Monday, July 11, 2011


I am totally annoyed right now.  First off it started yesterday when the girl came home from my moms house.  I swear, she can not entertain herself at all.  So instantly she's up every one's ass.  Are we going to do this?  Are we going to do that?  Then she's pestering the shit out of the boy.  GGGRRR.  So I said OK lets play a board game.  Two rounds of that and she's pouting again cause she lost.  This went on till bed where I went in, shut the TV off and said goodnight in one swift motion with me closing the door halfway through her "but momma"  Slam, went the door.  Then right from the get go this morning they were both at it again.  I swear to god, nothing makes it stop.  I was praying they would eat their breakfast in a hurry just so I could go to work to get away from them.  She's off to Disneyland with my Grandma tomorrow so when I dropped her off this morning I was like BYE!  Just short of kicking her ass out the car while driving by.  This is not the extent of the reason I'm so annoyed.  The hubby apparently didn't sleep well last night and decided to sleep some before he went to work.  OK well fine, but it doesn't end there.  Do you think he went to work?  NOPE!  He's sitting at home bitching about all his aches and pains and how he's to old to do this job anymore.  Well I have been trying to get your ass to fill out a cushy state job app.  that would be perfect for you for the last 3 fucking days.  But NO he's waiting for his personal secretary (me) to do it for him.  I said while your sitting home fill this shit out.  But NO I spent my entire lunch hour filling out information for him which he was like no help with.  Really you cant remember the year you started it was only like 4 or 5 years ago which is it?  So I guess my secretarial duties resume as soon as I get home.  UGH!

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