Thursday, November 11, 2010


Fucking A, this day just keeps getting better and better.  I slept in this morning till 7, I got up and made some pancakes for the boy.  The girl stayed the night at grandmas house.  And grandma just called and is taking the kids swimming today and then to dinner.  OMG! A day to myself.  Hubby is at work and the kids are gone, AWESOME!  What am I going to do with myself today?  Absolutely NOTHING.  Well that's not true I have a ton of paperwork to fill out for this mediation thing, so at least I can get that done without interruptions.

I am glad to see the sun out today.  It was snow, sun, rain, all day yesterday.  And it was freezing.  I am so not ready for winter.  Bipolar called in yesterday.  Shocker, it is a day before the holiday, but I figured she would call in on Friday instead to give herself a 4 day weekend.  I saw my boss digging through her drawer yesterday, so I hope she was going to get in trouble at least.  But then I realized she was running payroll yesterday and was looking for her time sheet to see how much time she needs to dock her pay for being off so much.  If she calls in on Friday I wont be surprised.  We are trying to devise an office pool system on whether she will be in or not, but we haven't quite figured out a good system yet, cause we all seem to vote the same way every time.  Maybe we should all just put in 5 bucks and when she calls in we all win and go to lunch.  Boy we will be eating out a lot!

We took the step bastard to dinner last night for his birthday.  UGH, I cant stand him.  He has been at his moms for the last month because of the broken arms.  The casts came off on Wednesday.  Boo, that means he's coming back here to start going back to school on Monday.  It has been so nice here without him.  I hoped since the other kid got kicked out of moms house that he would decide to stay there permanently.  Damn the bad luck!  One more year and he's 18 then by by bastard.

The hubby stayed home yesterday because of no work.  I came home for lunch and he was watching cartoons?  I am like your watching Phineas and Ferb?  He's like there's nothing on.  So your watching cartoons?  OK, there really must be nothing on.  I was like you could have made me lunch or something.  He's like yeah I was going to but forgot.  I said well my dinner better be ready when I get home tonight!  You see how that turned out, we went out.  I made him cook the other night and he was complaining about something, and I said it's tough being the wife isnt it?  He didnt find that funny, but I did.

Well Happy Veterans Day all!  Enjoy your day off if you got it.


  1. I found that funny too! Sounds like you had full day! Great post!