Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My brain is fried and it's only Tuesday!

Where to begin?  HHHMMM, OK lets start with Saturday.  I got up and the weather forecast was calling for a big storm.  To my surprise the sky was blue and not a single hint of snow.  It was freezing balls out, but still pretty.  I figured the weather guy lied again.  I called my mom and asked her if she wanted to go to Kohl's with me, seeing as how she owed me a new pair of jeans.  I managed to swindle a sweater out of her too, because the jeans were on sale and I had a $10.00 off coupon.  Then we went to my most favorite store in the world......Walmart :(  I had to get my son a new winter jacket, since it was suppose to snow.  Then we headed to Costco for lunch.  We didn't actually buy anything, just went to all the food stations and ate.  I swear I had an entire thanksgiving meal from 5 of the stations.  So I get home to find the oldest kid hanging out at the house.  The hubby tells me that we are all going out to dinner (since dopey shit spent his 19th birthday back in jail, kind of a repeat of his 18th)  I was like fine with me, whatever.  So dopey shit says well I'm going to go hang out with my girlfriend and I'll be back at 5 to go to dinner.  Instant suspicion on my part, but hey not my kid.  The hubby reluctantly agrees and so 5 rolls around and no kid.  He texts him and says where are you we are leaving?  He says I'll be there in 10 minutes.  We wait.......20 minutes later we were just about to leave without his ass, and he comes walking up.  Gets in the truck and alls I smell is mouthwash.  But being me and needing to mind my own damn business I say nothing.  Then the hubby says that's some pretty strong mint coming from you, what have you been doing?  Nothing he replies, it's my gum.  Uh huh, sure it is.  So he says why didn't she drop you off at the house?  Why were you walking?  He comes up with some lame excuse that she dropped him off at Walgreen's cause she had to go to a BBQ.  Whatever I'm thinking fucking liar.  So we get to the restaurant, and he's like I gotta go to the bathroom.  He's gone like 15 minutes and the hubby says gee he's taking a long time.  DUH!!!!  Because he's either high or drunk I haven't quite figured it out yet, but still I say nothing but uh huh.  So we order and I am noticing how twitchy he seems to be and think HIGH.  And considering he said he was starving and barley ate anything was another indicator.  I swear these kids think that we are so stupid.  Dude I was your age once, I did the same thing (well I was smart enough to do it, have fun, then straighten my ass up and be an adult)  anyways cant pull the wool over my eyes.  So then after dinner he makes this lame excuse up that he needs to be dropped off at his friends house.  Seriously I thought the hubby's head was going to explode because he knew what was going on, but didn't say anything surprisingly.  After he dropped him off he called the mom and found out the kid wasn't with the girlfriend at all.  Once again DUH, I could have told you that.  And there you have it.  That was Saturday.

Sunday was nothing spectacular.  It actually did snow like 5 inches, so we pretty much stayed in by the fire place all day.  Had some pizza for dinner, and watched some movies.  Nothing exciting except when step bastard decided to come home.  I think the hubster was still pissed about Saturday night with dopey shit and blew his top.......FINALLY.  He gave the step bastard the suburban to drive (our extra snow/kid/family car) because of his broken arms.  He just got the casts off and went back to school.  Gives the jobless asshat $30.00 for gas and says make sure your mom pitches in too, cause that thing is a gas hog and you are going to not have enough gas to get you through the week if your driving it all over the place.  Well, mom gave him money, he lied to the hubby about how much and turns out he ended up with like $60.00 total.  Put 20 on for gas and spent the rest.  Then wants a new car.  First of all you have no job, second of all does it look like we are made of money?  We are about to lose our house, but the free truck in the driveway isn't good enough.  You want something else.  You do no chores, you have no job, but everyone owes you.  What a little fucker.  I was glad and snickering when the hubby was laying into him.  Needless to say he went to his moms for the week.  Oh yes and I find out the girl decided while at her dads that she needed to shave her legs.....she's 10.  And proceeded to cut the shit out of her shin.  I asked her why she did that and she says the kids at school made fun of my hairy legs........IT"S WINTER!  You haven't worn shorts in like 2 months.  I simply say when you get hair in your pits, you can shave your legs, until then NO!

