Wednesday, August 18, 2010


OK, I have had about enough of today and the rest of this month.  Last night the drill sargent calls me and says he's not feeling well, he thinks his diabetes is making him off.  Or he has been working morning, noon, and night for 3 weeks straight including weekends trying to get my moms house done.  I told him to take the night off, I will make him dinner and he can relax and I will go paint with my mom so he could rest.  So when I get over to my moms I notice not only did we have to put a second coat on in her room, but the two other fucking rooms needed it too.  The we 2 coated the hallway and I went to get the kids from my grandmas house.  Oh what a fucking mistake that was.  I had talked to my daughters dad earlier in the day and he asked if he could pick her up on Thursday night since he hasn't seen her in like almost 3 weeks.  Being as she went camping with me, and the my grandma took off on vacation with her again, so i said sure, and it gets her out of my hair for a few days.  I also decided to take Friday off cause I need some kind of break before I crack.  To late the cracking has begun.  I mentioned to my grandma who at the moment has a real big stick up her ass for whatever reason and I really don't care what it is at the moment, that her dads wife was going to take her to get her hair cut this weekend.  I was totally fine with that.  School starts Monday and if he actually wants to pay for something I am not saying NO.  She totally flies off the handle over it.  I'm like WTF?  I was so fucking tired by this point I said it will be fine, just in an attempt to calm her down over this really inappropriate outburst of hers.  So the kids have been getting dropped off over there for a few hours a night so we can work in peace, On Monday I asked what they had for dinner, my son says I had a toaster strudel.  My Daughter says a kids cuisine and I said how come the boy didn't eat one?  She says he said he wasn't hungry, but he sure ate a lot of crap now didn't he?  So I told my mom who dropped him off on Tuesday to make sure and tell her to feed them dinner.  Once again he ate a fudgecicle.  I yelled at both of them and walked out.  Then she calls me a couple minutes after leaving (cause my brain can handle more bullshit) and says well the teacher meet and greet is Friday at 1.  OK what the hell, it was at 5:30 last year, now its at one, FUCKING PTA.  I said I cant think right now I will get back to you and hung up.

I was really dreading dropping the kids off over there this morning, and for good reason.  I really didn't want her to know I had Friday off, because I didn't want to get wrangled into going anywhere.  I just want to be left alone.  So this morning she says what about Friday I was going to take her and the boy to the meet and greet.  I said she will be at her dads house I don't know what to do, he hasn't seen her in like 3 weeks stop with the questions.  I will figure something out.  My main priority right now is getting the fucking house done and that's it.  If she doesn't make it OH-FUCKING-WELL she will meet her god damn teacher on fucking MONDAY!  I turned and walked out, into my car, lit up a smoke and called my mom screaming at her about what the hell was wrong with grandma.

Things got a little better once I was at work.  Only for and hour.  During a really boring IRA meeting, that I zoned off in.  I checked my phone after the meeting and what do you know, 3 missed fucking calls, 2 from the drill sargent who decided to stay home today because he got a hair up his ass that we needed a new computer (which we do ours is a piece of crap) and decides to go look at them.  HA-FUCKING-HA between the here is this computer and this lap top, the guy says we should get this and I don't know what do you think?  That's the fucking problem asshat I cant think right now.  My mom trying to be helpful says she will buy us the computer for helping her out so much, so I relay the message, and it's on from there.  he says I will pick you up at lunch and we will go look.  Fine whatever.  SO we go to best buy get a computer and a laptop, because we need 2 fucking computers apparently, and get the 20 questions from the zit faced, computer geek selling it to us, I said look I don't need any of your crap, my brother is a computer geek, I am on my lunch hour so just ring it up so I can get the hell out of here. Did and done!

So he says on our way back to my office I am going to go paint at your moms, uh yeah you better do something cause she just fucking bought you a computer dickhead.  So next phone call is, Lowes is out of paint.  Are you fucking kidding me?  So he ends up having to get 5 1 gallon things of paint which took the and hour to mix.  Next phone call, do you know how much my brushes cost?  No and I really don't care either.  $15.00 a piece.  AANNNDDD?  What is your point, you didn't rinse them out properly, now they are ruined.  Both of them I say, yes both, they are hard and still have paint in them, huh really cause I only used 1 count it, ONE fucking brush yesterday so if the others fucked up that's on you buddy.  Send the kid out to buy to more you have a gift card and stop calling me.

Right now, at this very moment I am just waiting to get off so I can go over to my moms listen to him complain about what we fucked up yesterday and then over to grandmas so I can hear her complain about whatever it is that I did wrong now regarding my kids, so GREAT FUCKED AGAIN!

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