Monday, July 19, 2010

Long Monday.

Well Monday is almost over.  It's been kind of a long day.  Shit, it was a long weekend too.  The weekend I was so looking forward to ended up with me coming to a serious conclusion.  My Hubby is bipolar.   After the tiff we got into in Friday, I figured it was over, he was just in a mood.  But really how could he be in such a crap mood?  He got half a day off where I'm sure he trolled Craig's list for a good 2 hours looking at boat's, cars, and other various items we don't need (and I'm the one with the computer problem)  and the bastard even got in a nap, and was sleeping on the couch when I got home.  Whatever, this does not in anyway give you the right to be on the rag.

So Saturday, we woke up around 8 (I know I slept in WTF?)  I said I would make breakfast if he went to the store to get some milk.  He said no problem, but could you wash the pan while I'm gone and I will cook.  Sure no problem.  I washed the pan (the one he used to make himself a grilled cheese while I went and ate a ginormous burger while he was pmsing on Friday)  He got home at the very moment I decided to jump on Facebook and check my shit.  Then the multiple personality (evil hubby) reared it's ugly head. and I quot "are you on that fucking computer again?"  Why yes, yes I am and quit you bitching.  Rest of day ruined.  The Relay turned out pretty nice.  I was home by 10, asleep by 11:30 (whoa I no it's late for me)

Sunday, ended up pretty much the same way.  Woke up in good mood turned to shit by mid morning.  I just left, and went to hang out with my mom.  My son went swimming and holy sheep shit, those lessons really paid off.  He can swim!  Then we had a late lunch at el poco loco.  I get home he and the step bastard are cleaning the garage and the driveway is once AGAIN blocked by the piece of crap the ass hat drives.  He seems to be in a fairly good mood at this point as I'm cautiously approaching the garage.  I go in set the boy up with some cartoons and go to my room to watch Practical Magic.  I think I watched at least 4 Sandra Bullock movies this weekend.  He asked if I wanted dinner I said I wasn't hungry but would make whatever he wanted....chicken AGAIN, so I made him a side of mac and cheese, he ate all was well until I decided once again to get on the computer....HOLY FUCK, I got the wrath.  I don't know why he is so f-ing irritated by me getting on the computer?  I get on it maybe like twice a day if that when he's home for like 20 minutes.  I got pissed told him to shut the fuck up, then he pouted to the bedroom where I had the DVR recording something I wanted to watch and OMG I get yelled at for that too.  I said stop it, I don't care, leave me alone.  About an hour later it's like it never happened????  I am perplexed!  I think his tampon might be shoved a little to far up his ass during his time of the month.  I am hoping this mood disorder is not going to rear it's ugly head tonight, but I can pretty much say I'm not that lucky.

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