Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well after waiting for 4 hours to see the Eclipse movie, I'm wiped.  The movie was good, I don't know if I was to tired to really enjoy it, but right now it was good.  Not fantastic, but good.  I couldn't remember the book, it's been so long since I read it, but the movie seemed to jump around a little.  The action scene's were really good.  All in all it was entertaining.  I will form a better opinion when I buy it and watch it again at a reasonable time.

Now it's time to get some crap together for camping.  I was going to try and clean the house today, but I really don't think that is gonna happen.  Not unless I get some super jolt of energy later in the day.  I kind of feel hung over.  I possibly could be, breathing all the fumes of liquor for 3 hours from the group I was with.  I am really surprised none of them were passed out.  I told my son to wake me up when he woke up.  I didn't think that would be 7, so 4 hours of

I can imagine what the people at camp thought when I dropped him off this morning.  I threw on some shorts and a sweat shirt my hairs a mess and makeup from yesterday running down my eyes like I went on an all night bender.  No I'm NOT one of THOSE moms, but I sure look like it.

Well time to try and get some rest, I'm sure sitting my ass in my reclining camp chair for the next 5 days will be heaven.  Until next Tuesday, have a great 4th of July!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's my Friday, I know your jealous!

My vacation is finally here.  Oh sweet lord, I have been waiting all month for this!

So we are going camping.  Don't know how we pulled it out of our ass but we did.  I'm sure I'll be paying for it in the next couple of weeks.  Got all the shopping done last night (NIGHTMARE) I HATE shopping with the kid and hubby.  First, he didn't get home till 6:30, second, he wasn't in the greatest mood, third, we didn't get home till 8:30.  Dragging him and the boy around the store sucks balls.  I go in with a list, coupons, and I am a grab and go shopper.  Not him, he must inspect every fucking price, nutrition label, ect...  It's like shopping with my grandma, slow moving.  So about half way through the store we are both pissed at each other, chucking shit in the cart just trying to get the hell out of the store.  It was kinda funny though when we were checking out, before I gave the card my discount club card, and coupons,  it was like $300.00, I heard him start huffing and his head starting to silently explode at the price.  The guy finally took my card and coupons and brought it down to $165.00.  He was like OMG, I was gonna have a heart attack.  That would have been AWESOME, life insurance money here I come!  And to boot it was double coupon day...YAY me!

I am so excited that the Eclipse movie is coming out tonight.  I will be at the midnight showing....YAY cant wait.  We are all meeting for Mexican food before we go.  Last time we did this some of the group had one to many margaritas, the even got one in a to go cup and hid it in a rather large purse.  They were all drinking it while it was still in the purse, it was funny...aahhh good times.  I really don't know how the hell they stayed awake through 2 movies.  Hell coming from the chick who's in bed by 9 every night, I will be struggling myself, add booze to me and I will be passed out in an hour. 

Well my son may or may not make it to camp tomorrow, depending on if I get my ass out of bed in time.  I am hoping will.  That way I can get some last minute things done before we leave tomorrow night.  I will be out at the lake, just me, the boy and the dog.  A whole day by myself......nice!  I decided to leave snotty with her Dad all weekend.  She is only good for about 2 days at the lake, then gets all pissy, so since I'll be out there for 6 days I thought it best she stay in town.  On a normal weekend I would take here, but for my sanity, she's staying home.  Besides I think he needs a dose of what being a full time parent means, not just a weekend Dad.

Well thats it for now, have a great day everyone!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy weekend.

So lets start off with Friday.  Bipolar minion called in sick.  When I told menopausal minion this her mood suddenly turned into a fantastic one.  It's a good thing Friday was slow cause I would have had to ream her a new asshole on Monday.  Migraine my ASS.  And to top it all off she just informed me that the government gravy train has stopped, which means boyfriends unemployment ran out, time to get a JOB!

Saturday was nice, got the lawn mowed, went to Wal-Mart for some much needed makeup.  I was scraping the last little bit I had left.  Then it was off to dinner at the Olive Garden....MMMMM, it was sooooo gooood.  Then went to Scheels.  It's like Cabala's, or Bass Pro Shops for anyone that was wondering.  We took mouthy on the Ferris wheel, and He and my Hubby did the NASCAR simulator.  They had fun.

