Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Fried!

Well after a seriously long ass Friday at work, I went and picked up the boy, dropped him off at Grandma's house and went to work at Mom's new house.  I have to give props to these construction workers, cause that's some HARD work.  We started by scraping the popcorn off the ceiling's in the entire 1500 square foot house. My hubby thank god had got there a couple of hours before us and had 2 rooms done.  We started on the master bedroom.  Holy crap, after an hour and a half i was ready to go, but I soldered on.  We got that done finally, took a pizza and beer break and back to work.  6 of us were there and managed to get most of the house done.  Yay us.  Around 8:30 we decided to call it a night.  Covered in dust from head to toe went home got in the shower and went to bed. 

Saturday, got up fairly early, went and had breakfast and back to the house for more scraping.  My hands hurt so fucking bad, I could barely hold my fork.  Mom was already hard at work when we got there and I jumped in to help.  We got the living room and kitchen finished and that left the laundry room.  If I had to scrap anymore I was going to puke up ceiling dust.  We left it and made the step bastard do it.  Hell he is getting paid I'm not.  The mud work was started and we got busy vacuuming up all the crap.  Around 4:30 we decided to go shower and eat, then we hit Lowes to buy a dishwasher.  Hubby and Mr. DMV were asking so many questions my Mom was like I don't care, I'm so tired ask me tomorrow.

Sunday, since we got all the scraping done we decided to pull out and hedge some bushes in the front so the painter could paint.  Let me tell you about pulling up juniper fucking blows.  They are the hardest god damn things to get out of the ground.  Hubby had to take a saw zal to one of them, and I think it ate the blade.  Alas it finally came up.  After some minor cleaning up we decided to call it an early day since we were busting ass for the last 2.  So we went home around 3 and I jumped in the shower, I was so tired and I was trying to shave my legs.  My shower is tiny so I have to move the head so it points to the back wall so I can sit and shave.  So here I am hair full of conditioner, body all soaped up, razor in hand trying to move the shower head and BAM, fucking thing breaks off, water shooting with fire hose force right in my face.  I freaked out knocked over the shampoo bottles knocked all the crap off the shower caddy trying to stop the water.  The I get the bright idea to turn it down, ha that just made the water shoot out cold.  I turned it off tried to put it back on said fuck it threw it on the ground grabbed my towel and went to the front bathroom to rinse off.  Hubby was like what are you doing?  And I'm like the fucking shower head broke off I was all soapy.  Good thing we have some spares.  After that fiasco I put on my jammies and went to the couch.  Then he decides to make chicken (ha I know more chicken) and says what side are you going to make.  Huh what was that?  I have been busting ass for 3 days and now you want me to cook, fuck you I don't think so I threw a veggie steamer in the microwave and that was our side.

Today, since the in laws are coming in tomorrow and I haven't had time to do anything, the house still needs a scrubbing.  I got up, took the boy to camp, and me and the girl came back and tackled the house.  I made her dust everything, then clean the windows while i scrubbed everything else.  After 4 hours of deep cleaning we went to taco bell.  Now I'm going to go lie down cause i can barely type right now.  Thank god for spell check.  I swear they picked the worst time to come visit.  I dont have time for this, this week.  Now we have to go shopping for camping this weekend.  When am I going to do this?  I have to work tomorrow, and I'm lucky any of the laundry got done this week.  It's done but god knows when I'll put it away.  ok time for nap, my brain is melting.

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