Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well after waiting for 4 hours to see the Eclipse movie, I'm wiped.  The movie was good, I don't know if I was to tired to really enjoy it, but right now it was good.  Not fantastic, but good.  I couldn't remember the book, it's been so long since I read it, but the movie seemed to jump around a little.  The action scene's were really good.  All in all it was entertaining.  I will form a better opinion when I buy it and watch it again at a reasonable time.

Now it's time to get some crap together for camping.  I was going to try and clean the house today, but I really don't think that is gonna happen.  Not unless I get some super jolt of energy later in the day.  I kind of feel hung over.  I possibly could be, breathing all the fumes of liquor for 3 hours from the group I was with.  I am really surprised none of them were passed out.  I told my son to wake me up when he woke up.  I didn't think that would be 7, so 4 hours of

I can imagine what the people at camp thought when I dropped him off this morning.  I threw on some shorts and a sweat shirt my hairs a mess and makeup from yesterday running down my eyes like I went on an all night bender.  No I'm NOT one of THOSE moms, but I sure look like it.

Well time to try and get some rest, I'm sure sitting my ass in my reclining camp chair for the next 5 days will be heaven.  Until next Tuesday, have a great 4th of July!

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