Friday, July 8, 2011


So on my 2 days off sitting at home with the kid, (the girl will be back tonight)  I am getting all housewifey.  Maybe I should quit my job and do this full time......hahaha yeah right!  It's just a novelty for right now.  So I saw this recipe for apple banana nut cookies from my friends facebook post on paleo recipes,  and got a hair up my ass to make them.  $20.00 later, and I had 90% of the shit in my fridge, viola, cookies.  And they are pretty damn good.  Not chocolate chip good, but not bad.  High in fiber and protein.  If I try this next time I think I am going to add some blueberries to give it a little tartness.  So on the continuance to my healthy cooking, I grabbed a salad in a bag and I am now grilling some chicken to have  a chicken salad for dinner.  It's kind of nice being off.  I met my mom for breakfast, went to Costco and got the 2 things I went in for, no more.  And now I'm actually blogging 2 whole days in a row.  The hubby went back to work yesterday, so you know it was all back to the aches and pains bitch fest when he got home last night.  And I was thinking about going to zumba since I sat on my ass all day, but decided I am making the most out of my vacation and doing NOTHING!  Well time to throw the chicken on.  TA TA for NOW!

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