Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So Sunday after my Hubby got home from working, well he didn't work, just went to look at a job up in Tahoe, poor baby (it's like 20 degrees coller there then here in the valley), and then had lunch with his co-workers at one of the beaches.  He was complaining that his back was hurting from earlier in the day, let me explain, when we went to breakfast he got out of the truck and opened the door for the boy to get out and somehow twisted wrong and instant hurt back.  I'm thinking if his truck wasn't 12 feet off the ground, he wasn't 40, and out of shape these things might not happen to him as much.  But what do I know I'm a spring chicken, hahaha.  So anyways I was in my room reading my book because the boy wouldn't let me have the living room, (he was watching I Carly and Sponge Bob) so the Hubby laid down with me after having a small seizure when he went to the garage and found his jump box that the evil step bastard borrowed on Saturday when he took the quads out, broken.  Well that's what you get for letting the kid take YOUR things that are not cheap, when you know EVERYTHING he touches BREAKS.  For example the quad, "um I accidentally rolled it"  $900.00 worth of damage.  My car "it worked fine on the way to Reno and home"  Really cause it keeps dying the minute I start it, now the jump box "I don't know what happened it was all in one piece when I put it back in the garage"  but he never learns his lesson and things continue to break. In an attempt to be a good wife I offered to rub his back for him, so after a few minutes he said try popping it for me.  So I pushed down as hard as I could to no avail.  I said why don't you lay on the floor and I will jump on it.  That seemed to work, he says I need to get on my inversion table (which is buried in the garage somewhere) then light bulb!  I said hang on I have something for you to try, so I grabbed my yoga ball and told him to roll back on it and stretch his back out.  OMG!  I thought the thing was going to blow under his weight.  Thank god it didn't, otherwise somebody would be hauling his ass to the store to buy me another.  He said it only helped a bit and I did what I could, finally gave up and said "take a pill" and back to my room I went.  So I flipped on the TV to drown out all the huffing and puffing next to me and got sucked into a whale wars marathon,  FUCK, now I'm hooked, I swear how do I get sucked into these things?  Oh I know, there is nothing on in the summer.  Even my DVR is going into shock with nothing to record. All I got these days are the Real Housewives of NJ and Bethany Getting Married, oh yes and my beloved Army Wives, and it was another 8:30 night for me

Monday was pretty mellow.  I started reading Eat, Love, Pray.  So far it's been pretty good, I don't like the fact that the words are in SMALL print, maybe I should check out the large print version.  I really need some glasses but is avoiding the eye doctor like the plague.  So I hold the book closer to my face and that seems to help. I was a little apprehensive about reading this book because it's now a movie and I loves me movies, and always seem to ruin the movie by reading the book.  As everyone knows the book is always better.  But I decided to give it a whirl anyways.  My Hubby made dinner last night, sausage and peppers over pasta so that was awesome not having to cook.  And tonight it's back to the gym.  I have skipped the last couple weeks because of the holiday and all, but now its back to work.  Happy Tuesday.

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