Monday, the school calls, the girl has a fever.  HUH, not now.  So grandma goes and picks her up.  I make an appointment with the doctor because that girl usually ends up with strep.  Leave early go get her, take her to the doctor and she says I think she has a virus.  No strep thank god, but if she's not better in a couple of days call and I will call in some antibiotics.  Why cant you just give them to me now?  In a couple of days it will be thanksgiving and she will be infecting EVERYONE.  But I left dropped her back off at grandmas so she wouldn't have to get up in the morning.  Go home and plopped my ass on the couch with a headache for the rest of the night.

Today,  I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off this morning.  First off to the bank to cash a check so I can go to the post office to get a money order for this mediation thing because they wont take personal checks.  Then to the post office get the money order, mail my crap, pick up the mail for work and head back.  All while calling the doctor's office because the girl still has a fever and I want MEDS.  Grandma says I have to go get rolls for thanksgiving so I will get the meds while I'm out.  Great, until it started to blizzard out, so guess who ended up getting the rolls and the meds.......ME.  At lunch time I dropped everything off had lunch and left, then she calls me AGAIN (grandma)  She needed bread and decided to go out, I was like I could have got it for you when I went to get the rolls.  Anyways she says her garage door fell off the track again.  Of course it did, so now I have to call hubby to fix it.  He says well I guess I'll just leave early and blame you when we don't have any money.  DUDE, it can wait till you get off, don't use that as an excuse to leave.  He should be in a wonderful mood when I get home.  Oh and I took tomorrow off so I could clean the house and relax a little kid and hubby free.  OH NO, guess who decided to take the day with me.  HIM (blame me cause we have no money my ass it's your own damn fault).  So now I gotta deal with his ass all day.  I think I'd rather come to work.  At least I did get my bonus today to go shopping on Friday.  That's one good thing.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I sure I will be back next Monday unless I get a free minute.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not Much Happenig.

Yesterday was a nightmare.  It was so busy, everyone was in a pissy mood, and I am surprised no one ended up in a fist fight.  It all started about 2 :30 when I was on my break.  Bipolar comes out and says can you go pick these up (boxes of files from our storage) I was like sure, until she handed me the list.  I'm like your gonna have to do this cause I cant fit 22 boxes in my car.  She has a truck, so better her then me.  Of course I got nothing but complaining about that.  Menopausal went out of town, which left me to do a ton of errands myself.  Not that I cant handle it, and it makes the day go faster, but DAMN, there was a lot.  And of course the court clerks these days are working in extra slow motion.  I spent 20 minutes just waiting for her ass to get back to the counter.  Then I finally get back to work to hear all the bullshit.  Bipolar: (insert whiny voice here) "Granola Attorney is yelling at me because she doesn't like the way the boxes are closed."  Menopausal: "Why didn't bipolar collect the glasses while I was gone?  A few of the attorney's have 4-5 glasses on their desks"  Me:  Because she's lazy I don't know?"  Menopausal to Bipolar: "Why didn't you get everything?  Her:  (in super bitch voice)  "Because every time I went in there to get them they were talking with another attorney and I didn't want to bug them"  Menopause's reply:  "Just walk in there and get them, they wont even notice it's not like you have to say anything"  Bipolar: "  WHATEVER, I'm not going to bother them"  Menopausal head about to explode, and they both walk away.  Thank god it's about time for me to leave at this point.  After I did some complaining of my own to our computer genie, I started to head for the door.  Menopausal stops me and said "did you hear the way she snapped at me?"  Yes.  She is a little stressed at the moment.  Menopausal: "I don't care what she is, I'm tired of it and she's not going to talk to me that way"  Me:  She does it to me all the time, just tell her to shut it.  I am half tempted to tell them both to duke it out and be over it already.  Oh yeah, the reason bipolar is so stressed out is because her boyfriend finally got a job, now she has no one to watch her kid.  I told her sign her up for latchkey, but she says she's broke.  And the boss lady told her she couldn't take anymore time off.  HAHAHA, that would be my fault for bitching to her that she calls in to much.  OH WELL!

