Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Finally OVER!

She's in, the house renovation nightmare is over.  We moved mom in this weekend, and boy am I wiped.  Friday I took the day off to help get her started.  I, with the help of her neighbor, who was running back and fourth because he was on the phone, in line with unemployment.  We managed to get all her bedroom furniture, which was all she pretty much had at my Aunts house, into her truck and into her new house.  With the exception of her bed, because it was huge and my brother was coming over with his flatbed trailer to move that.  My 14 year old cousin came home from school that day and helped me get it into the house.  Thank god because the hubby's kid flaked on Thursday to help her get a desk from her office, so I had to go help which she isn't that strong and it was difficult to say the least.  Muscles as I am going to call him, did such a good job.  My brother got off of work and got the bed, which I had to help get into the house.... :(  by this time my arms were turning to jello and I was tired.  The hubby got off and continued working on the little things that still needed to be done.  His reason for not helping lift anything was "well you know if I get hurt I cant work and then theres no money"  Yeah sure, excuses, excuses. 

Saturday we got up early, went over to tackle the storage unit.  What fun that was.  I didn't realize she still had that much crap.  I hadn't seen it in 4 years and figured she had to have downsized some.  NOT, so we managed to get everything over in 3 loads.  The only thing I couldn't do was the washer and dryer.  I was so tired by then and I literally had no more to give and made my hubby do it.  She made her way to Costco that afternoon to go get a couch she saw that she liked. was gone, co no couch.  Oh well.

Sunday we met for breakfast and the went to Lowes to get some hardware for the kitchen cabinets.  Oh yeah and some more stuff for the dishwasher that wasn't draining.  My poor hubby was working on the thing for like 3 days.  So we get back to her house and she says "I don't want to say anything but the wood floor in the laundry room is coming up in a spot"  I looked at it and was like huh I don't know?  So I said something to the hubby, which he checked the washer and automatically assumed that my brother didn't hook it up right.  And the washer was leaking, it was nobodys fault it just cracked.  And ruiened half the floors he just put in.  But he did get the dishwasher to work properly though.  What my theory is, is when she moved 4 years ago it was in the winter, she probably had some water in it when it went to storage and froze and cracked.  I did on a good note find the part on eBay for half the cost, and it was new, so that's the only thing we are waiting to fix at the moment.  She said fuck the floors and will replace them maybe in the spring.  To tell you the truth they arnt all that bad.  So we went to go dump some boxes at her work when she decides she would like to go check out the furniture store one more time.  Fine I say.  She finds a couch and the guy says it will take a week, she says cant I just have the floor model?  He's like I just put it out yesterday and no.  She literally gave him this big sob story about how we have had the month from hell and just wants to take this couch home.  He's like uh lady, no.  Finally he gave in and she got her couch.  Joy another thing for me to move.  I thought I was done and actually wore some halfway decent clothes yesterday.  Which moving the said couch put a hole in the knee of my favorite jeans....DAMN IT.

I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning.  It was freezing yesterday and last night and I just wanted to stay curled up in my blankets.  Every part of my body hurts at the moment, but I am so glad it's over.  Tonight I can go home, make dinner, and sit on my ass for the next 5 days.  No more nights till 8 or 9 working on the house, it's done and whatever still needs to be done can wait till the weekend, I'm done, stick a fork in me!

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