bedroom bigger by extending it into the dinning room area.  So aside getting used to getting back to smaller house (seriously 300 sq. ft. makes a difference) Moving again isn't on my list of favorite things to do.  I think this is taking a lot of pressure of the hubby though.  And really, in actuality, I have 6 years and the girl will be 18 and the boy will be driving, so its not like were just starting out with babies.  6 years goes faster then you think.  I'm thinking just ride it out and that would enable us to travel a lot with the amount of money we are saving.  And have a nice place to go back to with low maintenance.  Jesus, I sound like an old fucking lady.  And the best part is douche bag doesn't get a key, I may not even give him the gate code to get in.  There will be NO garage, so that's NO excuse to come over to work on or store any piece of shit car that he breaks, blows up, or buys!  Sorry there's no room.  You know what, this whole deal is just getting better and better.  Here's to NO MORE douche bag!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I like money more!

Huh, the most interesting thing happened to me yesterday.  My moms neighbor went into the nursing home and his daughter is selling his house for cheap.  Granted it is a mobile home, but it's in a gated community and the rent is only like $500.00 a month.  A couple years ago my mom bought hers practically gutted for 13k which we spent everyday for a month straight redoing it.  The lady wants to let this go for 7k.  So since we let our house go and were renting for almost $1300.00 a month, this seems like a win win at the moment.  Don't get me wrong, we moved from a tiny house to a 1700 square foot house.  So moving back to a smaller (1500 sq. ft.) house will be interesting.  I'm sad about losing the den which we made into the kid TV room, but cutting my payment in half is better.  Plus my hubby without a garage will be even more interesting.  But once again half the payment.  I come to the understanding I like money more and we will make it work.  This will give us a chance have money to do the stuff we want to do whenever we want to do it.  I wont have to worry if my hubby is out of work for a couple weeks because works slow.  Hell I don't care if he croaked, I can pay for it myself!  And having that piece of mind makes me happy.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out. This has actually been a really good year for us, and I got one more truck payment, and 4 more quad payments and I own the shit free and clear.  After having some really hard times the last 7 years especially with all the house bullshit, the best thing we ever did was let that house go.  We have finally dug ourselves out of that hole and I'll be damned if I'm ever going to let that shit happen again.  Lesson Learned!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Stupid Hippies!

We had a really nice vacation with the family.  We took a nice 8 mile bike ride to the keys, and had lunch on the marina.  On the 4th we roped off an area near the lake to watch the fireworks and set up a few chairs including a backpack stool thing of my sister in laws mom.  So we all went over to watch the fireworks and my mom says "Diane found pot in her stool."  "What?"  "Yeah, she says there was a pill bottle with some joints in her backpack."  "Holy shit!"  Then we notice the hippies in front of us frantically looking for something.  They were digging through everything.  It was kind of funny that your so stoned or so stupid you cant even remember where you put you stash.  Oh well, your shit out of luck cause it's mine now......hahaha, stupid hippies!

We went to the beach one day and Diane rented a paddle board to try out.  I really had no interest in this at all, but watching everyone was entertaining.  My brother got on it and kept falling off, but I was watching the other people doing it and realized he wasn't standing in the right spot.  So my cousin jumped on it and and did fine and then they were like hey you try it.  I got on and paddled around.  I didn't fall off at all.  It was fun, but would have been better if there were no waves, that made it a little harder.  We got my daughter on it and she did really good too.

Well back to work this week.  And it's going to be in the 100's this week.  Ugh, not looking forward to that.  The girl is back on vacation with my grandma to Disneyland.  Thank god for that.  We all had a little to much together time last week.  Oh yeah and I saw Magic Mike yesterday.  The movie sucked.  The acting was TERRIBLE.  If it hadn't been for all the stripping, I think I would have gonged it.  Hope nobody melts this week!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Today is the start of my vacation.  We leave for camping tomorrow afternoon, to spend the 4th of July in Tahoe.  I'm looking forward to this drama free, relaxing, well as relaxing as the kids will allow, camping trip.  After the last fiasco, this will be like going to fucking disneyland!

