Tuesday, July 6, 2010


OK let's see lots to tell about my 6 day camping excursion. Wednesday I managed to drag my ass off the couch long enough to drop off the house key to my Grandma, load the trailer with food and clothes, and pick up my son from camp. Then it was back to the couch till the Hubby got home. I don't think I've recovered still, from staying up to watch that movie. In my mind I still feel 16-17 when I could stay up half the night and then get up and go to school the next day. It really sucks getting old. It's been a week and I'm still not caught up on sleep.
So we finally made it to the lake, got everything set up then the Hubby left so he could go to work the next morning. I read a little until my eyes started crossing and thought I should call it an early night. The next morning was hot and nice. I sat it total peace on the beach in my chair with my book. I couldn't have asked for a better vacation (for the moment). My son and I swam, played cards and played ball with the dog.  All in all it was a great day.  Then people started showing up.  The second night was good, our friends who came out with a fully stocked bar and a Margarita machine in her trailer kept trying to feed us shots.  I had 4, hey I'm on vacation.  We had fun watching our other friend get so drunk I think she ping ponged off the tiki torches to get to her trailer then missed the step and fell in flat on her face......fucking priceless. 

The next day the giant group showed up, and we had a fun filled day of boating, swimming and lounging around.  Our one friend who is in his 40's and recently divorced has found himself a young piece of ass, which is fine...whatever, but she's a huge pot head.  I swear to god she sat on the beach literally baked all day.  Seeing as their trailer was parked in front of ours, you could smell it every 5 minutes.  I swear her and her friend were in there every half hour toking it up.  We were all like AGAIN?  One go round for me, I would be a sleep the rest of the day, fuck that.

On Sunday My Hubby decided to wake board.  I had some apprehension towards this, considering the last time he tried to water ski we ended up in the ER thinking he had an aneurysm (don't worry it turned out to be high blood pressure brought on by the enormous amount of pressure it took to get his fat ass out of the water).  Or like the time before that pulled a muscle in his back so bad he was off of work for a week.  I have to put my foot down every time he says I think I'm going to try and water ski today.  I bring up the events of the past and try to detour any attempt.  Hey he doesn't get paid when he's off.  So anyways I said fine, but if you hurt yourself, you can scratch this off the list of to do's.  So first try he got up, swished back and fourth (I don't know the correct terminology, I just ride in the boat) let go and that was it.  OK great no aches and pains we are all good!  Until a little later and a few drinks in him and he's in his 20's again.  He tells me he's going wake boarding again.  Whatever I'm staying here this time.  So I'm watching, he's ready, there he goes and there he goes, face first into the water.  Tries 2-4 pretty much ended up the same way.  Try 5 hes up and off, this is where they went behind the cove we were in and I couldn't see him.  About an hour later they came back and guess what, he crashed so hard he thought his eyes shot out his ass, and pulled a muscle.  HHHMMM  Scratch that off the list.........CHECK!

Well all in all it was a good trip minus the migraine I suffered on Saturday, the period that started on Sunday, and my Hubby giving himself a lake enema Sunday night.  We pretty much came through unscathed.  Now it's back to work....ugh, and lots of laundry, double ugh!

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