Sunday we took the boat out to the lake for the day.  It was F-ing HOT.  I was trying to recover some of my tan when my armpits started dripping.  They never do that, I was like I guess it's time to go for a swim.  We met some friends of ours out there that had been camping for the weekend.  I swear these people have to find the sandiest area and park their shit there.  My Hubby had to pull them all out when they went home.  Then my Brother showed up with his wife and my Nephew, then her Mom and Step dad, with their totally embarrassing, white trash, poop deck pappy of a boat.  Really this is the biggest piece of crap boat ever, it has bar stool seats glued to the floor.  Anyways, watching them trying to launch it next to a nice master craft, which he almost ran over and cut their bungy line was even more embarrassing.  My Hubby told him to anchor it like down the beach, away from us.  Just the smoke billowing out of the thing when it started, I just have to shake my head WHY?  Then had a good time people watching, it amazes me how many chicks put on these bikinis that they should not be wearing.  I know your young but I don't want to see the muffin top hanging over your bottoms, or you boobs falling out of your top, it's called a gym ladies, or a one piece for the love of god, dont make me wanna claw my eyes out at the beach, or make fun of you, cause you know making fun of people makes me feel bad....hahahaha.

So got home late heated up left over Olive Garden and went to bed.  It was a long ass day.  Tomorrow going to the Midnight showing of Eclipse.....cant wait, than off for the rest of the week.  YAY ME!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I Love you Friday!

I am so glad it's Friday. I cant wait to NOT go to work tomorrow. The kids were in rare form last night, Lucky me. After trying to kill each other on the trampoline for an hour I finally got sick of the screaming and called them in for dinner, where I got an ear full from snotty. "I don't like sausage, I'm not eating" give me a break here your 9 quit whining like your 2 and just eat it or wear it. After all the bitching, keep in mind she's ate this like a hundred times, she decides it's OK and she'll eat it. Huh that girl is going to drive me to the loony bin. Next came the dreadful shower time. trying to get mouthy in the shower is like pulling teeth. Finally booted his ass in there got his hair washed and went to the couch to enjoy 5 minutes of no kids.

So yesterday I went out to take a break and read my book when something kind of funny happened. I'm sitting in my car when I noticed a guy riding a bike. He couldn't have been any older then 17ish. There was a girl walking about 20 feet behind him when I noticed he was talking to her then started smacking his ass at her. I was like OK? So then stops dead center in the intersection un does his belt (I really think he was about to moon her), but then looked right at me, I started cracking up cause I knew what was coming, but he got gun shy once he noticed me and rode off.  Oh well to bad he didn't have the balls to do it anyways.

OK so my day just got a little shittier.  Bipolar minion called in, yay me, she has a headache, I'm sure you do.....BITCH.  REALLY, who do I have to fuck around here to get some decent help.  Well now that my semi good mood is ruined I guess I better get to work.....thanks whore!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's hot out there!

The weather is heating up this week.  Should be a nice day on Saturday to take the boat out.  Hopefully I can recover some of my tan.  Due to tight finances we haven't been to the lake as much as we would like, but hey that's the way the cookie crumbles right?

My headache is FINALLY gone.  I was thinking I had some kind of brain bleed or something.  The kids could have contributed to it a little and also work.  The minions have been on their best behavior this week......hhhhhmmmm they are actually getting along, and in a good mood....WTF?  It must be a full moon.

Friday seems like it's never going to come.  I know it's going slow because I'm off next week on Wednesday.  We are suppose to go camping, but we'll see.  I am totally fine dropping the kids off and spending some alone time if things dont work out.  I can get the house cleaned at least, god knows it needs it.  I hate wood floors and the birds are picking and dropping the cherries from the tree all over the place, therefore the dog tracks all the crap in the house.  I'm surprised my vacuum hasn't blown up yet from all the fur, and shit she tracks in from the backyard.  I have swept the patio 4 times this week, and had to hose all the bird crap off my chairs.  I really need to see if I can get that tree not to produce fruit.

Well here's to a stress free, kids behaving, Husband not bitching day!  Yeah right, in my dreams!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump Day!

It's Wednesday......Items on my to do list include making a run to Costco so I can get out of the office for a bit.  I think I'll do that at 2ish.  It will make my afternoon go by faster.  Take some asprin, due to the headache I still have from the dame coffee table. And try to look busy the rest of the day so the boss doesn't jump my ass for not having anything to do.

Watched the first episode of True Blood season 2 last night.  I am saving the second for tonight cause there is nothing on in the summer.  I soooo love that show.  I am going to the midnight showing of Eclipse next Tuesday...wwoooo hhhoooo, finally.

The gym was uneventful last night, and not to much to tell on this end.  Maybe something exciting will happen tonight who knows.  I did get to the library to get the 5th undead book.  So far so good, I read the 4th in like 2 days.  It's a good read I reccomend.  Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

She's Baaaaacccckkk!

