Friday, July 15, 2011


Thank god!  Well lets recap the week shall we?  After being off and returning to work this week, it's like I never left.  On Tuesday we went to Zumba, but since all four of us missed the last week we didn't know that the instructor was on vacation this week, therefore no classes this week.  But instead they had a Ty Bo class.  The ladies in the class were all like stay, try it, it's so much fun.  OK fine.  It was the lamest class ever.  I kicked my mom twice, and she punched my hand once.  All the ladies in the class were sweating and breathing hard, I was like this is nothing, I barley broke a sweat.  Oh well I tried it and didn't care for it so moving on.

The girl is off to Disneyland with grandma this week.  Two whole weeks of no bitchiness.  I'm excited.  But I still have the hubby to deal with.  Speaking of the hubby, and I being his personal secretary, I managed to get him to finish the job application for the state on Monday.  Oh and trust me it wasn't without a fight either.  It was like trying to get the kids to do their homework.  With a lot of pushing and typing from me, I finally finished it and sent it in.  It's a little less money, but a cushy job with good state benefits for him.  Now just have to cross our fingers.

We are getting lunch today at work....WOO HOO!  Always up for a free lunch.  And I have reception duties today, which means a fun filled day of angry birds and words with friends.

Happy Friday everyone!

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