Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today is my Friday

No new crackhead stories this time, she didn't show.  But there was a weird girl I've never seen before with and eye patch....yes a patch like a joke.  I guess Patchy was related to one of the coaches.  HAHA it figures.  The game got done early this time so went home and watched a movie then went to bed.

My son Graduated today.  It was cute.  They all sang songs and my son just opened and closed his mouth and did little hand movements (I guess they were signing along with the songs)  What are we all deaf?  Anyways  he looked like a ventriloquist, it was funny.  He's moving onto the 1st grade, I cant believe it.  I got my Daughter out of class so she could watch, and first thing she says is "I think I'll be leaving right after this"  HUH?  UUUHHH NO!  She is playing the stomach ache bit.  My Grandma told her to go to the nurse if it got bad.  NOOOO you don't do that.  She is not to go to the nurse unless she has a fever so don't even try it.  She learned that little trick in the first grade.  I said fine you go home sick you don't go camping tomorrow.  I think she got over it.  Aside from the bug that flew down my shirt, graduation went well.

Busy busy day tomorrow.  Drop the kids off, pick them up early at 2 different times, because of early release day.  I thought about keeping them home but could use the 2 hours to myself before being with the kids all weekend.  Gotta put the sheets on the beds of the trailer....I washed them last weekend, but got to lazy to put them on.  And make sure all last minute crap is packed before we leave.  This way I don't forget something doing it last minute.  Cant wait till this day is OVER so I can get on my way!

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