Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank God It's OVER!

The great carpet debacle is finally over.  On Tuesday after a shit ton of phone calls from an irate mom and an annoyed hubby, which one of them actually hung up on me at one point (bitches) I get one last call at 6:30 at night telling me to come over to the house quickly.  Oh god this cant be good.  I figured she wasn't over there because she texted me at 5 and said let me know when they leave so she can take out the trash can.  So I hopped in my car and went over.  They were all there (including the carpet guy) she was writing a check, and had picked out some carpet......FINALLY, I said to the hubby's co worker, they have been driving me crazy.  He laughed and said you don't know the half of it, you think you heard a lot of bitching, I think I heard enough from your hubby to last a lifetime.  So they just wanted my opinion on the carpet she picked.....I politely said it's fine, and I don't give a flying fuck what you put in here just as long as you picked something, and you both stop calling me.

So Wednesday was a nice calm phone call free day.  I still even have full battery life.  YAY ME!  We did go over last night to clean up all the dust and debris from the ceiling re do.  Got most of the floor painted with KILZ.  The boy was hungry so I went to go get some Jack in the Crack for dinner while we were working.  I, of course was a good girl, knowing I would have to eat in front of the hubby and got a chicken sandwich, but what he didn't know was I added 2 tacos to the order and ate them on the way back to the house sneakily leaving the wrappers in my moms car so she could throw them away....hehehe, the meat-a-palooza continues.  Oh and I got a text from my sis in law who is entertaining the step bastard in CA for a couple of weeks.  It says she took her niece to get her nails done and had the bastards eyebrows waxed in the process.  I was like he actually let you talk him into that?  She said yeah, but it took some convincing.  Can you imagine, a 16 year old BOY getting waxed.  That would have been priceless to see.  I think I would have paid money to see it.  She says it looks good.  I reply yeah it might now, but wait till it starts growing back.  Can you say uni brow, I mean its bad enough this kid has a Herman Munster forehead but add a uni brow to it.....fucking awesome. I cant wait!

Tonight the painting continues, but on the walls this time.  Hopefully we can bust this out by Saturday and have Sunday off.  Here's to wishful thinking!

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