Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas Time!

It's almost here.  And it's almost over!  2 more days and I can be done with it.  This has been a crazy ass week to say the very least.  The kids are out of school, and thank god the girl is at her dad's house all week because I think I would have gone even crazier with her around.  It all started on Tuesday when my Grandma decided she needed to throw her own little party because of a "rift" in the family.  My cousin, druggie mooch loser that lives in Sacramento, decided he was going to come visit for the holiday's.  Well my mom whose throwing the Xmas party hates, and I use that word very loosely because there really are know words for how much she loathes him, told my grandma that he wasn't welcome in her house.  This leads to lots of crying on grandmas part.  I'm playing Switzerland on this one.  I really cant stand him, but for my grandma, I will play nice.  She raised him so he's like a son to her....blah blah blah, whatever.  So in light of the situation she threw her own party, he didn't show up, bad weather.  Yeah it wasn't that bad, and it's a 2 hour drive so it's not like he couldn't have left in the afternoon.  Anyways, that was that.

Yesterday, we made our way to the most evil place on earth, Walmart.  I forgot to get stocking stuffers.  So over a hundred dollars later, and a bunch of shit that wont fit in the stockings, I can say I'm finally done.  Bipolar minion called in yesterday.  I made her work on Tuesday, delivering our wine boxes to our clients.  WTF?  We had a break in the weather, it was sunny, and it was the best day to get it done.  Well the boss lady finally had enough, and we had "the chat"  I'm like fire her.  She wants to have a meeting with her.  You can talk till your blue in the face lady, it's not going to help.  She has to many problems.  My only concern is she's talking if we fire her, they are thinking of not replacing her.  That would only leave 2 of us which is NOT good.  Especially when we have to cover for the receptionist when she's out.  Then what if one of us is sick?  I said a part timer would be OK, but I would rather have another full time person so I have more time to do the stuff I need to do.  If not the secretaries are going to be on their own a lot for their files.  What to do, what to do?  We all took bets on whether she would show up today, and that would be a big fat negative!

I have 10 whole days off starting tomorrow.  I cant wait!  Well I hope everyone has a great holiday, and happy new year!

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's OVER!

The school production nightmares are over!  It started Tuesday with the boys.  The entire first grade sang songs and played instruments (xylophones, nothing special) anyways, my son being the clown that he is was right in the middle and the hubby was waving and making faces at him, so in return the boy got all silly and was making faces the entire time and throwing up the "devil horns" every 5 minutes.  Totally over emphasizing every movement he made, it was funny, but I'm sure annoyed some parents.  Plus the stupid music teacher was like oh I didn't think this many people would show up.  Really?  The entire first grade is singing and you didn't think that their family's wouldn't come?  What are they just suppose to drop them off at the door and go have a drink for an hour?  Dumbass!

Wednesday, I was NOT in a good mood at all.  I decided since we had all this crap this week, we should at least try and hit the gym once.  So I get home after an incredibly busy day at work to hear the hubby complain that he's all stiff and can barely move from having to be on his hands and knees all day installing pergo at some place he's working at.  DUDE, I don't fucking care.  Take a pill, and shut it.  It's not all about you.  So I go to the gym and continue to yell at my mom about him, work and everyone else's problems I had to deal with all day.  Then I see a commercial for one of the hotels in town and was all, that's what I need, a steak, a martini, and a fucking massage to get my ass in a better mood.  My mom started to laugh and said don't you remember when you were young, you used to stand out in the driveway warning people not to go in the house because "I was evil"  I said no, and started to laugh my ass off.  It did cheer me up.......a little.

Yesterday I was in a great mood, I had called my mom that morning and she was like are you feeling better today?  I said yeah I feel great, I think it was just a touch of PMS or something.  She started laughing and was like I was going to ask if you were on the rag yesterday but didn't want my head getting ripped off.  Yeah I know, I was a bitch.  I picked up the kids, got the girl dressed for her choir thing, and we made our way to the school.  The all gathered on the risers and did their songs.  My daughter and all her glory stood there for an hour itching herself all over, adjusting her tights, and pretty much looked like she had either ants in her pants or turrets.  It was a little embarrassing.  However that's until I noticed the very enthusiastic lad on the top row singing as loud as he could, and well the only way I can describe it was either he thought he was in a Broadway show with the constant throwing of jazz hands, or he was being overly obnoxious.  Either way even my son asked why is he singing so loud?  It was funny though because out of 75ish kids, he was the only one you could hear.

