Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The bag of chips walked away.

The hubby was in a frenzy last night looking for a bag of Doritos we bought on Friday.  The bag seemed to have developed legs and walked right out of the pantry.  Yeah right.  Did you eat them he asks me, no.  Then he asks the step bastard, who is now back and food seems to be missing left and right.  No, wasn't me he says.  Yeah right, your the only one in this house who would actually sit and eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting.......FAT ASS.  Lies I tell you, all lies that come out of his mouth.  So the hubby says did we actually get the bag from the store?  Yes I put them away, I remember.  Are you sure?  YES your fucking pig of a son ate them, get it through your head.  Speaking of the step bastard, yay back to cold showers again for me.  I said hey this isn't your moms house ease up on the hot water.  So then the hubby says hey, can you stop being such a bitch.  Uh NO, I HATE HIM.  He says his uncle died today.  I was like how the hell was I suppose to know that.  He says just go easy on him tonight.  Whatever!  Come to find out later on, Mr. sissy la la conned his dad into letting him go to his moms because I guess his uncle lived fairly close to us and it was to hard to be in the same neighborhood, oh and this supposed uncle, he didn't even know that well.  So why so sad, you met him like twice.  Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me.  Dude just let him go live over there and we will all be happy.

It was a freaking busy day at work yesterday.  Menopausal minion is on vacation, so it was just me and Bipolar.  Fun stuff.  Of course, I did most of the work.  I hate working with her.  I took my sweet ass time doing errands, because I knew there was more when I got back to the office.  She went to Minden yesterday for a filing, so we got back around the same time and she was like theres more, I said I know and your going to have to take them.  Huff and puff, fine she says I guess I'll see you tomorrow since their all the way across town.  Yep.....booo hooo bitch.

I am plotting my black Friday shopping excursion this year, like every year.  Suck Ass Wal-Mart is opening at midnight this year.  WTF?  My friend is like I guess it's gonna be an all nighter.  AHHH NOOO.  She's like yeah we can sleep in the car.  AAAHHH NNNOOOO.  I dont need anything that bad, but then again, I could probably get most of my shopping done with less people and then go home and go to bed.  HHHHMMM things to think about.  And it's going to be a chinsey year for everyone considering they have enough crap.  I suggested to the hubby that we get step bastard a net book for Christmas that way he has no reason to leave his room to use the computer.  Just stay in there, and dont bug me.  I realize that you probably think I am pulling your leg on how EVIL this kid really is, but to be honest I HATE him more then anyone I have ever hated in my entire life.  He ranks up there with Sarah Palin in my book.  One more year, one more year, then he's 18 and by by.  I think I might throw a freaking party over it.

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