Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is it Friday Yet?

I am so ready for the weekend.  It's going to be one of those snowy, sitting my ass on the couch in front of the fireplace weekends.  I cant believe we are suppose to get snow this early.  Oh well, I guess no raking leaves for me this weekend......damn the bad luck!

I hope the hubby gets in a better mood.  It seems like we are both on the same cycle this month.  It's like PMS city in my house right now.  Only mine is legitimate  He woke me up complaining about having to plunge the toilet that I guess the girl clogged up last night.  Oh well, she's 10 and was probably to embarrassed to tell me that she plugged the toilet up.  I swear it's like he spent the whole morning plunging the toilet, when in reality it only took him exactly one minute to do.  He's like now I'm late.  No your not.  He left right on time.  DRAMA I tell you, that's all men are good for.  And here they think women are bad, they should listen to themselves once and a while.

Thanksgiving is next week.  Another pointless holiday in my book. Here's what I'm thankful for.   I'm thankful I get 2 days off for this bullshit holiday.  We are going to my Grandmas this year.  We were going to see his Dad again like last year in So. California, but thought we better save the money instead (just in case we have to move).  I did have a really nice time last year though.  The weather was AWESOME, we ate on the patio, and there were only 10 of us.  Not that I hate my family or anything, but it was nice to do something different.  We even took the kids to Disneyland.  We all had fun till the drive home when we hit snow.  So long story short instead of a 7 hour drive it turned into a 12 hour drive home.  Maybe next year!

I do kind of enjoy this time of year because of all the work I get out of.  Our Christmas party for the office is on the 3rd of December so we only have to work half day there.  And everyone brings food everyday for the whole month.  I look forward to one day of the year when the one attorney in my office brings these meat pie things you dip in steak sauce.  YUMM, I skip breakfast on that day so I can over stuff myself on them.  Speaking of meat, and my need to sneak eat it (in case your new, the hubby is diabetic and we both stopped eating red meat, but I eat it when he's not around.  What, I cant give up burgers or steak)  I was having this craving for a french dip for like a week, so I took my happy ass to Applebees yesterday and got myself some french dip sliders.  OMG, were they so good.  They only gave me 2, which was probably a good thing, I could have ate like 5 of them.  Didn't really do all that great for my stomach this morning, but it was worth it.  I am still needing a big fat steak to top off the craving.  Or a burger might work too!  Maybe lunch again today?  Not that I am really complaining, I did lose 35 pounds due to his new diet.

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