This weekend my moms neighborhood had a huge garage sale.  I'm really not into buying other peoples crap, but her neighbor who owned a clothing store that went out of business had a bunch of clothes with tags on them for five bucks a piece.  I totally scored.  Igot 4 pairs of shorts, a top and a bathing suit.  My daughter cleaned her out of her costume jewelery and a pair of flip flops.  It's a good thing I ran out of money, but it was totally worth it.

Well time to get up and start my day.  Have a great fourth!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fifty Fifty Fifty

Yep I read them.  My receptionist went on vacation for two weeks and I decided to give them a try to see what all the buzz was about.  Plus I really had nothing better to besides answering the phone, so this was a great way to kill time.  Well I read all three in a week.  I was not really impressed with the first one because of the horrid writing, but you take it for what it is.  Her writing defiantly improved by the middle of book two & 3.  It was a lot easier to read.  What I really have to say about the whole book is DAYAM!  That chick knows how to write a sex scene.  Lets just say my hubby was a happy man during that week.  So I decided to find another "mommy porn" book, cause really, I was enjoying it myself.  I found a "people who read this book also enjoyed this" I think I got in over my head on that one.  I read Wicked Ties.  The reviews were good and the book started off great, about three quarters the way into it I decided I was reading hardcore porn on paper.  I was so shocked, I felt like I should be hiding in a closet reading it.  It was like a car wreck, I couldn't look away.  I was seriously spent after reading that chapter.  At this point I decided I was on porn overload, so I got myself a nice sex free, mindless book to take a damn break.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camping trip from hell

My hubby talked me into going camping for fathers day weekend.  Keep in mind I had plans with one of my friends I had to cancel because it was fathers day weekend.  And far be it from me to deny him of what he wants on his special day, right?  Plus we hadn't been camping in a while and I was kind of excited.  Our friends "the group" put it together the last time we all got together.  I should have known that it was cursed from the very get go.  Our friend ended up in the hospital with chest pains.  Her brother came out with us and towed our boat.  They couldn't find a reason to keep her so they sent her home and they came out the next day because her hubby basically put this trip together.  Fun in the sun all day, then night descended.  Douchebag step kid came out with his derelict friend.  Our friends had a 16 year old daughter with them.  Keep in mind my hubby has been friends with these people for 25 years.  I ended up going to bed early with my son.  I wake up to "FUCKER" right outside my window, which scared the shit out of me.  I ripped out my ear plugs and ran out of the trailer.  Somehow to much booze had pickled our friends brain into thinking douchebags friend touched his daughter when nothing happened.  They all ran over and pinned this kid and started yelling at him.  Somehow my hubby ended up head butting this kid to shut him up?  Douchebag got all pissy the wife was yelling at her hubby that nothing happened and to apologize to douche bag, but he doesn't understand that you cant reason with a drunk and was acting like a bitch, therefore drunk friend calls him fucker and my hubby flies off the handle and starts pushing him and smacks him across the face.  The friends end up leaving in the middle of the night, and what a cluster fuck that ended up being.  My hubby has re thought drinking for a while out of this whole mess, plus I told him his ass was cut off anyways.  After a while we pack up to leave.  One friend comes back to get his shit and a half assed apology in passing occurs between him and my hubby.  Things still aren't fixed.  On our way out we hit a bump in the sand and the truck axle breaks.  after getting towed out by 2 additional trucks in a line, they bust the axle off just so we can get home.  Halfway home, our friend texts a pic that his 5th wheel hitch pin came out and and the trailer landed on his truck bed.  Boy I'm glad that weekend is OVER!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Were Back!

The trip went pretty good I must say.  Saturday we ran to Payless to get the boy some shoes and heel inserts so he could make it on the big roller coaster.  Once he rode it, he was a happy camper!  We rode everything and saw most of the shows.  It was so freaking hot that day, we went and got some dinner and headed for the pool for a couple of hours. 

