Friday, June 18, 2010

Drama in the Ghetto!

Wow, I can honestly say I think I need to move!  I guess my neighbor pulled a gun on some other neighbor last night.  We were watching the news and kept hearing yelling.  I paused the TV to listen, my Husband went out to see what was going on.  I guess our neighbor went over to the apartments that back up to his property to complain about a dog barking.  The lady told him basically F-you and he said he was going to call animal control then.  Her Husband apparently got pissed and went over there.  Well my neighbor didn't like that to much put a gun to the guy's face and told him to get off his property.  WHOA, holy SHIT!  The guys wife called the cops who were running around with big assault riffles.  I can only imagine what my friend was thinking when she came to pick up her daughter from my house.  CRAP, what is this Compton?  I no it's not the best neighborhood, but jeez, mostly just white trash and they pretty much keep to themselves.  And next time he complains about my dog, I don't think I'm going to answer the door!

Did I tell you I cant WAIT for my Husband to leave.  He has been a real gem these past few days.  Good bye, don't let the door hit you in the ass when you leave!

Work is going to be a nightmare today, I can feel it.  Half the people are gone I'm filling in for the receptionist, which leaves the minions tweedle dee and tweedle dumb, to do everything.  One of the Secretaries has an out of town run today.  It takes like 4 hours round trip so that leaves bipolar minion to do the work.  God help me.  She freaks out if there is more than 3 errands to run....I'm fucked.  And this one IRRITATING secretary who calls down when she has 1, yes 1 piece of paper to be copied.  Hey BITCH here's a thought, when you get your fat ass up to fax something, take your copying with you, while your standing right next to the copy machine waiting for your confirmation sheet make your fucking copies!  Christ it takes more time to call me, have me walk to the other end of the building make the copy, then for you to get up walk 3 doors down and do it yourself.  No one else has that problem.  I guess you can do what you want when your fucking your boss!  No joke by the way!

To top off my suck day.  I call my Ex to see if he was going to actually give me the other half of the child support he owes this month.....HAHA what was I thinking?  He said I get paid every other week so I thought you were going to call last week for it.  REALLY, I really have to call you every month, it's been 9 freaking years, you think you would have it down by now.  I am going to need a very large drink when this day is over I can feel it!

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