Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Grass Isnt Always Greener!

Sunday, I stayed home and pretty much did nothing but finished the laundry.  I know real exciting huh.  Well the hubby kicked us out of the house, (Mom's) so he could get the floors done.  About 2 he called and said you wanna come over and keep me company?  Huh, weren't you the one that said you work better alone?  But what the hell, I'm not doing anything anyways, so me and the boy went over.  The laundry room looked so good and he was starting the kitchen.  My mom came by a couple hours later to see how it was going, and she was impressed.  They really do look good.  He isn't finished though because he was 1, yes 1 board short.  So we had to go buy a whole box for just 1 board.  That sucked but now he has enough to do her entry way now.  He was tired and we didn't eat so mom took us to Applebee's without the hubby, he went home.  Oh thank god, steak here I come.  It was so yummy and chalk full of A-1, I think I just had a meat-gasm just thinking about it.

Monday it was back to work seeing as how I'm feeling better.  And it was the first day of school for the kids.  First thing in the morning, Bipolar is already bitching about how her stomach hurts and she needs to throw up.  Ugh!  Go puke then and get back to work, cause I am not falling for it and sending you home.  You could throw up a lung for all I care, your not going anywhere.  It was a pretty non exciting day yesterday until I got home.  I picked up the kids from school.  Seemed to go pretty well for both of them, nobody's complaining just yet.  I filled out all the stupid yearly paperwork, made dinner, and waited for the hubby to get home.  He was late last night so we decided to just take a night off.  Then dickhead came home (the step bastard)  Since he went to visit grandpa in California, he's got it in his mind that now he wants to move there.  So for the one day he's been home, he's been making everything miserable for everyone because he thinks his dad will just say hey your to much of a pain in the ass move to your grandpa's.  SHEEYAH right.  So clean your room, do your laundry didn't get done so dad has to yell.   I'm sure he's formed this little plan in his tiny brain that this will actually work.  Then it was my turn to yell.  He came in 2 hours after dinner was made and cleaned up.  If your not here when dinners done, your on your own, I am not a short order cook.  So he makes a grilled cheese.  I say clean up your mess when your done.  Which I interpret as clean the dishes.  He interprets it as throw it all in the sink for you to do.  Fuck that, what am I your maid too?  So I go to his room and say clean up your mess, he says I did, I say, I did the dishes the dishwasher is set to run put shit in the dishwaher.  (eyeroll)  I get the response of "well! (and you have to use the snotty voice as you read) I'm not going to be here for much longer anyways"  YEAH, that's what you think.  Your stuck here fucko, I don't like it anymore then you do, but deal with it.  This is not the first time he thought moving out would be all rainbows and glitter.  First time, Jr. High.  He thinks moving in with Grandma will be days filled with shopping and doing whatever his little heart desires (like when he goes to visit right?).  Reality, Grandma turns into mega bitch and wont let him go anywhere or do anything but homework, outcome he moved back as fast as he could.  Second time, sophomore year of high school. I'm moving to my moms, cause I can do whatever I want there.  Reality, The first born who also decided to move there is the golden child, and poor little dickhead isn't getting the attention he thought he deserved.  Outcome, although it did last just about 6 months (which were the best of my life) he ultimately moved back.  Lucky me.  Which brings us to good ole #3, he goes to visit grandpa, and his aunt, who lives at home cause she's 26 and going through cancer treatments, which woo hoo, 3 more treatments and she's done.  Anyways back to the story, they take him and do all the fun things that families do when the come for a visit, and WHOA, I want to move here all of a sudden.  Yeah sure, I'm really sure that they, who just retired, who is getting their daughter through her treatments, really want a 16 year old coming to live with them, NOT.  So I post last night on my facebook that  "why do teenagers think the grass is always greener"?  I get a response from the hubby's step mom saying because they are stupid and they don't get it. HAHA, to which I reply well dickhead thinks he's going to move in with you, so watch out.  I am waiting for the response to that.  Then I can squash his little wet dream like a BUG!

Update:  This is an hour and a half after inital posting.  So I finally got a reply from Grandpas wife.  HAHAHA, that fucker aint going anywhere.  Grandpa said he doenst want to deal with a teenager, that he is to old and wants to hit the road in his RV.  I cant wait.......till he finds out he had to kiss ass for 2 whole weeks for nothing, and he's stuck with us.....HAHA, see thats what you get for thinking asshat!

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