When I got home last night, the hubby was still in full PMS mode.  Then tells me that there is no work from after thanksgiving till Christmas.  Awesome.  Good thing we aren't making the house payment.  This is actually a weekly thing now a days.  We have work, we don't have work.  And when it comes down to it, something always pops up at the last minute and he usually works 5 days a week.  So I am not that worried about it.  and if he is off for a month, I will just make him my house bitch.  Cook, clean, and do the laundry.

I cant wait to go home and see whats in store for me tonight.  I tell you I am going home, throwing on my gym clothes and getting the hell out of there before any kind of shit hits the fan.  At least the gym is a good way to work off the stress for an hour.  Then back to reality.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is it Friday Yet?

I am so ready for the weekend.  It's going to be one of those snowy, sitting my ass on the couch in front of the fireplace weekends.  I cant believe we are suppose to get snow this early.  Oh well, I guess no raking leaves for me this weekend......damn the bad luck!

I hope the hubby gets in a better mood.  It seems like we are both on the same cycle this month.  It's like PMS city in my house right now.  Only mine is legitimate  He woke me up complaining about having to plunge the toilet that I guess the girl clogged up last night.  Oh well, she's 10 and was probably to embarrassed to tell me that she plugged the toilet up.  I swear it's like he spent the whole morning plunging the toilet, when in reality it only took him exactly one minute to do.  He's like now I'm late.  No your not.  He left right on time.  DRAMA I tell you, that's all men are good for.  And here they think women are bad, they should listen to themselves once and a while.

Thanksgiving is next week.  Another pointless holiday in my book. Here's what I'm thankful for.   I'm thankful I get 2 days off for this bullshit holiday.  We are going to my Grandmas this year.  We were going to see his Dad again like last year in So. California, but thought we better save the money instead (just in case we have to move).  I did have a really nice time last year though.  The weather was AWESOME, we ate on the patio, and there were only 10 of us.  Not that I hate my family or anything, but it was nice to do something different.  We even took the kids to Disneyland.  We all had fun till the drive home when we hit snow.  So long story short instead of a 7 hour drive it turned into a 12 hour drive home.  Maybe next year!

I do kind of enjoy this time of year because of all the work I get out of.  Our Christmas party for the office is on the 3rd of December so we only have to work half day there.  And everyone brings food everyday for the whole month.  I look forward to one day of the year when the one attorney in my office brings these meat pie things you dip in steak sauce.  YUMM, I skip breakfast on that day so I can over stuff myself on them.  Speaking of meat, and my need to sneak eat it (in case your new, the hubby is diabetic and we both stopped eating red meat, but I eat it when he's not around.  What, I cant give up burgers or steak)  I was having this craving for a french dip for like a week, so I took my happy ass to Applebees yesterday and got myself some french dip sliders.  OMG, were they so good.  They only gave me 2, which was probably a good thing, I could have ate like 5 of them.  Didn't really do all that great for my stomach this morning, but it was worth it.  I am still needing a big fat steak to top off the craving.  Or a burger might work too!  Maybe lunch again today?  Not that I am really complaining, I did lose 35 pounds due to his new diet.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The bag of chips walked away.

