Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not Much Happenig.

Yesterday was a nightmare.  It was so busy, everyone was in a pissy mood, and I am surprised no one ended up in a fist fight.  It all started about 2 :30 when I was on my break.  Bipolar comes out and says can you go pick these up (boxes of files from our storage) I was like sure, until she handed me the list.  I'm like your gonna have to do this cause I cant fit 22 boxes in my car.  She has a truck, so better her then me.  Of course I got nothing but complaining about that.  Menopausal went out of town, which left me to do a ton of errands myself.  Not that I cant handle it, and it makes the day go faster, but DAMN, there was a lot.  And of course the court clerks these days are working in extra slow motion.  I spent 20 minutes just waiting for her ass to get back to the counter.  Then I finally get back to work to hear all the bullshit.  Bipolar: (insert whiny voice here) "Granola Attorney is yelling at me because she doesn't like the way the boxes are closed."  Menopausal: "Why didn't bipolar collect the glasses while I was gone?  A few of the attorney's have 4-5 glasses on their desks"  Me:  Because she's lazy I don't know?"  Menopausal to Bipolar: "Why didn't you get everything?  Her:  (in super bitch voice)  "Because every time I went in there to get them they were talking with another attorney and I didn't want to bug them"  Menopause's reply:  "Just walk in there and get them, they wont even notice it's not like you have to say anything"  Bipolar: "  WHATEVER, I'm not going to bother them"  Menopausal head about to explode, and they both walk away.  Thank god it's about time for me to leave at this point.  After I did some complaining of my own to our computer genie, I started to head for the door.  Menopausal stops me and said "did you hear the way she snapped at me?"  Yes.  She is a little stressed at the moment.  Menopausal: "I don't care what she is, I'm tired of it and she's not going to talk to me that way"  Me:  She does it to me all the time, just tell her to shut it.  I am half tempted to tell them both to duke it out and be over it already.  Oh yeah, the reason bipolar is so stressed out is because her boyfriend finally got a job, now she has no one to watch her kid.  I told her sign her up for latchkey, but she says she's broke.  And the boss lady told her she couldn't take anymore time off.  HAHAHA, that would be my fault for bitching to her that she calls in to much.  OH WELL!

When I got home last night, the hubby was still in full PMS mode.  Then tells me that there is no work from after thanksgiving till Christmas.  Awesome.  Good thing we aren't making the house payment.  This is actually a weekly thing now a days.  We have work, we don't have work.  And when it comes down to it, something always pops up at the last minute and he usually works 5 days a week.  So I am not that worried about it.  and if he is off for a month, I will just make him my house bitch.  Cook, clean, and do the laundry.

I cant wait to go home and see whats in store for me tonight.  I tell you I am going home, throwing on my gym clothes and getting the hell out of there before any kind of shit hits the fan.  At least the gym is a good way to work off the stress for an hour.  Then back to reality.


  1. I'm starting to appreciate the boring day I had yesterday after reading this. ;)

  2. not sure how else to let you know.. but you've been "tagged" in my latest blog post... :)