Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's hot out there!

The weather is heating up this week.  Should be a nice day on Saturday to take the boat out.  Hopefully I can recover some of my tan.  Due to tight finances we haven't been to the lake as much as we would like, but hey that's the way the cookie crumbles right?

My headache is FINALLY gone.  I was thinking I had some kind of brain bleed or something.  The kids could have contributed to it a little and also work.  The minions have been on their best behavior this week......hhhhhmmmm they are actually getting along, and in a good mood....WTF?  It must be a full moon.

Friday seems like it's never going to come.  I know it's going slow because I'm off next week on Wednesday.  We are suppose to go camping, but we'll see.  I am totally fine dropping the kids off and spending some alone time if things dont work out.  I can get the house cleaned at least, god knows it needs it.  I hate wood floors and the birds are picking and dropping the cherries from the tree all over the place, therefore the dog tracks all the crap in the house.  I'm surprised my vacuum hasn't blown up yet from all the fur, and shit she tracks in from the backyard.  I have swept the patio 4 times this week, and had to hose all the bird crap off my chairs.  I really need to see if I can get that tree not to produce fruit.

Well here's to a stress free, kids behaving, Husband not bitching day!  Yeah right, in my dreams!

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