Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Alrighty, where was I?  Oh yes, So right after the tour it was like 9:00, and you all know that's my bedtime (because I am a sad sad person)  We jumped in the truck and went back down the hill.  We could have stopped for some beers afterwards, but by then it's like the whole town shut down.  EVERYTHING was empty and closed.  So we went home and went to bed.  Pitiful huh.

On Sunday I figured while the boy was at my moms we could get the grocery shopping done without hearing "I want this" "can I get that" "I'm tired, are we done yet?"  This way I would only have to put up with the hubby's bitching.  Surprisingly, he didn't complain.......much!  Usually it's "Oh I need to get out of here"  "My knees hurt (limp limp)"  I actually got out of the store with minimal bitching.  I picked up some stuff to make a pot of chili, because it sounded good, plus it was cold and we had to do the dreaded trick or treating later that night.  The ex came over with his wife (who I actually like, I know it's a weird relationship) step daughter, my daughter (who dressed up as matching vampire princesses) and their 3 year old, and we all drove over to the nice neighborhood on the golf course and let the kids trick or treat.  It was kind of funny cause we stopped at the store, got some beers, loaded up the cooler and walked around with the kids while having a few drinks.  The guys got a few weird looks when the went up to the doors with the kids and beers in hand but whatever!  Mostly the people were watching the world series and looked annoyed when they opened the door.  Pause the fucking TV assholes, it's Halloween, if you don't want to deal with it, shut off the god damn porch light!  The kids had fun, we tried to make it quick cause it was freezing out, but they did pretty well in the candy department.

Last night we had family movie night.  I know, I know, whatever to get the kids to shut the fuck up, I am willing to do.  I ordered Toy Story 3 from Netflix and we used the monstrosity of a popcorn maker my wonderful mother in law got for my daughter for her birthday, (thanks bitch) and we all sat down and were quiet for 2 hours.  It was heaven!  The movie was really cute though, I did enjoy it very much.

Still working on my coughing abs routine.......going to the gym last night didn't make it any better, I was hacking all over the elliptical machine while using it.  Hey I figure it this way I was doing 2 exercises at once.  Go Me!  Plus I think if I actually stopped smoking for a couple of days, it might get better, but I don't have the will power :) 

P.S.  It's parent teacher conferences tomorrow afternoon, I should have plenty to say after that fiasco!

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