The hubby was in a frenzy last night looking for a bag of Doritos we bought on Friday.  The bag seemed to have developed legs and walked right out of the pantry.  Yeah right.  Did you eat them he asks me, no.  Then he asks the step bastard, who is now back and food seems to be missing left and right.  No, wasn't me he says.  Yeah right, your the only one in this house who would actually sit and eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting.......FAT ASS.  Lies I tell you, all lies that come out of his mouth.  So the hubby says did we actually get the bag from the store?  Yes I put them away, I remember.  Are you sure?  YES your fucking pig of a son ate them, get it through your head.  Speaking of the step bastard, yay back to cold showers again for me.  I said hey this isn't your moms house ease up on the hot water.  So then the hubby says hey, can you stop being such a bitch.  Uh NO, I HATE HIM.  He says his uncle died today.  I was like how the hell was I suppose to know that.  He says just go easy on him tonight.  Whatever!  Come to find out later on, Mr. sissy la la conned his dad into letting him go to his moms because I guess his uncle lived fairly close to us and it was to hard to be in the same neighborhood, oh and this supposed uncle, he didn't even know that well.  So why so sad, you met him like twice.  Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me.  Dude just let him go live over there and we will all be happy.

It was a freaking busy day at work yesterday.  Menopausal minion is on vacation, so it was just me and Bipolar.  Fun stuff.  Of course, I did most of the work.  I hate working with her.  I took my sweet ass time doing errands, because I knew there was more when I got back to the office.  She went to Minden yesterday for a filing, so we got back around the same time and she was like theres more, I said I know and your going to have to take them.  Huff and puff, fine she says I guess I'll see you tomorrow since their all the way across town.  Yep.....booo hooo bitch.

I am plotting my black Friday shopping excursion this year, like every year.  Suck Ass Wal-Mart is opening at midnight this year.  WTF?  My friend is like I guess it's gonna be an all nighter.  AHHH NOOO.  She's like yeah we can sleep in the car.  AAAHHH NNNOOOO.  I dont need anything that bad, but then again, I could probably get most of my shopping done with less people and then go home and go to bed.  HHHHMMM things to think about.  And it's going to be a chinsey year for everyone considering they have enough crap.  I suggested to the hubby that we get step bastard a net book for Christmas that way he has no reason to leave his room to use the computer.  Just stay in there, and dont bug me.  I realize that you probably think I am pulling your leg on how EVIL this kid really is, but to be honest I HATE him more then anyone I have ever hated in my entire life.  He ranks up there with Sarah Palin in my book.  One more year, one more year, then he's 18 and by by.  I think I might throw a freaking party over it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Almost over.

Now that the weekend is coming to a close, lets review:

Thursday I spent most of the day doing the mediation paperwork.  It was not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  It took me 3 hours to figure out what my payment was without taxes and insurance impounded into my loan.  I had to go in search of the house paperwork just to see what all the interest rates were.  What a pain in the ass.  I still have to write a frigging letter of hardship to go along worth it.  I have been trying to formulate in my head how this is going to go, but so far haven't come up with anything.  I would love to just say " I'm not going to pay that much for this crap shack I live in, so either fix the loan or shove it up your ass"  However I don't think that will go over well, so I have to finesse it a little.  It was a god send that grandma took the kids.  She didn't bring them back till 6:30 at night, and with a pizza.  It was great no kids and I didn't have to cook.

Friday, we all took bets on whether Bipolar minion was going to come in or not.  Surprisingly she did.  The morning went pretty fast and then I spent the afternoon at the reception desk reading.  Nice easy day.  Until I got home and had to brave Wal-Mart for some stuff and get a gift for the birthday party my son was going to on Saturday.  Wal-Mart on a Friday after work SUCKS BALLS.  I finally got some hair dye though, the greys were kind of getting out of hand.

