Friday, July 23, 2010

Half Day!!

Today we get a half day at work.  Our office throws a Summer party for their employee's and families.  This year we are going to the beach.  I'm just happy not to have to work all day on a Friday in 100 degree weather.  I really could find something better to do but I have to go and it could be worse I suppose, I could be working.

So last night we went to the store.  I know, I got sucked into grocery shopping once again.  But this is the reason I went.  A couple of weeks ago my sons camp went to the store on a sort of field trip.  He was telling me they went to the bakery and we watched them put something "Red in the bachine"  in know it's machine but that's how he says it, and it's cute.  So these little circles came out.  After an hour of naming off random things from the bakery dept. I could think of that would be round and red, he got all pissed and said forget it.  So the mystery continues.  I told my mom about it and she was grilling him on what this could possibly be?  We were stumped.  So my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to brave the store once more with the hubby and kid, just to find out WTF he saw.  I went straight to the bakery dept. and walked him around saying was it this?  Was it that?  no, no he says.  OK when you see it show me.  So we headed to the produce dept. and he says it's down there, towards the meat.  I already had asked if it was hamburger, cookies, frosting, doughnuts?  All to which was a NO.  So we finally get to the meat dept.  and I was standing there getting....what for it.......more CHICKEN.  and looked over and saw hamburger freshly ground in the case, plopped in a nice little circle, and said hey boy is that it?  He said YES, I was like that's hamburger, he says I didn't know what it was called.  I think we are feeding him to much chicken.  So I immediately called my mom and said mystery solved.  And yes my idiot hubby decided to skip lunch, drink a few beers and being diabetic, his blood sugar dropped and half way through the store AGAIN, he started having the usual meltdown.  I tried to feed him a banana, but he wouldn't go for it.  I rushed, just to get out of there as usual and forgot the god damn laundry soap.  The most important thing, the number 2 reason I went to the store......DAMN IT, number 1 was to find out what the hell my son was talking about, now I have to go back.  And I have to pay for it, since we have separate accounts and I make him pay for the groceries.  SUCKER.

Well Happy Friday all!!!  have a great weekend!

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