I got my Daughter back from her vacation last night.  Huh, I really missed her till she came home.  The fighting immediately started once the car doors opened and they got in.  I am dubbing her snotty, and my son will now be known as mouthy.  So snotty and mouthy resumed right were they left off 2 weeks ago.  The minute they get in the car it's shut up, no you shut up, no you, MOOOOOMMM tell him to shut up.  Why don't both of you shut the hell up before I drive my car off a cliff.  It doesn't stop when we get home.  The have to race each other to the front door because someones gotta be the first to open it.  Keep in mind it's locked and it's going to be me......hey stupids I have the key.

In addition to all the fighting in like the span of 20 minutes my husband comes home and decides to let me know we owe his company $400.00???  OK why?  The IDIOT book keeper hasn't been taking out his insurance money.  You know if we didn't have bad luck we wouldn't have any luck at all.  Hey assholes would you like me to pull it out of my ass?  Th money tree is bear SORRY!  And the Step Bastard calls to make things worse and says my truck is broke.  So he storms out and says I'll be back, gotta go deal with more bullshit.

So I had a small break down last night.  Everyone was finally quiet, in their own rooms, and I had about enough for one day.  When he decides to bring up the house.  Yes we are one of those stupid people who got the wrong loan at the peak of the housing market.  Jumped through hoops to refinance the first time only to get another arms loan, but this one was fixed for 7 years.  Over the next 4 years racked up all the credit cards twice. Trying to fix that at the moment! Anyways long story short I am 100 grand under water in my house.  And also keep in mind I did not buy out of my price range either, I bought the cheapest, smallest house I could find in the 2nd crappiest neighborhood.  Yes, it's not worth what I owe, but it's mine.  Anyways back to the original story, he thinks with the money we are paying to interest only mind you, we could go and rent a house 3 times the size and in a better neighborhood.  This is true I have looked in the paper, but it's not MINE!  I don't know what to do at the moment, I told him to call the bank and see if there was anything we could to just to get our loan to a fixed rate....something.  And his response was what if they say no, we have to have a plan cause in a year our mortgage payment goes up.  Well then I guess we live here for free until they boot us out, cause at that rate I'm not going to pay it and the bank can have another foreclosure to deal with.  After that fun conversation, mouthy realized he lost his DS games in the couch.  I started looking for them under the couch, smacked my head on the coffee table and just sat on the floor and cried.  Finally I got up after quietly sobbing to myself, and said I'm sick of that fucking thing and him losing the games, I don't give a fuck where they are....I'M DONE.  Got in bed and pouted. 

I'm ready for a vacation, not that I can afford to go anywhere, but my head hurts today, I don't want to deal with the minions crap, and oh trust me there will be loads of it.  I just need a break before I crack.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Moday's Suck!

The weekend went surprisingly well. I worked my shift, saw only 2 people I knew, Had some drinks which Strawberry Vodka and Lemonade is my new favorite drink, until I have a disaster with it like vodka cranberry. My Son was on his best behavior, due to the fact I threatened him for 3 days that he needed to be on his best behavior. All was good. I tried some yummy food, which my new favorite is green curry now. I am defiantly going to get some of that for lunch one day.....YYYYUUUMMMM.

My Husband came home at like 8:15 yesterday morning. It was a nice surprise. He was being really nice cause he actually missed me.  It was like 1 day really cause I sure didn't miss you.  But it's nice to be loved anyways.  I promptly sent him to the store to get some breakfast stuff and my Son and I made french toast for Fathers Day.  My Son was so cute, he is really getting into this whole cooking thing.  Saturday morning he made pancakes with me.

In an effort to save my clean dishes, we went out to dinner with my Mom last night too.  It was pretty good, then back home to the couch. 

Well Bipolar minion has managed to call in and say she was going to be late.  I am still filling in for the receptionist.  She is apparently allergic to miracle grow?  Did you like roll around in it?  Your suppose to spray your plants not yourself.  Whatever when I told menopausal minion this I could see her head quietly explode.  It's gonna be a great day I can feel it!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today is going to be a good day.

My Hubby finally left last night.  Me and the boy went to dinner with my mom last night.....mmmmm, Mexican food, one of my favorites.  I got home put cartoons on for my Son, popped in a movie, and relaxed, in my was HEAVEN!  No snoring last night, a quiet house this morning aaaaahhhhhh, I'm so glad for the peace and quiet.