Sunday on our way home we stopped at the Jelly Belly Factory and took the tour.  It was pretty fun.  The kids enjoyed it and we got some jelly beans for the ride home.

After a long weekend with the kids we were totally ready for a break of to much together time this weekend.  Grandma took the girl for a night and then Saturday she stayed at a friends house.  I decided to take a chance on planting the garden early this year.  Yeah I know, it will prbably snow and I'll be fucked.  I had a bright idea since we have no garden space and the pots didnt work out last year.  I got the biggest sterlite I could find and made a bed out of that with two additional round tubs.  I just drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage.  I hope it works out.  My husband keeps referring to it as the white trash garden, but whatever, whos going to see it but us.

Well looks like dumbass is finally going to pull it out of his ass and graduate.  Thank god.  I know this makes the hubby happy since the other one was a complete failure, and he was the smart one.  Dipshit came over on Saturday for money (yes still no job) for prom.  All dressed in a white tux with black underwear?  Not the brightest crayon in the box.  Also topped off with a baseball cap, saftey goggles, and converse sneakers (no I swear he's not retarded....I think) I'll bet he didnt get laid on prom night! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

And here we are

After months of waiting, we finally made it to vacation time. After 2 months of yelling at the girl to get her shit together in school or ages not going and a parent teacher conference later. She pulled it out of her ass! So we went to six flags yesterday. First day, the girl already whining about the upside down roller coasters. I said shut it, your going on it, that's not why we're here to sit out and be all sissy lala about it. Suck it up and get your ass on it. I pretty much had to force the restraint down and by that time it was too late for her hahaha (evil laugh) but she got through it, liked it and rode everything in the park. Score one for mom for being a bitch! My son was in a snit because he was half and inch to short to get on the biggest coaster. So today were off to buy new shoes to get him a little taller so he can ride. The only time I protested was when everyone wanted to go on the rapids ride. I hate that fucking ride. I don't enjoy being wet, then having to spend all day trying to dry. But alas, I put it off till the end of the day hoping I could just avoid it altogether with excuses of "I don't want to ruin my phone," "oh the lines to long," but with lockers readily available and the short line I had no choice. I figurerd my husband would get the worst of it seeing as how he's the heaviest. But no, that sucker turned right the fuck around to where I was going backwards. And we all know that's not good. Oh look there's a fucking waterfall, yep I went right through. At that point I gave up. I was the only one wet, soaked through to my panties. Litterally I was trying to get going so I could change but no, we need souvenirs. So I'm standing there actually water dripping down my legs like I'm peeing myself because we all no denim absorbs water like a sponge, waiting for all three if them to try on sunglasses for the next half hour. Finally they picked some shir out I was like yes, lets go. Nope the girl wanted a tank top from a different store. Another 20 minutes later, we were ready to leave. But, we missed the shuttle so we walked back to the hotel, in wet clothes. On the upside I wasn't hot anymore. Ha and dingy me only brought one bra to the party and it was soaked. But we had to eat so I thought hey I'll just put on my bathing suit top. That didn't work because it had some beading that made my boobs look not so nice. So off to target braless we went. I did get a cute new bra, but I think my tennis shoes won't be dry in time. So as I wait for day two to start because I'm the first one up while everyone else is still asleep, I wonder what today will bring?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

PayPal, or sworn enemy?

