Thursday, July 22, 2010

Well, Well, Well!

Imagine that.  Bipolar Minion managed to call in 2 days in a row.  HHHMMM, but she's suppose to be in today and tomorrow.  Wow a whole day and a half of work, don't strain yourself working to hard.  Actually I am not that pissed about it because I had to fill in for her and it made my week go by really fast.  And bonus for today, the boss took a random vacation day, wooo hooo.

At least the hubby has been in a good mood over the past couple of days.  I was really getting tired of the whole male PMS thing he had going on.  So last night the evil step bastard showed up at the house and he brought the other kid, the son who just got out of jail (the oldest) OK let me explain real quick.  He moved to his moms a year and a half ago, because he didn't like our rules and his mom lets him do whatever, so he did what every kid with freedom does and fucked off, got in trouble a few times started smoking pot then got busted and off to jail (since he had just turned 18) he went.  Then while in jail, he had the opportunity to go into a rehab for 6 months, get his diploma, and graduate with his class.  But being ignorant and 18 (woo, I'm an adult, I will make my own decisions) decides that he knows how to handle it, I mean he's an adult right?  So he takes the month in rehab and says I will just got to alternative high school.  OK, he gets out of rehab, gets a job within 2 days (his mom got it for him) signed up for school, then calls in sick after 1 day of work, doesn't go to school, misses his weekly piss test, and viola, gets busted for trying to steal booze from Wal-Mart.  Back to jail he goes.  So this 4 month stint in the pokey, I hope has taught him a valuable lesson that he didn't learn the first time.  I hope the fact that his dad didn't talk to him for those 4 months because he didn't want to hear the bullshit he got fed the last time this happened, helped.  Oh and while in jail this was just last weekend mind you, he met up with my LOSER cousin who apparently got arrested for selling drugs, AGAIN!  I, of course, being the concerned relative (NOT) called everybody to see if they knew about this.  I gossiped and spread it around haha.  I must have missed that in the paper last week.  This is strike 3 for you buddy, off to prison you go.  Mommy and Daddy wont be able to bail your ass out of this one.  This is one of the black sheep of the family who cant get his head out of his ass and off the drugs to save his life.  I mean Christ, your parents are RICH, take care of your kids 24-7, let you live in their house for FREE, give you money and a car, and you haven't worked in god knows how many years.  LOSER.  So the dumb ass has a run in with the loser in jail and the loser says how much he and his dad (my great uncle) hate me.  WTF?  What did I ever do to you, well besides talk mad shit about what a LOSER you are.  But hey, the truth hurts, and I guess I am one honest bitch and some people cant handle that.  Still, I really don't think you should be telling my kid that you hate me.  All I have to say is get the straw out of your nose, get a job and take care of your kids, your 44 years old, GROW THE FUCK UP.  I think his parents need a lesson in tough love cause whatever they are doing hasn't worked ( oh god, I really hope they don't fuck up his kids too).  Oh yeah and I asked dumb ass if he has FINALLY learned his lesson from the last bone head crap he pulled, and he said yes, but only time will tell.  I hope so cause he is smart (book, not common sense)  and has the potential to be a good kid.

Well off to work I go :(


  1. He is only saying "yes" cause he is in jail. Next he will find god !!!

  2. hahaha, that's funny! Nope he's out, as of right now. We will see what happens.