Well the Taste of Downtown is tonight.  It's a great fundraiser for the Domestic Violence Advocates.  And I am braving taking my Son.  I figured I'll just stick him with my Mom while I'm working.....hahaha, hey what are Grandma's for.  I think she needs to spend MORE time with him anyways...(wink wink).  I cant wait to see how many people I run into from High School that I try to avoid like the plague whenever I see them in the store.  No ducking behind the Cheetos today.  The only suck part to living in a small town.  Speaking of that here is another annoyance.  I have been on facebook for a while, I swear, I have gotten more friend request from people that I went to school with that I wasn't even friends with.  WTF?  We weren't friends then, why do I care what your up to now?  I don't get it!  And if your wondering why I don't have this site linked to my facebook page, to be honest, it's so I can talk shit about the people I love without offending them :)  I tried to complain about my Husband once on facebook, and crap everyone told him I was talking shit.  Assholes, so I have created another outlet for myself.  Hey don't judge me, this is my own personal therapy.

I guess, that's it for now.  I'm sure I'll have plenty of stuff to share tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Drama in the Ghetto!

Wow, I can honestly say I think I need to move!  I guess my neighbor pulled a gun on some other neighbor last night.  We were watching the news and kept hearing yelling.  I paused the TV to listen, my Husband went out to see what was going on.  I guess our neighbor went over to the apartments that back up to his property to complain about a dog barking.  The lady told him basically F-you and he said he was going to call animal control then.  Her Husband apparently got pissed and went over there.  Well my neighbor didn't like that to much put a gun to the guy's face and told him to get off his property.  WHOA, holy SHIT!  The guys wife called the cops who were running around with big assault riffles.  I can only imagine what my friend was thinking when she came to pick up her daughter from my house.  CRAP, what is this Compton?  I no it's not the best neighborhood, but jeez, mostly just white trash and they pretty much keep to themselves.  And next time he complains about my dog, I don't think I'm going to answer the door!

Did I tell you I cant WAIT for my Husband to leave.  He has been a real gem these past few days.  Good bye, don't let the door hit you in the ass when you leave!

Work is going to be a nightmare today, I can feel it.  Half the people are gone I'm filling in for the receptionist, which leaves the minions tweedle dee and tweedle dumb, to do everything.  One of the Secretaries has an out of town run today.  It takes like 4 hours round trip so that leaves bipolar minion to do the work.  God help me.  She freaks out if there is more than 3 errands to run....I'm fucked.  And this one IRRITATING secretary who calls down when she has 1, yes 1 piece of paper to be copied.  Hey BITCH here's a thought, when you get your fat ass up to fax something, take your copying with you, while your standing right next to the copy machine waiting for your confirmation sheet make your fucking copies!  Christ it takes more time to call me, have me walk to the other end of the building make the copy, then for you to get up walk 3 doors down and do it yourself.  No one else has that problem.  I guess you can do what you want when your fucking your boss!  No joke by the way!

To top off my suck day.  I call my Ex to see if he was going to actually give me the other half of the child support he owes this month.....HAHA what was I thinking?  He said I get paid every other week so I thought you were going to call last week for it.  REALLY, I really have to call you every month, it's been 9 freaking years, you think you would have it down by now.  I am going to need a very large drink when this day is over I can feel it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not Much to tell.

Not much to tell today, My Husband is definitely going to Mammoth......YAY no snoring for 2 days.

Still haven't decided what to do with my Son while I'm working on Saturday.  I hope he behaves, he is a stubborn little crap, (he gets that from his Dad too) :)

I got dog sitting duty because my Brother is taking off to San Francisco this weekend.  He's already managed to get in the trash overnight.  Needless to say my Husband wasn't to happy when he woke up this morning.  Oh well gives my dog someone to play with for a few days. 

I really hope the menopausal minion is in a decent mood today.  After listening to her huffing and puffing for 3 hours on some job she's doing I was ready to blow my head off. thankful you have something to do.  I hope there's more ice cream in the back today, cause she really needs it.

WTF?  Bipolar minion just called and she's running late AGAIN!  I swear if these people could show up on time it would be a freaking miracle. 

I am playing receptionist today.  Hey I don't mind it gives me a chance to catch up on my reading.  Speaking of that, I really need to get my ass to the library and pick up the book I have on hold.

Here's looking forward to Friday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm FREE!!!!!

I possibly have the weekend to myself.  My Husbands Dad is in Mammoth this weekend for a fishing trip with his buddies.  Since it's only 2 hours away it would be a great time for him to go visit.  Yes, please go, take the step bastard with you and see ya on Sunday!  Free, I tell you, FREE!  I do have to work a charity event on Saturday though, but it's lots of fun. My Friend and I have been doing it for the last 6 years.  A bunch of restaurants get together throughout the town and there a lots of bands.  Basically they give out food and drinks, we only work 2 hours and then get to get free food and drinks for volunteering.  Now what to do with my Son who my Husband was suppose to watch that night, cause I am NOT taking him with me.  Maybe I'll see if Grandma can babysit.  WOO  HOOO  good times!