I took the dog to the vet for her re-check yesterday.  Her ear is getting better, but still not healed yet.  they flushed it out and we have to go back in 2 weeks.  I swear the vet is worse then pediatricians with the rechecks.  But we love her and will do it.  Last night we went to dinner for my Aunts birthday.  She asked my son if he had a girlfriend and he said I did but I dumped her.  Whoa, what?  This is the first Ive heard of this and your 7.  I said you dumped her?  He says yeah she was crazy.  What the hell?  I said what was her name, he says Emily.  I say how did you dump her?  He says I just told her I dump you, and she said she didn't care.  Oh god, already, and it's only the first grade, I'm fucked.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Fucking A, this day just keeps getting better and better.  I slept in this morning till 7, I got up and made some pancakes for the boy.  The girl stayed the night at grandmas house.  And grandma just called and is taking the kids swimming today and then to dinner.  OMG! A day to myself.  Hubby is at work and the kids are gone, AWESOME!  What am I going to do with myself today?  Absolutely NOTHING.  Well that's not true I have a ton of paperwork to fill out for this mediation thing, so at least I can get that done without interruptions.

I am glad to see the sun out today.  It was snow, sun, rain, all day yesterday.  And it was freezing.  I am so not ready for winter.  Bipolar called in yesterday.  Shocker, it is a day before the holiday, but I figured she would call in on Friday instead to give herself a 4 day weekend.  I saw my boss digging through her drawer yesterday, so I hope she was going to get in trouble at least.  But then I realized she was running payroll yesterday and was looking for her time sheet to see how much time she needs to dock her pay for being off so much.  If she calls in on Friday I wont be surprised.  We are trying to devise an office pool system on whether she will be in or not, but we haven't quite figured out a good system yet, cause we all seem to vote the same way every time.  Maybe we should all just put in 5 bucks and when she calls in we all win and go to lunch.  Boy we will be eating out a lot!

We took the step bastard to dinner last night for his birthday.  UGH, I cant stand him.  He has been at his moms for the last month because of the broken arms.  The casts came off on Wednesday.  Boo, that means he's coming back here to start going back to school on Monday.  It has been so nice here without him.  I hoped since the other kid got kicked out of moms house that he would decide to stay there permanently.  Damn the bad luck!  One more year and he's 18 then by by bastard.

The hubby stayed home yesterday because of no work.  I came home for lunch and he was watching cartoons?  I am like your watching Phineas and Ferb?  He's like there's nothing on.  So your watching cartoons?  OK, there really must be nothing on.  I was like you could have made me lunch or something.  He's like yeah I was going to but forgot.  I said well my dinner better be ready when I get home tonight biatch.....lol!  You see how that turned out, we went out.  I made him cook the other night and he was complaining about something, and I said it's tough being the wife isnt it?  He didnt find that funny, but I did.

Well Happy Veterans Day all!  Enjoy your day off if you got it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crazy Changes to Come!

Well I am starting the crazy process of trying to keep my house.  Two Thursdays ago, when I went home sick from work, I was laying in bed half asleep watching TV when my dog started barking her head off.  It scared the shit out of me.  She doesn't usually bark in the house like that and I thought someone was breaking in.  So I jumped out of bed and hear a knock at the door.  I opened it and some guy hands me papers and says I'm going to take a picture of your address.  I closed the door and it was my notice of default on the house ( I knew it was coming because my Aunt who works for a title company called me).  If you have been reading this for a while, you know that we decided to let the house go because of our crap adjustable loan we and millions of other people got suckered into.  And we are so under valued of what we owe, there is no chance we can refinance.  Oh and our credit is now CRAP, thanks to all of this!  Anyways, because I work for a law firm, one of the perks is tons of free legal advice.  YAY for that.  So a couple of the secretary's mentioned a mediation process.  They explained what it was and that it was worth a try considering I really don't want to give the house up.  I mean I bought it so I wouldn't EVER have to move again.  I HATE moving.  And in all honesty, I am prepared to let it go, but I really don't want to.  I got married in that house.  So at their suggestion I went to talk to one of the lawyers who has been doing foreclosure stuff yesterday.  She made me feel a whole lot better about this mediation I am going to try.  This is my last ditch effort.  She said they have been having a high rate of success for people that opt to do it.  So fingers crossed. 

