Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's going to get a little crazy around here!

I think the whole month of August is going to SUCK.  And it's still July.  First off, I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the upcoming weekend.  First on list, Moms house.  It's officially hers at 4:00 today.  We met her at Lowes yesterday so we could show my Hubby the kind of carpet she wants because we are meeting with the carpet guy tonight and I want to make sure he brings the right kind of samples for her.  We met the painter last night, which the guy barely spoke English, I think he was Filipino maybe, but damn, I'm usually not to bad about understanding certain people but I really thought he was speaking in his native language to us.  Dude, do I look Asian to you?  No, not even close.  So yesterday my Mom calls and says the realtor is emailing her the papers that she needs to sign,  and since she doesn't have a printer can she email them to me and I can print them out for her.  Sure I said, no problem.  She put my brother on the house with her (not that I am such a fuck up I cant be on there too, but seeing how the current status of my house may change in 2 years when my adjustable rate decides to fuck me in the ass I don't want to be on anybody's anything right now) So he says he cant go to the office with her to sign because he cant get off work from the DMV.  So I said have him come to my work, because it needs to be Notarized and we are all Notary's here, then I will bring it to you and you can sign in her office tomorrow.  Ha, yeah, not that easy as it may seem.  My brothers a DICK.  I called him yesterday and said how much longer is you lunch hour?  He says it just started.  I say can you swing by and sign the papers.  No, he says I'm going to lunch at my Mother in Laws (she watches his kid, and makes him lunch too?)  I said it's on the way, and it will take 5 minutes.  No, I cant it takes me to long to get to the other side of town and back.  Really it will take less then 5 minutes I say.  No, he says, I say cant you just get something for lunch today.  No, I don't have any cash.  You have a debit card don't you?  No, I'm not going to.  Fuck, fine I say and hung up, called Mom and said next time I see your son I'm going to slap him.  This pissed her off to no end.  She says I'll call you back.  Gave him some big guilt trip, and he called me and said I'll be there in 5 minutes.  HAHAHA asshole.  See aside from having the whole mom can guilt trip you into anything, we are Italian as well, so thats what the lady's are born and bred to do, use guilt to our advantage.  I have also used it to my advantage a time or two.  So papers signed......ppppfffffeeeewww.  Glad thats over and he is now on my shit list of people I hate at the DMV, actually it's safe to say I hate the whole fucking place, period.

So tomorrow night it's going to be a fun filled evening of scraping the popcorn off the ceilings.  We have a month to get everything done, this means new everything, flooring, carpet, toilets, you name it, it's on the list of to do's.  My in laws are coming next week, huh not a good time people.  So now I have to find time to clean my stupid house.  I did take Monday off to do this, because I really don't know when the hell I'm going to have any time.  The Hubby is directing me to clean all the appliances, cupboards, and doors in the kitchen, so now aside from being the smoking Nazi, he is the cleaning Nazi as well.  I am not going to complain about this to much because he is being a trooper on this whole house thing for me.  He has yet to throw a tantrum, oh wait, well he did have one, and it's regarding my brother again.  When we went to look at the house he basically did an inspection while we were there.  He is in construction, and knows what he's doing, my brother who did I mention works for the DMV?  Followed him around, up his ass trying to help.  Dude, you know nothing, just go back to your desk and produce your car titles, and stick to what you know.  So my Hubby has banned him from the house project.  He's going to be really pissed when he finds out my Mom is making him help with the ceiling scraping tomorrow night.  But I am not saying anything, I'll just let that one play out.

Next week it's camping with the in laws.  All of us, mom, and my brother (which my hubby doesn't know about yet) are going.  The in laws are bringing up their motor home, and last time we took them to the lake we camp at, they loved it.  Yep, I know, cant get that kind of camping right on the sand anywhere in CA.  So the reason my hubby didn't want Mr. DMV to come was because of his in laws.  Which I really don't mind, I like her Mom she's cool, but they tend to bring their POS boat, that smokes, and is an utter embarrassment.  That thing really needs to go, it has sawed off bar stools as seats.  He doesn't want the white trash around while his dad's up.  This, I am going to let play out as well.

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