Friday, August 6, 2010

The night off!

Well after a day from hell yesterday, I certainly deserved my wonderful night I had to myself.  I started my meat-a-palooza yesterday afternoon by getting myself a jumbo jack and 2 tacos from jack in the box.  Then topped it off with an arby's melt and loaded potatoe bites for dinner.  I bought 2 additional sandwiches for lunch today.  Tonight will probably be taco bell since I'm heading out to the lake after work.  This is not gonna be good for my diet, oh well.  So anyways I got home to a quiet house, it was so nice, ate my food the messed around on Facebook for an hour or so.  I put on my jammies and put in my movie, hopped into bed and relaxed.

I slept surprisingly well last night without the hubby.  Which he has called like 4 times already this morning.  I really didn't miss him or the kids at all.  The only one I seemed to miss was the dog.  So I guess it's going to be a crazy day today, because I have to go get more beer, water, a birthday cake for my sis in law, a present, and sunscreen.  Fuck he hasn't been there a whole day yet and already needs more beer and water?  WTF are they doing out there?

So I get into work this morning and go empty the dishwasher upstairs and stacked the glasses that needed to come down to the kitchen and they fucking fell over.  I broke like 3 glasses this morning.  So I picked it up and went to the janitors closet to get the vacuum and start to go down the hall and notice the fucking thing is missing parts.  OK, why do we still have this thing hanging around if it's BROKEN? So I run downstairs to get the other piece of shit, I swear this building is huge and we only have 1 crap vacuum from like the 1960's that works?  Ha, yeah, well that's and understatement, the thing barely sucks, I was vacuuming for like 10 minutes and there is still some glass on the floor, finally I said fuck it and moved on.  I really hope it's not gonna be one of "those" days.

I cant wait to get out to the lake this afternoon and sit my ass in a chair for the next few days.  Fingers crossed this day will go smoothly and quick.  Fingers Crossed.  Have a good weekend!

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  1. I don't know what I laughed harder at, the meat-a-poolza or the fact you said you didn't miss your husband or the kids. Either way, I peed my leg a little so thanks.