I have also suckered him into doing a side job this week cause we need the extra money.  He is one of those types that thinks his paycheck is enough.  It is, but having extra play money is fantastic too.  I have to be sly when approaching the situation when he called me yesterday.  I said well then don't do it, but we do really need to register the trailer which IS due today, but we are going to have to pay a late fee because we don't have the money till Thursday.  So it doesn't really matter it's up to you.  He said I think I don't want to, I said that's fine and hung up.  About 15 minutes later he calls back because I had to let him stew on things, and said OK I think I'll do it this time.  COME ON....REALLY, jeez it's like 2 hours extra a night for 2 days, for $700.00 are you stupid?  If I knew what the hell I was doing I would go work it.  Men, can't live with um, cant shoot um!

Well the minions are in full head up the ass mode today it seems.  There was something wrong with the computer, so my FABULOUS co-worker...yes, you, I will call you computer genie!!!  :)  ran a scan on it and bipolar minion comes in and says I didn't touch it, there's something wrong with the computer.  HUH, just get to work and don't touch anything!  Now menopausal minion is in full PMS mode, cause she hasn't said a word all morning.  HEY mood swing, there's ice cream in the back, go binge your emotional problems away and GET BACK TO WORK! WITH A SMILE!  :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First day of camp!

Well I think my son enjoyed his first day of camp.  He didn't even notice I was there to pick him up.  Thank god, and he came home tired last night.  He has swimming every day and on Tuesdays it's twice a day.  This, however isn't good for the ongoing shower battle.  I told him he has to shower everyday because of the chlorine.  He so cutely disagrees.  He says there is no chlorine in the pool, I said yes there is and if you don't shower and wash your hair it will turn green.  His response to that is I don't care......... of course!  He then tells me when swimming is over he's not showering for 10 days.  I said then you will be a gross dirty man....again I don't care.  I say I want my clean boy not a dirty one, he says "your clean boy doesn't live here anymore".  I guess that's what I get for having a boy!

Well that's all for now.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Crazy Weekend!

Well here is an update on Friday.  I finally went to pick his drunk ass up around 7:30.  I didn't realize he was that smashed and wished I would have just told him to stay there.  The whole ride home was an interrogation about how I don't love him.  OMG, it was a loooong ride home.  Then to top it off I stayed up till 11:30 just trying to get him to shut the hell up.

Saturday morning I did however put on the biggest guilt trip I could for what he did the night before.  He must have felt REALLY bad cause I got him to take me shopping in Reno and buy me clothes I didn't need.  HAHA, guilt is the best.  I even got him to spend more money than the gift card I had.  He didn't even complain, he said just get what you want.....YAY ME!  On the other hand I think my son is turning into a perv.  I was walking around the store and caught a glimpse of him starting to pull down the mannequin's top to look at her boobs.  I was like what are you doing?  SNAP the shirt went, he said nothing and walked away.  Boy I'm in trouble.

So later that afternoon we came home I took a nap then got ready to go back to Reno for a baseball game with my family.  The game was actually really exciting this time considering they lost horribly bad the last 2 games we went to.  They hit 2 home runs and won the game it was great and worth the 3rd trip to Reno in 2 days.

Sunday was quiet.  My mom and I took a walk to the park where they were having a festival.  Of course we took my Son who complained the whole time about when he was going to get to play at the playground.  So after we milled through the shops we let him play.  That lasted all of 5 minutes when he says I gotta go to the bathroom.  I'm like pee or poop, of course he said poop.  OK I am not a germ a phobe but with a bazillion people using that bathroom and we just live down the street from the park I figured he can make it home.  I even tried to call his dad to come get us but he wasn't answering the phone (I'll get to that in a bit why)  So we started making our way and he was running.  About half way home he was holding his cheeks, and I couldn't keep up so I said just look for cars when you cross just go HURRY.  Well he made it to 2 houses down when he yells I JUST POOPED, and ran inside.  It was not pretty, and had to put him in the shower, all while my Husband is gagging trying to get his clothes off.  Oh well he needed a shower that night anyways.  So the reason he didn't answer the phone is because he was at the store buying lobster tails and a rack of ribs for dinner, because I said it's nice out we should BBQ tonight.  I was thinking like chicken or something, not $70.00 worth of lobster tails and a rack of ribs.  DUDE, you just spent our grocery money on one meal and now we are out of toilet paper......wonderful!