Last Wednesday my car was making this really loud squeaky belt noise.  It's been there for a while, but it didn't bother me all that much.  Hey it's 11 years old, and a piece of shit.  But it wont die so I can get a new one.  So I will run it into the ground.  Damn Nissan's.  The squeak got considerably loud and annoying so I asked the hubby to spray some belt lube on it or something to get it to stop.  Well, that was NOT a good idea.  For an hour I heard him screaming at the top of his lungs in the driveway " MOTHER FUCKER"  "FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT"  "I FUCKING HATE THIS CAR!"  Followed by the sound of the car being reved to the max (I think he was trying to blow it up, yet it still continues to run) then he comes in the house says "don't ever ask me to fix that fucking car ever again"  He shows me his hand, which is caked with grease and belt lube that wont come off and a burn on the palm of his hand.  He says that car is meant to be fixed by tiny Japanese people with little hands, not me.  Takes his keys and leaves.  He was so pissed that he actually had to go drive around for half an hour to calm down.  Oh and he made the squeak worse by the way.

I picked up the girl from latchkey last week and she was sitting on the stage with her head down like she was sick.  I said whats wrong?  That's when the babysitter kid (I don't know what their called) says that a boy punched her in the stomach.  OK, So on our way to the car I said what happened.  She basically picked a fight with the kid, and he punched her.  I said you know, if your going to pick a fight with a boy, you better be prepared to back it up.  Or if he was bothering you walk away and tell the staff kid.  She says what, was I suppose to let him keep kicking me.  I said no you should have told the staff.  She says I told him I wasn't afraid of him.  I said look if he punched you, thats your fault.  That's not right of him to do but antagonizing him isn't either.  So it's all my fault she says.  Yes to a point.  So what am I suppose to do, just let him hit me, I said if your not going to tell the staff, and that happens again then hit him back.  I guarantee he wont do it again.  Yes I know I just told my kid to hit another kid, but this kid does look like a little ass hat.  Even my son was complaining about him.  So far it's been pretty quiet there, I don't think that goes to the after school program anymore.

On Saturday I took the poor dog to the vet.  She had an ear infection, and needed her shots.  This is the first time we went to this vet.  I decided to change cause it was closer to my house.  They were super nice, and I am glad I did it.  The even have a web page that gives me access to all her shot records, meds and I can even schedule appointments.  I swear since we got her as a puppy, she has always had ear infections.  Worse then a kid I tell you, but we love her.  I noticed it 3 days ago, and the Vet said her ear is full of so much gunk she couldn't see her ear drum.  Poor thing.  She was moping the last couple of days but this morning I think she's feeling better, because she was back to her usual self.  The vet did happen to mention laying off the treats cause she was a little overweight. She looks like a suasage she's so fat. But cute!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's been a long weekend.

Thursday didn't start off all that great.  I was sitting in bed, having my morning coffee, watching the news and BAM!  Fucking migraine starts.  Which is a total inconvenient time to get one considering I had parent teacher conferences that day.  I got up took some ibuprofen and drank like four cups of coffee (I have had these since I was a teen and the caffeine always seems to ease the pain of them) laid down, called in and put the pillow over my head.  This time it made me really queasy to my stomach, which I get with most of them but this lasted all day.  I relaxed until I had to get up and shower and go meet the teachers.

My sons conference:

The teacher absolutely LOVES him.  She said he is the cutest kid.  HE always listens and is trying really hard learning to read.  He is very strong in math.  He is a little below average in reading but is really working hard at learning.  She had my daughter in first grade and I really liked her then too.  She said when she started teaching first grade 20 years ago he would have been right where he is learning wise.  But seeing as how the school district insists on cramming endless amounts of information to first graders, it puts the regular kids in the below average category.  It is ridiculous.  She said they require her to get through so much stuff that she didn't even have time to go over science this quarter.  Her words exactly to me were "I really have know idea what grade I am teaching at the moment"  That is a sad statement.  Hey lets cut all the school funds down to the bare minimum and require that the kids need to learn more in a short amount of time.  I don't think this is working all that well, but then again, it's public school and it's free.  So unless I can start paying for private school I should probably shut up.

