Friday, July 30, 2010

Just when I didnt think he couldn't get any stupider!

He did!  I had a fun filled evening of eaves dropping on the Hubby yelling at the step bastard in the driveway.  I was watching TV in my bedroom because the boy took over the living room TV with I Carly when I heard the Hubby pull up.  He was out talking to god knows who on the sidewalk when I heard him say Oh! Here comes the step bastard, I need to yell at him too.  HHHMMMM, what could this be about????  So he pulls up and the yelling commences.  The boy decides to come in at that very moment trying to show me something and I was like ssshhhh, be quiet mommy's trying to hear.  He's like hear what?  I said daddy yelling.  He's like oh, and continues to babble on.  Crap, be quiet and go watch TV I said.  He stomped off.  So here I am in the corner of my bathroom which luckily faces the driveway, sitting on the little stool the boy uses to reach the sink, with the light off, hand cupped around my ear for better hearing trying to figure out what he did now.  Here's what happened,  The bastard works for my hubby's step dad at his shop.  He didn't feel like going into work yesterday, so instead of calling in, to his boss, he text messages his 16 year old cousin that also is working there telling her he's at the hospital because he thinks he broke his foot after he crashed on his dirk bike.  So step dad calls hubby and is like is bastard OK, what happened is his foot broken?  Hubby says huh?  What are you talking about?  I don't know anything he's been at his moms house.  When I find out I'll let you know.  So he calls the bastard to find out what the hell is going on.  Turns out, he wanted to go fuck off with his friends yesterday and comes up with this big elaborate lie of why he's not at work.  Problem!  What happens when you show up tomorrow and your foot is fine?  Oh, well he didn't think of that.  What a fucking moron.  So Hubby yelling at him why didn't you just say you didn't feel well if you wanted the day off?  Uh I don't know.  Me in the bathroom hiding saying to myself, because he's a dumb shit.  Then I hear him say you need to call and tell him the truth.  He says no you call.  Then I got interrupted, the boy again so had to go deal with that, then ran back to my spot.  And I must have missed something cause now the bastard is blubbering like a big fat baby saying (I think this was a way to turn it around into guilting my hubby) so your comparing me to my brother who's a piece of shit (the one that just got out of the pokey) no the hubby says, I'm just saying that you have responsibilities and you need to handle that.  If you want some time to go mess around with your friends, you need to ask if you can start working half day's.  More blubbering, so I'm a piece of shit?  OMG! enough with the pitty party already sheesh.  At that moment hubby came into the house I darted to the bed turned on the TV and was like heeey whats going on?  Not now he said.  HAHA I already know wink wink.  So end of story hubby says man up and fix your own problem cause if you get fired I'm taking your truck away (have fun hoofing it asshole hehe)  So we shall see what happens.

Tonight it's a whole lot of celing scraping fun.  HUH, cant wait!!!!  I swear my phone batteries half dead from all the texting to my mom this morning.  Ask your hubby this, ask your hubby that.  Calm down!  It cant all get done in one day.  Focus on the current tasks and we will move on to the next.  It's going to be a long month.  Have a good weekend everyone cause I will be doing manual labor all weekend, oh what fun.

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