This Morning I dropped my Son off to his first day of Summer camp.  I hope he likes it cause it cost an arm and a leg for the summer.  Update on that tomorrow.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Husband AKA Dumb Ass!

So right at this very moment I am waiting by the phone.....god am I in high school or what?  I am waiting for dumb ass to call me so I can drive 45 miles out of my way one way, to go pick him up because a golf course in Reno had a tournament today and his company was one of the vendors at one of the holes.  His company provided margarita's, a wet bar, and beer.  So what did dumb ass do all fucking day?  YEP DRANK.  Now he cant drive home.  The boss offered him a bed at his house, to bad he didn't take it.  Which leaves me to get him.  I know he is being responsible by this but MAN what a pain in the ass.  And because I am the best wife EVER, I will go do it, but not with out bitching about it first.  I really hate when he gets drunk cause he acts all weird now, not like when he was younger and fun to be around.  Now he gets all paranoid, like he just smoked a big ole fatty.  Thank god he doesn't do this often, but I don't blame him either, sitting around all day with free booze, I'd probably be smashed too.

It's Finally Friday!!!

I am so freaking happy today is Friday.  Went and got me some lunch, now just waiting to go home to eat and feed my Facebook gaming addiction.  Farmville here I come!

Got my ass motivated to go to the gym last night.  It's a good thing to, because I blew it out my ass with pizza and bagels smothered in real cream cheese....hey I'm on vacation, but gained like 6 pounds in 5 days due to all the carbs.  Oh well, at least my pants still fit.

My Husband, decided to shave his goatee off last night.  I really think that was a mistake.  I didn't realize how FAT and ROUND his face was.  Good thing it grows back quick, or I might not want to be seen in public with him.

Well going to our monthly baseball game tomorrow.  My son has his horn all ready to go.  Thank god the novelty has worn off, cause I was about to trash the damn thing.  I am one of those people who get really annoyed when kids are constantly blowing those things at the game, but think it's funny to see other people get irritated when my kid does it.  We are trying the Mexican restaurant across the street from the park.  Oh goodie more carbs and lard, that ought to do wonders for my ass.

I think bipolar minion is lost today.  She is trying to talk to me more than usual.  I'm really not into it right now.  Like just a minute ago she's standing behind me while I'm clearly busy, took a picture off my pile of crap I'm working on and is like oooohhh is this Vegas?  Yeah now run along your bugging me.  Go find some actual work to do.  Menopausal minion is actually in a great mood today.  She's talked to me and everything?  She informed me this morning that she will need a 2 hour lunch on Tuesday due to a "Lunch Date"  then quickly says it's not a job interview or anything.  I'm like I really don't care if it was, but I'm hoping it's an actual date date with a guy cause you need to get laid already.  Maybe that would help with the mood swings.  Well here's to hoping!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not so much

Well nothing interesting happened yesterday or last night, so this will be very short.  I pretty much went home threw on my jammies, ate dinner and started to fall asleep on the couch at 7.  I know sad huh.  My son got a few mosquito bites while we were camping and he says last night the "spaquito" bites itch.  I said what kind of bites are they?  He repeated it and says uuuggghhh I cant say it right.  My husband and I laughed, it was pretty cute.  So I got him in the shower last night and anyone with little boys knows thats not an easy task.  He got out got dressed and went to watch TV.  A little while later he came out to get a drink and I noticed his hair was sticking up.  I said did you make your hair in a mowhawk?  He said yes I think it looks cool.  I said OK I didnt even no he knew what that was.  So this morning I had to gel it back up into a mowhawk, but he did look really cute.   And thats all for now!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What do you get when......

You text your Husband to take the sausage out for dinner?  You can probably guess the answer. 
So after the funnies, I finally got him to actually cook it, and when we sat down to eat he takes a bite, (this is some new smoked chicken sausage he bought and wanted to try) and says hhhhhmmmm, it's pretty good but theres something familiar about it I cant put my finger on.  OK I said, so I took a bite, chewed, and said yes that familiar flavor would be any of the hillshire farms sausage products, they all taste the same.  Dumb ass.

Speaking of dumb asses, the step monster rolled up in his crap wagon, music blaring, I swear I'm surprised the whole neighborhood isn't deaf.  Then tells my Husband he and his friend are going to put the old exhaust back on his truck.  WHOA buddy wait just one minute.  We spent $300.00 getting that exhaust replaced for him for Christmas. And besides you + a welder = house burned to the ground.  Thank god he told him NO for a change.  And I think I want my money back fucko.