I'm leaning more towards swore enemy at this point. Last week step fucktardo ordered shit for his truck, which he is "working" on for his senior project so he can graduate. I'm sure it's all a ruse and come June there will be no diploma to speak of. However he ordered some shit off the Internet and used my PayPal account to pay. I first of course made sure I had the money in my hot little hands before agreeing to let him use it, because I have been snowed by this before in the past. For some reason the receipt had my old address on there for the shipping info. Curious? That isn't right and before it gets shipped to a house I no longer reside at, I called the company to get the address changed. Oh you would think it would be that simple. Ha! No, I had to have the first transaction refunded and a second transaction done (which by the way has put me down $100.00 of my own money). OK I agree and PayPal has stated that that transaction has been refunded however in order to actually get my money back, I have to wait 3-5 business days for it to go into my PayPal account. Bullshit, but I wait. Finally yesterday I see my money in my PayPal account that I have been diligently been checking every day since last Friday. I select transfer to my bank account, and viola! Another 3-5 business days for it to be in my account. Are you fucking serious right now? I have a whopping $7.00 in my account and my gas tank is dwindling. My point being is they can take it within a 24 hour period, but don't expect a refund anytime soon. I'm still waiting for Levi's to return my money via PayPal and I returned my purchase a month ago. I blame idiot husband who insists that his waist was a 35 and not a 36 which this forces me to buy off the net because it's a weird size which I hate because of this whole return hassle reason. And guess what? The fat fuck is a 36 and ended up buying them from Kohl's like I suggested in the first place because he is not, nor has ever in his life been a 35 (OK maybe a brief month or two, two years ago).

On to happier things.  I have decided to take a trip.  I don't know where, but it will be without children and possibly the hubby depending on if he's a good boy or not in the next year.  I have been secretly  stashing money away to my mom seeing as how our bill situation has drastically improved, and I seem to actually have extra money now for a change.  So I'm just going to give it some time and see how much I can save and decide where I want to go.  I am really in no hurry, but I AM going somewhere.  If I decide not to I will have a nice emergency fund stored up anyways.  I at least have half a one way ticket to somewhere as of right now, it would have been more but had to pay off the boys broken arm, which I'm still going rounds with Humana regarding the fucking anesthesiologist.   I keep trying to tell them they didnt code the procedure correct to be covered under the ER deductable, but they think I might be trying to not pay the bill.  I'm like if you just code it this way like the surgeon did you'll get paid you asshats!

Well thats about all for now.  Till next time!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh yes I did!

So my hubby has so kindly given me his crud.  It has taken exactly 7 days for me to come down with this shit.  I've been in bed for two days.  I seriously didnt even move out of bed yesterday except to get food.  I didnt shower, I didnt even brush my teeth.  I totally realize that is so disgusting, however I really wasnt in the mood to move.  This morning I thought it would be a good Idea to at least shower and change my underwear.  It did make me feel a little better.  I dont feel so scuzzy, and my teeth are freashly brushed with a new set of jammies.  I'm sure my hubby will be thanking me for that since all I heard last night was OMG you stink, face the other direction.  But yet I still refused to get up and brush them.  Serves him right for not going to the couch last week.

I have realized a couple things staying home. 1.  Daytime TV blows.  2.  At least I can keep up on my DVR shit.  For expample I watched 3 hours of Grimm yesterday, but now I'm out of shit to watch and am stuck watching re reruns of Kimora Life in the Fab Lane from 2 years ago on E.  My on demand isnt so on demand as it takes 2 hours to download something I wanna watch.

Heres to hoping I can find somethng to watch soon, and the hubby will cook and actually do the dishes tonight.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things that fucking annoy me

I realize this will be a lot of bitching, however with the day I'm having the list is growing and I thought I share a few and why.

1.  Bitches that hyphenate their names. It's stupid, your married, get the fuck over it!

2.  Crocs. I fucking hate those shoes, there ugly and go with NOTHING. And guy I saw wearing a pair with his suit in the court house, what the fuck is wrong with you? You don't wear crocs to court you Fucktard. You should'nt even wear them gardening.

3.  People on bikes that act like their cars. Yes bitch, that is my ass blowing around you because, hey guess what your not a car and your holding up traffic. Get on the fucking sidewalk before I mow your stupid ass down. Oh and another thing, if your going to ride in the street and act like a car, then you better obey the stop signs because I've almost plowed your asses down while you casually blow through them. Fuck you I hate all of you!

4.   People who go out in their pajamas. Even if your shopping at Walmart with the flu looking for medication and tissues, this is NOT OK!

5.  People that are not on time! My ex for example and the girl who moves equally as slow as her dad. If I could get his and her asses moving it will be a fucking miracle.

