Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sorry it took so long!

I have been SUPER busy this weekend.  Lots to tell.  OK First we will start with Friday at the beach.  It was a fantastic day, the water was warm the air was hot, I didn't see a lot of my co-workers.  We just picked a spot close to the water so I could watch the boy and vegged out.  About 6ish we started to get some waves coming in and the boy thought that was the coolest thing ever.  Good thing we brought the boogie board.  The Hubby and I stood on the sides while the boy hung on to the board then as soon as we got a decent wave, we pushed him off and he went straight to shore.  This, he thought was the coolest thing EVER.  We had to make him get out of the water.  I think we made it home around 8 that night.

Saturday:  The day was pretty uneventful, we did hit the baseball game that night.  My hubby has been dying to try the restaurants at the ball field they just put in, so we picked a brewery type place, there is 3 places to choose from, and I took one look at the menu and was like WTF?  They listed the menu on the place mat, and the items included, 1 appetizer, 1 pizza, 1 salad, 1 of each steak, chicken and fish sliders, but 2 desserts?  It really sucked.  Out waiter needed to lay off the bong before he showed up to work.  I thought my mom was going to claw his eyes out, that's what she said anyways if she had to listen to him talk anymore.  But the Hubby ordered a beer and we were already committed.  So we ate our extremely small food, for a large price.  Next time I'm eating in the park where I know I can get lots of food for cheaper.  It was cool though my son ended up with a skateboard deck with the teams logo on it.  I figured we can hang it on his wall.  My aunt and cousin came too.  She had tickets on the other side of the stadium, but was seat jumping trying to stay close to us.  I swear, she moved like 7 times when the actual ticket holders showed up to their seats.  Kind of embarrassing.  About an hour in to the game, which wasn't packed with the exception of our area, 3 of the tallest people sat right in front of us and the boy couldn't see anything.  Fucking figures.  So I noticed a row of empty seats about 3 rows down and I figure OK an hour into the game I think we are safe lets move.  HA, of course, 20 minutes later the fuckers show up.  Serisously?  You come an hour and a half into the game?  So we just went to the outfield section and managed to not get kicked out.  My Aunt did give me a pair of Gucci sunglasses she got in Atlantic City.  I was like are these knock offs?  She said No they were over $200.00.  I was like why are you giving them to me?  She said cause I don't like them they are to big for my face.  They are the big ass ones that are in style now, that I don't wear, so I tried them on, and my Mom says they look good.  I still cant get over wearing humongous glasses.  My son says Mom, you look like a "spaquito"  Figures  oh well I just put them back for when I wanna look cool.

Sunday:  My Mom has FINALLY decided to move out of my other Aunts house.  Quick back story:  My Dad died, Mom Sold the house cause whats she going to do with a 4 bedroom house alone, and my Aunt bought a house so she could move in and not be alone and help with my cousin who at the time was 10 and going through cancer treatments.  Fast forward to 4 years later.  Cousin is cancer free in remission for 3 years now....YAY him.  My Aunt has decided she no longer wants to involve my mom (which they were super close with my parents, like going to dinner every weekend, shit like that)  in anything.  They treat her more like a room mate that is not related, then family.  So this pisses my mom off to high heaven.  Basically the only reason they were keeping her around is for the rent (they are finally filing for bankruptcy, so no longer need her money to live)  Even though I told my Mom she needs to move, and they got themselves into this hole, not your problem.  Anyways she is being sort of picky like I want this area of town, don't want to pay over this amount and this and that.  So she looked a  few in her price range, on the side of town she wanted and wasn't happy.  Everything is dated and the carpet is yuck.  So a couple of weeks ago, in the paper I see this Mobile home for like REAL cheap, in a really nice gated park that's across the street from the neighborhood she lives in.  She called on it Friday and set up an appt. to look at it.  Requested my hubby's presence, because he's in construction and can check out the house.  So we go, and my Aunt, my cousin, and my brother all show up.  We look at it, and the bones are good, but needs carpet flooring, shit like that, a fixer upper.  So my mom decided to put in an offer.  My hubby and his cronies can do all the work for her, saving her money but making it nice.  I look at it this way.  It's a blank canvas, you can put what you want in, instead of being stuck with what someone else though was great.  And besides she is getting a house for the price of a small Hyndai,  I swear it's un heard of.  Right place at the right time I guess.

Monday:  I came to work and guess what?  Bipolar called in again.  Fuck me, not today cause I slept like crap last night and really is not in the mood for this shit.  So, I ended up having to go to G'ville.  A town about 20 minutes from mine.  And on the way back, my Grandma calls and made it back home and is at Micky d's and wants to know if I want to meet her for lunch.  Sure I said I haven't seen my daughter in like 2 and a half weeks.  Not that that was a bad thing after she got home last night and made the boy cry in like 5 minutes.  So I got a call from my Mom and they accepted her offer.  YAY now the real fun begins.  Renovations, moving and my Mom's stress level through the roof, fucking fantastic.  I am super Happy for her though and think she will be happier in the long run.  But for now it's phone calls to relay messages the the hubby for her every 5 minutes.  Lets see how long it takes for him to crack.  So the girls home, I missed her till she was back for half an hour.  But in a week she's off again to Yosemite, then school starts back up.  Next week the in laws are comming to town.....MUST CLEAN HOUSE.  This should be fun dealing with that and my Mom.

Today:  Bipolar Minion showed up, isnt in the best mood and has already managed to take half of Friday off because she needs to go to the doctor for her "Migrain"  If it's that bad I would have went today and not Friday......but hey FUCKED again.


  1. I came over on a suggestion from Nic at Four Better, Four Worse. I think I love you! LOL I can't wait to read more of your stories.

    Have a great day!