Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Mother Fucking Friday!

This is going to be a great day, I can feel it.  The boss called and is taking the day off, which means I can probably sneak out of hear early.  It's Friday today!  And the piece of shit blazer of my neighbors that hasn't moved in 3 months directly across the street from my house finally got moved because the city is fixing the street.  This means that as soon as the hubby gets his ass home our truck is going there so we wont have to look at it anymore.  Oh and the step bastard is on vacation with his mom, so no him and his girlfriend to deal with this weekend!

So I drug my ass to Zumba last night because my friend wanted to try it, and my mom doesn't want to go Thursdays.  Which means that I have good intentions of going, but then I get home and sit on the couch and ultimately decide nah.  So with her wanting to go I guess that gives me motivation to go as well.  God knows I need it if I'm going to keep eating dessert everyday.

Tomorrow we decided to take the boat out for the day.  Good thing cause my tan is starting to fade a little.  And the weather is going to be really nice.  The hubby got his application approved for the state, so hopefully they will be calling him for an interview shortly.  HA, see I told him it was worth filling out.  and if he doesn't get the job, oh well, but if he does I will be on the big fat I told you so wagon.

Well have a good weekend all!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dreaming of Pie!

So last week during a marathon of Diners, Drive In's & Dives, the key lime pie episode came on.  This had my mouth watering.  I almost got out of my jammies to go to the store to get one.  So the rest of the week I was on a pie kick.  I know how sad this sounds, trust me.  So on Saturday while at the store I remember I am needing a pie.  Eight friggin bucks for a frozen pie?  I don't think so.  So I passed it up.  Not that my ass needs the pie to begin with.  Sunday my mom calls and said she was at another store that I was going to go out of my way to hit just looking for pie.  Perfect, she was already there.  She found one on sale and picked it up for me.  Oh and it is totally worth all the calories I'm consuming.  I had dessert every night and I am a happy camper.  Apparently I have been talking about this key lime pie at work so much last week that one of my co-workers was actually going to make me one.   HAHAHA. 

I tell you ever since I got back from vacation I have been one lazy bitch.  I did absolutely NOTHING this weekend.  I just don't have any motivation to get my ass off the couch, and apparently neither does my husband because that's where we both sat for two days.  My mom had asked if we wanted to go see a movie on Sunday and we were both like that sounds good.  The boy was like nah, I just want to stay home.  So there he sat in his boxers all day watching TV.  Maybe we are all just burnt out from the trip?

So Zumba resumed last night, thank god.  Man she kicked our asses.  I am making a vow to actually go this Thursday.  I always have good intentions of going on Thursdays but once I get home, it goes out the window.  But seriously, I am going this Thursday.  My friend is interested in going so I have to go now.  Oh well It's motivation for me.  Plus I have to work off that pie I just ate this week.  LOL!

Happy Hump Day!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Thank god!  Well lets recap the week shall we?  After being off and returning to work this week, it's like I never left.  On Tuesday we went to Zumba, but since all four of us missed the last week we didn't know that the instructor was on vacation this week, therefore no classes this week.  But instead they had a Ty Bo class.  The ladies in the class were all like stay, try it, it's so much fun.  OK fine.  It was the lamest class ever.  I kicked my mom twice, and she punched my hand once.  All the ladies in the class were sweating and breathing hard, I was like this is nothing, I barley broke a sweat.  Oh well I tried it and didn't care for it so moving on.

The girl is off to Disneyland with grandma this week.  Two whole weeks of no bitchiness.  I'm excited.  But I still have the hubby to deal with.  Speaking of the hubby, and I being his personal secretary, I managed to get him to finish the job application for the state on Monday.  Oh and trust me it wasn't without a fight either.  It was like trying to get the kids to do their homework.  With a lot of pushing and typing from me, I finally finished it and sent it in.  It's a little less money, but a cushy job with good state benefits for him.  Now just have to cross our fingers.

We are getting lunch today at work....WOO HOO!  Always up for a free lunch.  And I have reception duties today, which means a fun filled day of angry birds and words with friends.

Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I am totally annoyed right now.  First off it started yesterday when the girl came home from my moms house.  I swear, she can not entertain herself at all.  So instantly she's up every one's ass.  Are we going to do this?  Are we going to do that?  Then she's pestering the shit out of the boy.  GGGRRR.  So I said OK lets play a board game.  Two rounds of that and she's pouting again cause she lost.  This went on till bed where I went in, shut the TV off and said goodnight in one swift motion with me closing the door halfway through her "but momma"  Slam, went the door.  Then right from the get go this morning they were both at it again.  I swear to god, nothing makes it stop.  I was praying they would eat their breakfast in a hurry just so I could go to work to get away from them.  She's off to Disneyland with my Grandma tomorrow so when I dropped her off this morning I was like BYE!  Just short of kicking her ass out the car while driving by.  This is not the extent of the reason I'm so annoyed.  The hubby apparently didn't sleep well last night and decided to sleep some before he went to work.  OK well fine, but it doesn't end there.  Do you think he went to work?  NOPE!  He's sitting at home bitching about all his aches and pains and how he's to old to do this job anymore.  Well I have been trying to get your ass to fill out a cushy state job app.  that would be perfect for you for the last 3 fucking days.  But NO he's waiting for his personal secretary (me) to do it for him.  I said while your sitting home fill this shit out.  But NO I spent my entire lunch hour filling out information for him which he was like no help with.  Really you cant remember the year you started it was only like 4 or 5 years ago which is it?  So I guess my secretarial duties resume as soon as I get home.  UGH!

Friday, July 8, 2011


So on my 2 days off sitting at home with the kid, (the girl will be back tonight)  I am getting all housewifey.  Maybe I should quit my job and do this full time......hahaha yeah right!  It's just a novelty for right now.  So I saw this recipe for apple banana nut cookies from my friends facebook post on paleo recipes,  and got a hair up my ass to make them.  $20.00 later, and I had 90% of the shit in my fridge, viola, cookies.  And they are pretty damn good.  Not chocolate chip good, but not bad.  High in fiber and protein.  If I try this next time I think I am going to add some blueberries to give it a little tartness.  So on the continuance to my healthy cooking, I grabbed a salad in a bag and I am now grilling some chicken to have  a chicken salad for dinner.  It's kind of nice being off.  I met my mom for breakfast, went to Costco and got the 2 things I went in for, no more.  And now I'm actually blogging 2 whole days in a row.  The hubby went back to work yesterday, so you know it was all back to the aches and pains bitch fest when he got home last night.  And I was thinking about going to zumba since I sat on my ass all day, but decided I am making the most out of my vacation and doing NOTHING!  Well time to throw the chicken on.  TA TA for NOW!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The trip!

The trip was good.  We left on Friday about 12ish and go there about 7:30.  The kids weren't there 5 minutes and they were already in the pool.  Which we quickly followed.  It was freaking HOT!  And the in laws A/C was broken.  Lucky us.  Five days of 100 degree weather and no A/C in a two story house.  Lets just say we spent a lot of time in the pool for relief.  Upside I got a killer tan going on.  My hubby slept on the couch the entire 5 days because it was cooler so me and the boy got the bed to ourselves.  I didn't mind, he doesn't snore.  So on the fourth of July a few people came over but that morning his dad got a call that his moms boyfriend they put in a nursing home died.  They weren't sure how to break the news to grandma, so they didn't.  I never met the guy so, I could really care less and from what I hear anyways he was an asshole, but still kind of sad anyways.  Now it's going to be a huge issue over money that the guy apparently had but was such a dick didn't leave it to anyone.  Not even grandma who spent the last 30 years with, just because he hated my father in law and didn't want him to have it.  So on Tuesday we decided to get out of the house, because I couldn't spend another day in the pool.  So we went to the mall and then took the boy to see cars 2 in a nice air conditioned theater.  My idiot hubby gets a large popcorn and a soda and 5 minutes into the movie, leans over to get a drink and the bag of popcorn falls on the floor.  I started laughing hysterically.  He says yeah laugh that was a 12 dollar bag of popcorn.  It was still funny.  And by the end of the day, we had way to much together time.  We were starting to get a little bickery, well he was being a bitch.  So as it being our last day there and all we said he maybe we should go out to dinner.  But the in laws were like there's left overs in the fridge.  OK, wait till you guys come up, I wont be going out of my way like I always do.  Come on, you cheap ass bastards.  Serioulsy, they have money coming out their asses.  And they got the A/C fixed the day we left.  Whatever.  All and all it was a good trip, but I'm glad to be home!