Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The week is half over.

Well the last 2 days have went by pretty fast due to the fact that Bipolar minion was on vacation Monday, and she called in sick yesterday.  What a shock.  Lets see if she gets her ass in the office today.  My Bipolar hubby bitched and complained for an hour and a half about work on Monday night after I got home.  I figured I'd better stay off the computer that night so I didn't have to hear it.  Sometimes it's just easier to avoid the fight the bring it on.  I am going to take my ass to the store today, because I am sick of eating chicken.  If I have to eat another piece of chicken I am going to throw up.  Now it's just figuring out what to make.  And I'm out of toothpaste and have to use this disgusting orange shit the Hubby thought would be a good idea to try a while back.  There is just somethings you don't want to brush your teeth with and that would be a slightly mint flavored orange juice.  YUCK!

This Friday my office is having a beach party for everyone up at Tahoe.  I really don't want to go, but it's better then working all day, which is what the alternative is if I don't show up.  The Hubby is working in Tahoe and said he would meet me up there.  The words "Free Drinks & Food" lured him over.  It's suppose to be 100 degree's that day anyways so it will be nice to lay on the beach even if it's with my co-workers.

I just started reading this book called Mennonite in a little black dress.  Yes, I had no idea what the hell a Mennonite was and I had to google it ( i know I'm a retard).  It's a memoir, which I have been really into reading these days.  It's funny and cute and if you want a light read for the beach try it out.  Well happy Wednesday all and I hope your day goes quickly, and mine too.

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