Friday, January 27, 2012


WOW, I cant believe it.  I had the best fucking day EVER yesterday.  Seriously, with all the shit luck we've been having lately, this is well received. 

First story.  So I have been talking to the boss lady about this whole insurance, ER visit.  Then all the weirdness with the Dr's office last Tuesday.  So finally the insurance company got back to us and re submitted everything and it's all suppose to be taken care of under the $300.00 ER co pay.  That's it.  That's all I owe.  Oh my lord, that was great news! 

BUT, it got better!

I went home for lunch yesterday and saw the mail truck pull up early.  OK that's weird mail gets delivered at 4-5.  But whatever.  And I forgot to pick it up from the day before so I went and got it.  In it was a thing from BofA.  I figured it was the 1099 on the foreclosure I've been waiting for so I can do my taxes.  I open it and it was a 1099, but not for the house.  It's for a loan we took out 7 years ago to pay off our credit cards.  We put that loan with all our re racked up credit cards into a debt settlement program 3 1/2 years ago and have been paying stuff off ever since.  It was a 5 year program, at $500.00 a month.  I am currently owing on that loan and 1 additional card for $2400.00.   The loan is for 25 grand so it was going to be a while on that one.  The 1099 stated that the debt was cancelled.  I thought huh, weird cause I didn't usually get these things until they settled with the company.  I called the company and they said they haven't settled you need to call the bank and find out if it was written off.  So I did just that.  Answer to my question, YES, it was written off, and they are taxing me on it.  OK,  does this mean what I think it means?  So I called the debt people again and told them what they said and asked to speak to the attorney handling my account to see if this was written off by the bank, do I still need to settle with them?  I am thinking HELL NO!  But I needed confirmation.  The attorney confirmed my answer was NO, I no longer needed to settle with them.  HOLY SHIT.  That means I only have that one outstanding card left, and I have $1500.00 in my escrow account which should be more then enough for them to settle the last card with, which means I'm fucking done with it!!!!  HOLY FUCKING SHIT I"M JUST EXCITED TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!!  No more payments.  I cut it down by a year and a half.  I'm that much closer minus the quad loan that gets paid off in September.  And that's it.  I can live a normal freaking life for once not in debt up to my eyeballs.  We have been chipping away at this for so long and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, I can see it.  And I'm so thankfully thrilled!  This is like winning the lottery to me!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cast off!

The boy has gotten his cast off yesterday.  And the Dr. visit came with a hole cluster fuck of confusion on my part.  This goes back to my "Insurance is a scam" motto.  OK, real quick.  My new medical insurance states if I walk into the ER, I only have to pay a $300.00 copay.  OK simple enough.  So far so good.  Everything was paid for minus $300.00 for the copay.  Except the Orthopedic Dr's charge was a little over $1100.00 because it went to the deductible.  OK.  Sounds fair.  Still with me here.  Well in really over analyzing the ER visit thing, and nit picking the EOB's I'm thinking the Dr's charge should have been taken care of via the ER visit.  So does the boss lady, so we questioned the insurance company about it.  Still waiting for the answer, but in talking to the Dr's office yesterday, which they informed me I should have NOT been paying a copay the last three times I went in there (but I did, cause they asked me for it) because it was part of the "post op visits"  whatever the hell that means.  So right now I have paid them co pays for no reason (but they asked) and there is about $200.00 in limbo.  And I might or might not owe the $1100.00?  I HATE insurance!

However, I am so stinking happy that I no longer have to dress, bath, or brush my kids teeth anymore.  He says he didn't want his cast off because I wouldn't do things for him anymore.  HA, you bet your little ass I'm not doing it anymore.  It was sweet, but mama needs a freaking break!  He wasn't happy this morning when he had to dress himself, but I was :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

The hoarding begins

Since the hubby is in construction he is constantly coming home with various things that we don't need, but end up taking up room in the garage until he decides to clean it out and throw it away. He's a major pack rat. If it wasn't for me living in the same house continually throwing shit away, he would be considered a boarder line hoarder. Our newest venture came on Tuesday. He says I'm going to be late so I have to skip the gym. Fine I say, cause overtime is everything right now. He and his buddy come in hauling a 50 inch flat screen TV. I say "um did you rob an electronics store?" Then they go back out and bring in a 37 inch TV, and a sub woofer. Um OK, now I'm starting to think somethings fishy here. Long story short. An electronics store went out of business. His company was called into the warehouse to do some repairs. The guy said take what you want cause the bank is going to come get whatever was there. So smart people of the store took all the good inventory and left the shit that didn't work for suckers like my husband and his friend to think they are scoring big time. Needless to say the TVs didn't work (shocking) and he is all disappointed. So he says they have TV stands there too. OK seeing as how we need one of those for the den TV grab a nice one since I have the TV sitting on an end table because when we moved in I didnt have anything for that room. Wednesday rolls around and he doesn't bring home just one stand, oh no, that is to logical. He brings home 3. Wtf are we going to do with 3 fucking TV stands? One is in a box and the other two are put together. His favorite is in the box. So he starts putting it together to give me a choice of which one I like better. Hahaha low and behold there are parts missing. Scratch that there was two boxes missing. Yep dumb ass only took 1 of 3 boxes. Well the other two weren't there. So Thursday, I come home and guess what, another TV stand, a TV that "flickers" and some pictures. The pictures are from a restaurant that went out of business. Do you see where the hoarding is happening.  I'm surprised he didn't come home with dishes or pots and pans at the rate he's going.  I can't wait to see what he brings home today. Ugh. I think it might be garage sale time here shortly!  I was hoping he was going to take the TVs that didn't work to the dump truck, but he says no I'm taking it to a TV repair man to see how much its going to cost to fix.  The 50 inch by the way that's still sitting in our living room driving me insane because it doesn't belong there, along with the flickering TV on one of the additional stands in the den sitting opposite of the band new TV that works.  I do not like the house in dissaray.  I dont clean it every weekend for my fucking health!  And I swaer the older I get the more anal retentive I get.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm trying

I have tried posting like 4 different times in the last two weeks. I rather get interrupted, well yes I keep getting interrupted. So every time I click my phone off I lose what I wrote. Anyways here's a quick rundown of the last month. Xmas was good and the kids are happy. New years was dull, we went to dinner and was home by nine. I know, we're total losers. And we even had no kids that night. To tell you the truth I just really don't give a flying fuck about new years anymore.

The boys arm is getting better. He got a new shorty cast on yesterday. He's still working out the kink in his elbow from the previous cast. But he's got a lot more freedom now.

Work has been utterly boring. I think it's time for a few days off. Oh Waite I can't go anywhere because fuck face step bastard took and used all out money. Yes I am still and will still be bitching about that for a long time to come.

So we started our "new years diet" as 90% of the population has too. Well we actually resumed eating better after slacking for the last couple months. Damn it's hard, I miss those burgers. Well that's about all that's been happening. I know totally boring huh. Well till next time.