My daughters conference:

I walked into her beatnik teachers classroom and said hi I'm the girls mom.  He says where is the girl, I say at latchkey.  He says well this is a student led conference sooooo, HUH, what the hell is that?  I guess I will go get her.  So I go get her and we go back to the classroom where instead of the teacher going over her progress she goes over it.  OK look I don't want her opinion on how shes doing, I want yours.  She will tell me everything is rainbows and glitter, I WANT THE TRUTH.  Not the sugar coated version.  So after about 5 minutes another parent walks in.  With her kid.  Apparently this is going to be a group activity.  So he heads over to that parent, explains whats going on, and same deal.  So the girl goes over her report card, and other various crap he has in a folder for her.  And wait another parent comes in.  So as the girl is going over some stuff I am listening to the other conference going on.  The teacher is talking with the mom and the mom is telling him how she has a hard time getting her daughter to read every night.  Lady I feel your pain!  Come to think of it out of the four parents including myself, we all had that very same complaint.  I should have started a group discussion.  I really thought about it but seeing as how my stomach was turning in a bad direction I decided to keep my trap shut.  So the teacher after hoping from table to table, makes his way back to ours and says do you have any questions.  YES buddy I actually do.  After he informed me that she has to read 4 AR (accelerated reading) this quarter.  I was like OK what the hell are these books.  I looked up the website you gave me and it just basically lets me search titles to see if they are AR books or not.  I don't have time for this, I need a list, so I can go to the library, get a damn book and fight with her to read it over the next week and a half so she can do the stupid book report.  He gives me a list.  I said great can I keep this?  He says uh um, I was like OK so NO.  Can you just make a copy of this for me and send it home with her?  Yes I can do that.  Great thanks.  So after sitting there for another couple minutes, like what now?  Another parent walks in.  I was like hey, am I done here or what?  I guess I was.  So I went home.  That was the most fucked up cluster fuck of a conference I have ever been too.  I'm sorry that your trying something new here to take up less of your time, but this is your JOB, do it right!  She is doing fine by the way.

Friday at work was sooooo busy.  Huge copy project that had to be delivered to 2 different places out of town.  Menopausal minion went one way, was suppose to file it, bring it back for bipolar to go the other way and deliver it.  Sounds easy right......WRONG, menopausal forgot the check for the court, didn't answer her phone the 10 times we called, so guess who made a trip out of town.  ME!  Just to give her the stupid check because we were already way behind at this point.  So I get there give her the check and say give me one copy to take back to bipolar so when I get back she can be on her way.  I got back gave her the package sent her off and get a call.  "did you get my email?  UH NO bitch I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to clean up other peoples messes and now what the fuck do you want.  I have a delivery.  Of course you do.  Bring it down.  Um I don't have time to bring it down.  AAAAHHHHH, you people are killing me!  Seeing as how it was 4:15 and I get off at 4:30, I tell the receptionist that I am taking this delivery and going home.  Bipolar and menopausal minion are out of town, don't know when they will be back, and I don't really care.  If anyone is looking for someone, we are all gone and don't call me.  Have a nice weekend :)  I should have called in that day.

I got home and fell asleep on the couch at 7.  I know WTF?  7:00 thats totally pathetic.  I got up at 4:30 on Saturday morning.  That sucked but I got through a few DVR'd shows while everyone was still asleep, so that was kind of nice.  It was a beautiful day out yesterday.  We raked some leaves and hung out in the backyard enjoying the unusually warm day.  We met my mom for dinner, Italian, yumm, and pretty much just hung out and went to bed.  Nothing really all that exciting.  Just the way I like it.