6.   Old people drivers. They should not be allowed to drive between the hours of 8-9 when I'm going to work. 12-1 when I'm going to and from lunch. And 4-7 just because I'm going home and might need to run out afterwards. If all old people would obey those rules, we as people with places to go would be a lot happier!

7.   Kids with runny noses. Yes I have kids, I understand their noses are faucets, but it's gross and wipe it. I don't care if I have to wipe every 2 seconds, it's going to get wiped. ( this is also the reason I no longer work in a daycare, I'm a little OCD about that).

8.   Helpless adults. Like a majority of the people I work with. Seriously dumbfucks, you can't wipe up what you spilled on the counter. Or close the freaking cabinets. Oh no let's also not forget leaving one square of toilet paper on the fucking roll so I can replace it for you. Break something and just leave it. For example jamming up the copy machine and walking away. Ugh! Like I don't have enough kids to pick up after at home. And for the fucktard spilling his coffee up and down the stairwell, I know who you are!

Well I think I'll stop there. I could go on and on, but I don't have all day. Plus menopausal minion must have forgotten her hormones today because she's really got her grannies in a twist, if you know what I mean.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


So the girl wants her hair cut off. So tonight that's exactly what were going to do. I think she wants it short because she's lazy and doesn't want to do her hair, but I don't think she realizes short hair is probably more work then she realizes. Well see how it turns out. Maybe this way it might give her some more self esteem and maybe she will want to, oh gee I don't know actually look like a girl for once. She's 11 and not a tom boy because she's not into sports, but not a girlie girl eaither. I think all the hormones is giving her some sort of identity crisis. I'm trying to fix it, hopefully maybe to get her to care about what she looks like. Maybe want brush her teeth without me having to yell at her everyday. And it's not even a boy thing she has a boyfriend at school. God help me through the next 7 years cause if she's this difficult at 11 god knows what jr high and high school will be like. Oh wait I know it will be hell! It's true what they say payback is a bitch!

Friday, February 17, 2012


We may have made a little progress in the ongoing step bastard issue. After a rough week I think the hubby is finally realizing what a delusional loser his kid is. After the kid lets him know yesterday that he put OUR (not his) quads on Craig's list and found someone who would trade him a street bike. Really? So he thinks we're going to let him trade our shit for something for him. Very presumptuous of that little bastard don't you think? So I think the hubby finally had enough and told him its never going to happen. Why doesn't the asshole get that his priority should be graduating this year and that's it. So after storming out in a snit, he texts the hubby and says fine, I guess I'll just have to go get a job and pay for my own shit! Gee, ya think? That kid has some serious mental issues. Still if I end up murdered at some point. All fingers will point to him. On a lighter note its Friday, and taco night at moms. Meaning yay I don't have to cook! I have been attempting this diet. And so far it's been not bad. It's the paleo diet, just meat and veggies in varieties of ways. It's been a little had to cut out breads and stuff but I've been doing ok with that. The hubby didn't even notice all I was feeding him at dinner was a meat and a veggie. So far I lost 4 lbs in a week. Even though I'm following it loosely by still eating dairy and a cookie here and there. But for the most part alls good and who knew you could make rice and mashed potatoes or of cauliflower. And it's pretty fucking good. That's all for now!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valencrap day