So after woofing down dinner I hit the gym.  Boy did it kick my ass.  I guess I shouldn't have skipped it last week.  My legs hurt this morning :(  Anyways I get in my car and there is a message from home so I play it.  It says you owe me twenty bucks.  Huh what?  Why do I owe him twenty bucks?  I get home, ask the burning question and here's the answer.  I guess when I left the front door didn't close all the way and I left the driveway gate open, because I was coming back in an hour, I guess the dog went for a little walk by herself.  Some little girls found her and called the house.....thank god she has tags.  He went to pick her up and gave the girls twenty bucks.  Here's why I owe him.  If I hadn't been so lazy after he took all that time to install the gate and closed it when I left, the dog wouldn't have gotten out, she would have just been in the front yard.  Then for the biggest guilt trip, my son says my dog almost ran away, of course with tears in his eyes.  HHHUUUHH OK point made and taken, my bad.

Well let's see what the rest of today brings, hopefully not much, cause I'm ready for the weekend.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Interesting Weekend!

Well Friday was CRAZY.  Got the kids to school for their last day, dropped off a movie to my Mom's, then went driving around town to the pet store for dog food (which was closed) then across town to buy a pass for camping, (which you don't get it at the place I went to).  So after driving for half an hour decided to forget it and go home and get some last minute stuff together before I had to go pick up my son.  Basically I threw a bunch of clothes in the trailer, hoping I didn't forget anything, then off to get my son.  So by that time the pet store was open and got the dog food, went to Jack in the Box for a quick breakfast, then back home to throw some more crap in the trailer.  About an hour later got my Daughter, picked up some pizzas and off we went.

So all was good at the lake, the weather was nice, my lounge chair was comfy and the kids were entertained in the water.  I realized this was to good to be true.  Saturday night my Husband and I went on a night cruise on the boat.  When we got back the outboard wouldn't come up on the boat......great now he was all pissy and it was to dark to figure out what was wrong.  Plus having a few drinks didn't help the situation.  I walked up to the camp fire where my Mom was watching the kids and noticed one of my chair looked like it caught on fire.  I was like WTF?  My Mom explained to me The step bastard and his Friends who made their own fire across the way got up left the chairs and the wind blew it into the fire........huh OK 2 problems so far, what next?  Sunday.  Problem # 3  Our beer cooler was stolen.  But on the bright side it was a bunch of idiot kids who left a trail of empty beers to their camp, so it wasn't hard to find them but the cooler was still missing.  My husband flagged down a ranger explained what happened and I guess we weren't the only ones cause the guy a couple trailers down got hit too.  After about 2 hours of reports they all got arrested HAHA.  But our cooler was still MIA.  One kid confessed that they sank it in the lake.  My Brother who came for the day a couple hours later was running his boat and said there is a cooler floating across the lake.  The guys jumped in the boat and ALAS the beer cooler was recovered, but fucked up so we had to toss it anyways. Sunday night everyone left, it was so nice and peaceful out we were the only ones on the beach.  My son decided to go to sleep at 7 so we enjoyed a fire and went to bed early.   We packed up yesterday and decided to take the boat for a spin before we left and when we got back the outboard started working again.....good thing cause couldn't tow it home like that.

So got home, unpacked everything showered, and decided to try and nap, because 3 days of sitting my ass on a chair really took a lot out of me.  And my son had a game and his party last night.  I swear trying to nap in my house is impossible.  My son being chatty kathy wouldn't SHUT UP, so whatever didn't get the nap got through the game and party where I had some SUCK ASS pizza that gave me the runs this morning :( and made it home by 9.

I tell ya it was a bitch getting up this morning and my Husband drove himself to work today, which means 2 hours of him talking my ear off the minute I wake up, (I know now where my Son gets it from).  He says to me god your a bitch in the morning.......DUH.....SHUT UP and DON'T TALK till I had my coffee.  I was glad to see him finally leave.  Work has been long so far, I really cant wait to go home today.  Oh well, at least it's only 4 days.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today is my Friday

No new crackhead stories this time, she didn't show.  But there was a weird girl I've never seen before with and eye patch....yes a patch like a joke.  I guess Patchy was related to one of the coaches.  HAHA it figures.  The game got done early this time so went home and watched a movie then went to bed.