So the time change has really got me all screwed up.  Here I thought I actually slept in, and no i really didn't.  I wish they would just leave it one stinking time.  Stop all this daylight savings bullshit.  I like it dark in the mornings, it helps me sleep.  I don't however like driving home at 4:30 in the afternoon in the dark.  Well I guess I better get up and clean the kitchen or something today, I don't want to feel like a complete loser just laying around all day.  But it is raining and crappy out and what better day to do that on!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Alrighty, where was I?  Oh yes, So right after the tour it was like 9:00, and you all know that's my bedtime (because I am a sad sad person)  We jumped in the truck and went back down the hill.  We could have stopped for some beers afterwards, but by then it's like the whole town shut down.  EVERYTHING was empty and closed.  So we went home and went to bed.  Pitiful huh.

On Sunday I figured while the boy was at my moms we could get the grocery shopping done without hearing "I want this" "can I get that" "I'm tired, are we done yet?"  This way I would only have to put up with the hubby's bitching.  Surprisingly, he didn't complain.......much!  Usually it's "Oh I need to get out of here"  "My knees hurt (limp limp)"  I actually got out of the store with minimal bitching.  I picked up some stuff to make a pot of chili, because it sounded good, plus it was cold and we had to do the dreaded trick or treating later that night.  The ex came over with his wife (who I actually like, I know it's a weird relationship) step daughter, my daughter (who dressed up as matching vampire princesses) and their 3 year old, and we all drove over to the nice neighborhood on the golf course and let the kids trick or treat.  It was kind of funny cause we stopped at the store, got some beers, loaded up the cooler and walked around with the kids while having a few drinks.  The guys got a few weird looks when the went up to the doors with the kids and beers in hand but whatever!  Mostly the people were watching the world series and looked annoyed when they opened the door.  Pause the fucking TV assholes, it's Halloween, if you don't want to deal with it, shut off the god damn porch light!  The kids had fun, we tried to make it quick cause it was freezing out, but they did pretty well in the candy department.

Last night we had family movie night.  I know, I know, whatever to get the kids to shut the fuck up, I am willing to do.  I ordered Toy Story 3 from Netflix and we used the monstrosity of a popcorn maker my wonderful mother in law got for my daughter for her birthday, (thanks bitch) and we all sat down and were quiet for 2 hours.  It was heaven!  The movie was really cute though, I did enjoy it very much.

Still working on my coughing abs routine.......going to the gym last night didn't make it any better, I was hacking all over the elliptical machine while using it.  Hey I figure it this way I was doing 2 exercises at once.  Go Me!  Plus I think if I actually stopped smoking for a couple of days, it might get better, but I don't have the will power :) 

P.S.  It's parent teacher conferences tomorrow afternoon, I should have plenty to say after that fiasco!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ghost Hunting!

So on Saturday we did our ghost tour of the old hospital.  OK well first let me back the truck up.  After resting most of Saturday, so I could still go to this thing because I was not about to lose $60.00, We went up to VC early to eat dinner at my favorite place.  This is the first time the hubby has been there.  He really enjoyed it.  He says now I know why you want to eat here, it's great.  So after dinner we had about an hour to kill before the tour.  We decided to go have some beers at one of the bars up there.  We walked into the Bucket of Blood saloon.  Which for some reason he was intent on going to.  Holy shit, I think everyone in Virginia City was in that bar.  We walked in and walked right out.  To many red necks packed into one place.  So we went across the street to another bar.  Had a few beers and went to the tour.  It was SUPER creepy driving up to the place.  I swear this city doesn't believe in street lights.  So we milled around till the tour started.  Then a ghost hunter guy gave us the tour with that K2 meter thing.  I didn't have any weird uneasy feelings during the whole thing.  A few people had developed headaches, but that was about it.  The only REALLY weird thing that I thought happened was when we were in the morgue, he set the meter on the table and it did nothing for like 5 minutes.  Then all of the sudden the thing lite up to red and stayed like that for a few.  Then it started pulsing like a heart beat.  Really weird.  One funny thing happened though, my Friend was holding the meter and was like this things going off, we all turned and was like your standing next to a big electrical box!

Well the boss is in and I'm up at the front desk today, so I will give you more Halloween madness tomorrow!