Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cast off!

The boy has gotten his cast off yesterday.  And the Dr. visit came with a hole cluster fuck of confusion on my part.  This goes back to my "Insurance is a scam" motto.  OK, real quick.  My new medical insurance states if I walk into the ER, I only have to pay a $300.00 copay.  OK simple enough.  So far so good.  Everything was paid for minus $300.00 for the copay.  Except the Orthopedic Dr's charge was a little over $1100.00 because it went to the deductible.  OK.  Sounds fair.  Still with me here.  Well in really over analyzing the ER visit thing, and nit picking the EOB's I'm thinking the Dr's charge should have been taken care of via the ER visit.  So does the boss lady, so we questioned the insurance company about it.  Still waiting for the answer, but in talking to the Dr's office yesterday, which they informed me I should have NOT been paying a copay the last three times I went in there (but I did, cause they asked me for it) because it was part of the "post op visits"  whatever the hell that means.  So right now I have paid them co pays for no reason (but they asked) and there is about $200.00 in limbo.  And I might or might not owe the $1100.00?  I HATE insurance!

However, I am so stinking happy that I no longer have to dress, bath, or brush my kids teeth anymore.  He says he didn't want his cast off because I wouldn't do things for him anymore.  HA, you bet your little ass I'm not doing it anymore.  It was sweet, but mama needs a freaking break!  He wasn't happy this morning when he had to dress himself, but I was :)

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