This is now how I'm referring to valentines day. 10 years of being dissapointed should make be desensitized to the entire day, but no, I still secretly hope he'll come through. But why would he do that? When there are so many other important things going on like the step dickhead causeing all sorts of problems. He doesn't even live in my house anymore and I can't get away from the crap. This is my reality over the past few weeks. Hubby starts off day in a relatively good mood (so I think) dickhead call, texts him every 5 fucking minutes about (insert whinny bitch voice here) I have no gas. I have no money, I want my car fixed NOW! This causes the hubby to become irritable and moody which it gets taken out on yours truly. I swear 10 minutes after waking up yesterday dickhead sends a text at 6:15 in the morning and hubby goes in to instant bad mood. Wtf? Guess in really not getting anything for valentines day. But being the good wife I am, I went home made dinner while dickhead was there kissing the hubby's ass into submission as usual and that should only last about a fucking day. And the I hightailed it the fuck out of there to the gym just so I wouldn't have to be around them. How sad is that? Today is equally as bad due to him coming home early to got to the other idiot step kids court date. I'm not sure how much more of these mood swings I can take. I'm wishing it was Thursday to I had an excuse to leave and go workout to get the fuck away from him. If fucktardo would go get a fucking job and stop standing around with his hand out to everyone maybe his piece of shit car would get fixed faster. But no he would rathe whine and complain about everything and be so fucking weird, like he going to murder me while I'm asleep weird. I'm mean like last night I come home and he's sitting in the dark in the kitchen my himself with his phone. Either he's that mental, or that big of a fucking loser, but it's just fucking creepy. Why are you still fucking here? Go home. I hope he's not there causing issues tonight cause I don't think I can take much more.

Friday, January 27, 2012


WOW, I cant believe it.  I had the best fucking day EVER yesterday.  Seriously, with all the shit luck we've been having lately, this is well received. 

First story.  So I have been talking to the boss lady about this whole insurance, ER visit.  Then all the weirdness with the Dr's office last Tuesday.  So finally the insurance company got back to us and re submitted everything and it's all suppose to be taken care of under the $300.00 ER co pay.  That's it.  That's all I owe.  Oh my lord, that was great news! 

BUT, it got better!

I went home for lunch yesterday and saw the mail truck pull up early.  OK that's weird mail gets delivered at 4-5.  But whatever.  And I forgot to pick it up from the day before so I went and got it.  In it was a thing from BofA.  I figured it was the 1099 on the foreclosure I've been waiting for so I can do my taxes.  I open it and it was a 1099, but not for the house.  It's for a loan we took out 7 years ago to pay off our credit cards.  We put that loan with all our re racked up credit cards into a debt settlement program 3 1/2 years ago and have been paying stuff off ever since.  It was a 5 year program, at $500.00 a month.  I am currently owing on that loan and 1 additional card for $2400.00.   The loan is for 25 grand so it was going to be a while on that one.  The 1099 stated that the debt was cancelled.  I thought huh, weird cause I didn't usually get these things until they settled with the company.  I called the company and they said they haven't settled you need to call the bank and find out if it was written off.  So I did just that.  Answer to my question, YES, it was written off, and they are taxing me on it.  OK,  does this mean what I think it means?  So I called the debt people again and told them what they said and asked to speak to the attorney handling my account to see if this was written off by the bank, do I still need to settle with them?  I am thinking HELL NO!  But I needed confirmation.  The attorney confirmed my answer was NO, I no longer needed to settle with them.  HOLY SHIT.  That means I only have that one outstanding card left, and I have $1500.00 in my escrow account which should be more then enough for them to settle the last card with, which means I'm fucking done with it!!!!  HOLY FUCKING SHIT I"M JUST EXCITED TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!!  No more payments.  I cut it down by a year and a half.  I'm that much closer minus the quad loan that gets paid off in September.  And that's it.  I can live a normal freaking life for once not in debt up to my eyeballs.  We have been chipping away at this for so long and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, I can see it.  And I'm so thankfully thrilled!  This is like winning the lottery to me!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cast off!

The boy has gotten his cast off yesterday.  And the Dr. visit came with a hole cluster fuck of confusion on my part.  This goes back to my "Insurance is a scam" motto.  OK, real quick.  My new medical insurance states if I walk into the ER, I only have to pay a $300.00 copay.  OK simple enough.  So far so good.  Everything was paid for minus $300.00 for the copay.  Except the Orthopedic Dr's charge was a little over $1100.00 because it went to the deductible.  OK.  Sounds fair.  Still with me here.  Well in really over analyzing the ER visit thing, and nit picking the EOB's I'm thinking the Dr's charge should have been taken care of via the ER visit.  So does the boss lady, so we questioned the insurance company about it.  Still waiting for the answer, but in talking to the Dr's office yesterday, which they informed me I should have NOT been paying a copay the last three times I went in there (but I did, cause they asked me for it) because it was part of the "post op visits"  whatever the hell that means.  So right now I have paid them co pays for no reason (but they asked) and there is about $200.00 in limbo.  And I might or might not owe the $1100.00?  I HATE insurance!

