Monday, August 9, 2010

The weekend

So here I thought my Thursday was the day from hell.  HA, I was wrong.  Friday sucked so much ass, it left a hickey.  Aside from it being slow as hell, but with the running back and fourth to the store a million times, then with the promise of getting off slightly early from the boss, she totally reneged then yelled at me.  I finished early, like only 45 minutes, but still, it's 45 minutes.  Then as I'm waiting for her to tell me to go, I finally gave up when I had 8 minutes left of work.  I texted my mom because she was picking me up to take me to the lake, when of course the boss walks in and says are you on facebook?  Um NO, I'm letting my mom know when to come get me.  Don't you have anything to do she says and walks out.  8 fucking minutes, REALLY, you bitch.  I found something to do for 5 minutes and walked out FUMING.  Met my mom at the house threw everything in the car and then continued to scream at her about what had just happened.  Needless to say it was a long car ride to the lake.....for her.  I had the last of my meat-a-palooza on my way out.  Sirloin burger with bacon.....yum.  That calmed me down a little, but the drinks I had once we got there helped more.

Saturday was a nice day of boating and swimming.  The girl decided she wanted to try water sking.  She was up and running the first try.  I am so proud of her.  She did a really good job.  My poor son was fried under his eyes because my first mistake was sending him out with the hubby, who only put on sunscreen once so the poor guy wasn't such a happy camper the rest of the weekend.  But the day was nice, then the thunderstorms decided to start up.  We lost an easy up (that's ok it wasn't ours anyways) had sand in my chicken, and was stuck in the trailer with all the kids for a short time.  Small space and lots of kids equals unhappy me!  Once the wind died down a little we went out by the fire.  We ended up with some new neighbors that afternoon.  Oh the sweet sounds of mariachi music blaring at 10 at night.  We were all kind of laughing cause the people next to them were having a radio war blasting of all things Nickleback.  So it was a mariachi Nicklback mash up.  Then the ranger came told them to shut it off.  as soon as he left it went right back on.  Then we noticed it had picked up pace, it was kind of like punk mariachi music, if you can imagine that.  All I have to say is thank god I have ear plugs.

Sunday we all packed up and went home.  The in laws decided to take the step bastard with them for a couple of weeks...oh the sweet joy, this day just keeps getting better.  Got home, showered, and jammie time it was.  Then some pizza and the race and off to bed.

Today I was a little worried about seeing the boss because of that little snafu Friday.  But she actually apologized this morning and I said sorry too, cause I don't want to be a total bitch, and I like my job (well most of the time) So now it's back to chicken, kids and work.....BOOO.

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