My son Graduated today.  It was cute.  They all sang songs and my son just opened and closed his mouth and did little hand movements (I guess they were signing along with the songs)  What are we all deaf?  Anyways  he looked like a ventriloquist, it was funny.  He's moving onto the 1st grade, I cant believe it.  I got my Daughter out of class so she could watch, and first thing she says is "I think I'll be leaving right after this"  HUH?  UUUHHH NO!  She is playing the stomach ache bit.  My Grandma told her to go to the nurse if it got bad.  NOOOO you don't do that.  She is not to go to the nurse unless she has a fever so don't even try it.  She learned that little trick in the first grade.  I said fine you go home sick you don't go camping tomorrow.  I think she got over it.  Aside from the bug that flew down my shirt, graduation went well.

Busy busy day tomorrow.  Drop the kids off, pick them up early at 2 different times, because of early release day.  I thought about keeping them home but could use the 2 hours to myself before being with the kids all weekend.  Gotta put the sheets on the beds of the trailer....I washed them last weekend, but got to lazy to put them on.  And make sure all last minute crap is packed before we leave.  This way I don't forget something doing it last minute.  Cant wait till this day is OVER so I can get on my way!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last night

Got home and my Husband was putting the swamp cooler in the window.  He says for when it gets hot.  With the way things are going around here I think were safe for another month.  After eating my dinner in like 3 bites I finally made my way to the gym.  Nothing special happened until we made our way down to the treadmills.  I see one of the Attorneys I work for running on the treadmill.  No biggie, I do my best to avoid the uncomfortable out of office conversation (because really aside from work I really don't want to talk to most of these people)  Good thing he didn't notice me anyways.  So after about 15 minutes or so he jumps off and leaves.  OH NO! He is one of those people I HATE that doesn't wipe down the equipment after using it.  GROSS.  You just ran and sweated all over that thing, at least have the common courtesy to wipe your yuck off it.  I am now totally icked out whenever I see him now! 

So after I get home my Husband, Son, and Daughter are hanging out in the driveway with the music blaring.  Come on, I know we live in a white trash neighborhood, but lets not act like we are.  I asked, did you guys eat dinner, their like no, Hubby of the year forgot about it and gave the kids Popsicle's. do you forget dinner when it's sitting on the counter already made?  I guess that's what happens when you leave him in charge of feeding the kids.  And not to mention you BBQ the damn chicken.  So after everyone got fed, I put my son in the shower.  He got out, got dressed as usual, and came to the living room.  My Husband went to change his clothes and noticed there was a lake on the bathroom floor.  I guess my son though he would turn the shower into a bathtub by sitting on the drain and kind of over filled the basin.  So after cleaning up that mess, which I guess my floors needed to be cleaned anyways, this just forced me to do it. I hung the rugs outside to dry, it's noon and still not dry.

Second to last baseball game tonight.  YES almost over.  With as much as I like watching the games, I am kind of sick of going.  It's cute and all, but I'm over it.  I wonder what kind of ammo crackhead is going to supply me with for tomorrows ramblings?  We shall see.

On a great final note, I am so happy.  I was about to leave for lunch when the guy that steals my parking space from across the street comes rolling around the corner.  I looked at him and sat there in my car till he parked and got out so i could keep my space when I got back to work. HAHA ASS, you came to work a little to early today didntcha.

Oh yeah and on a suck note, lunch sucked I couldn't figure out what to eat for lunch so I just went home and made a sandwich, threw half of it away cause I didn't have cheese and thought putting shredded cheese on there would be OK, nope gross.  Then moved on to a bag of cheeseburger Doritos, ate half the bag, then some cake sounded good so had a piece of chocolate cake.  That wasn't enough so topped it off with some fruit.  I think I'm full now.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So I guess my Husband and I are talking again.  Well he's talking to me at least.  I just answer when I have too. 

Back to work today.....boooo.  Bipolar minion started off first thing this morning.  She says shes tired because her son broke his hand on Friday......FRIDAY.  I could understand if it was Monday, but Friday?  Bitch that was like 3 days ago, I don't want to hear it.  Menopausal Minion isn't speaking to me......must be having one of her "spells".

I am looking forward to Thursday, my son is graduating Kindergarten.  I cant believe how big he is now.  My Husband was asking him if he was going to be seven next year and my son says no 6, what he meant was no dad I'm 6 not 7 then my husband says your going to be 6?  I' finally intervened and said yes he is 6 now and will be 7 on his birthday.....god you getting old if you cant remember how old he actually is.  God what were you thinking, you have an 18 year old and a 16 year old your almost done, but decided to have one more.  You could have been kid free STUPID.

Well 3 more days until I am off for another 4 days.  Camping this weekend yay.  Cant wait, the weather should be fantastic.