However, I am so stinking happy that I no longer have to dress, bath, or brush my kids teeth anymore.  He says he didn't want his cast off because I wouldn't do things for him anymore.  HA, you bet your little ass I'm not doing it anymore.  It was sweet, but mama needs a freaking break!  He wasn't happy this morning when he had to dress himself, but I was :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

The hoarding begins

Since the hubby is in construction he is constantly coming home with various things that we don't need, but end up taking up room in the garage until he decides to clean it out and throw it away. He's a major pack rat. If it wasn't for me living in the same house continually throwing shit away, he would be considered a boarder line hoarder. Our newest venture came on Tuesday. He says I'm going to be late so I have to skip the gym. Fine I say, cause overtime is everything right now. He and his buddy come in hauling a 50 inch flat screen TV. I say "um did you rob an electronics store?" Then they go back out and bring in a 37 inch TV, and a sub woofer. Um OK, now I'm starting to think somethings fishy here. Long story short. An electronics store went out of business. His company was called into the warehouse to do some repairs. The guy said take what you want cause the bank is going to come get whatever was there. So smart people of the store took all the good inventory and left the shit that didn't work for suckers like my husband and his friend to think they are scoring big time. Needless to say the TVs didn't work (shocking) and he is all disappointed. So he says they have TV stands there too. OK seeing as how we need one of those for the den TV grab a nice one since I have the TV sitting on an end table because when we moved in I didnt have anything for that room. Wednesday rolls around and he doesn't bring home just one stand, oh no, that is to logical. He brings home 3. Wtf are we going to do with 3 fucking TV stands? One is in a box and the other two are put together. His favorite is in the box. So he starts putting it together to give me a choice of which one I like better. Hahaha low and behold there are parts missing. Scratch that there was two boxes missing. Yep dumb ass only took 1 of 3 boxes. Well the other two weren't there. So Thursday, I come home and guess what, another TV stand, a TV that "flickers" and some pictures. The pictures are from a restaurant that went out of business. Do you see where the hoarding is happening.  I'm surprised he didn't come home with dishes or pots and pans at the rate he's going.  I can't wait to see what he brings home today. Ugh. I think it might be garage sale time here shortly!  I was hoping he was going to take the TVs that didn't work to the dump truck, but he says no I'm taking it to a TV repair man to see how much its going to cost to fix.  The 50 inch by the way that's still sitting in our living room driving me insane because it doesn't belong there, along with the flickering TV on one of the additional stands in the den sitting opposite of the band new TV that works.  I do not like the house in dissaray.  I dont clean it every weekend for my fucking health!  And I swaer the older I get the more anal retentive I get.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm trying

I have tried posting like 4 different times in the last two weeks. I rather get interrupted, well yes I keep getting interrupted. So every time I click my phone off I lose what I wrote. Anyways here's a quick rundown of the last month. Xmas was good and the kids are happy. New years was dull, we went to dinner and was home by nine. I know, we're total losers. And we even had no kids that night. To tell you the truth I just really don't give a flying fuck about new years anymore.

The boys arm is getting better. He got a new shorty cast on yesterday. He's still working out the kink in his elbow from the previous cast. But he's got a lot more freedom now.

Work has been utterly boring. I think it's time for a few days off. Oh Waite I can't go anywhere because fuck face step bastard took and used all out money. Yes I am still and will still be bitching about that for a long time to come.

So we started our "new years diet" as 90% of the population has too. Well we actually resumed eating better after slacking for the last couple months. Damn it's hard, I miss those burgers. Well that's about all that's been happening. I know totally boring huh. Well till next time.