Friday, June 11, 2010

Husband AKA Dumb Ass!

So right at this very moment I am waiting by the phone.....god am I in high school or what?  I am waiting for dumb ass to call me so I can drive 45 miles out of my way one way, to go pick him up because a golf course in Reno had a tournament today and his company was one of the vendors at one of the holes.  His company provided margarita's, a wet bar, and beer.  So what did dumb ass do all fucking day?  YEP DRANK.  Now he cant drive home.  The boss offered him a bed at his house, to bad he didn't take it.  Which leaves me to get him.  I know he is being responsible by this but MAN what a pain in the ass.  And because I am the best wife EVER, I will go do it, but not with out bitching about it first.  I really hate when he gets drunk cause he acts all weird now, not like when he was younger and fun to be around.  Now he gets all paranoid, like he just smoked a big ole fatty.  Thank god he doesn't do this often, but I don't blame him either, sitting around all day with free booze, I'd probably be smashed too.

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