I am finally getting my hair cut today.  I am so fucking excited.  I have been waiting FOREVER to be able to afford to go see the gal who does it right.  I would rather pay to have it done correctly then be cheap and have 50 crappy haircuts.  Although I did it last march and just now it's grown out enough to have it re-done.  Never again!  So the boy threw a small tantrum this morning.  It was kind of funny, I left the school cracking up.  OK he got some new hoodies, he's been all into wearing them.  Which is fine, the weather has been pretty mild so he doesn't have to wear a coat.  Well it's snowing this morning and he was throwing a big fit about having to wear his coat with the sweatshirt.  Pouted all the way to school, then gets out and was like aaaahhhhhhhhhh, while throwing punches in the air.  HAHAHA, WOW was he PISSED, but I know best and he will get over it.

Have a nice weekend all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Almost Time!

Well Christmas is almost here.  I cant wait to be done with it to tell you the truth.  After almost having to bankrupt myself due to the expensive shit that the kids want every year, I decided fuck them, I'm not doing it this year.  I went minimal.  I am tired of getting them things that they play with for like two seconds, then in the spring their rooms end up being so cluttered with crap that I end up throwing shit away.  I'm sick of it.  So, if they are disappointed, OH WELL.  I went out on Saturday and finished my shopping, which consisted of buying for 2 cousins of mine, we'll just call them fatty and retard (I cant stand them if you hadn't noticed) I got some movie gift cards, because I am all about the let's knock as many people off the Xmas list at one place type of person.  Then, light bulb went off and knocked a third off the list.  So I basically shopped at 2 places and got everything done.  YAY me!  However I do have to go to, UGH, I don't even want to say it, Walmart.  The unholiest of stores especially this time of year to get a movie that came out today for the girl.  OK then I'm done, really!

I have a suck ass busy week ahead.  Tonight is my son's Xmas singing thing at the school.  Thursday, it's the girls singing thing at the school.  Which I have already heard the songs like 2 times already.  Last Friday she had a little singing thing at the governors mansion with her choir, then the school had some winter wonderland thing going on and I got dragged to that.  Where I had to hear the whole rendition of songs over again.  Cant wait for round 3 of jingle bells this Thursday!

We went and finally got a damn tree on Sunday.  That was the biggest waste of $40.00 EVER.  I cant believe we spent that much on a fucking tree that will be up for 2 weeks.  Cause that suckers coming down Xmas day as always.  Yeah I know, bah humbug.  But Xmas is over, the tree looks sad with no presents under it, and I don't want to water it anymore.  Well hopefully I can get into the Christmas spirit here one of these days soon.  And I'm betting on probably not. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The bitch caught me red handed.

Well the girl probably no longer believes in the tooth fairy.  She lost her tooth and of course I have nothing smaller then a $20 in my wallet and she wasn't getting that.  And unless she wanted a bag of change from the tooth fairy, I stole a dollar from her purse to give back to her (don't judge me) and before I got in the shower, crept into her room and tried to slide it under her pillow when the edges caught and made this sssscccchhhhh sound.  Of course she wakes up and is like what are you doing?  I quickly said, uh, I heard a noise and I was just checking on you.  Then closed the door.  I think she suspects something, but hasn't said anything yet and didn't say (like she always does) look I got a buck from the tooth fairy.  Maybe I actually put it in her pillow case by accident, it was dark.

So the hubby is playing sick, well he has a cold, but you know how men get.  It's like the whole world is coming to an end.  So needless to say he hasn't been in the best of moods over the last couple of days.  My phone beeped at 2 this morning and he was like shut that fucking thing off.  I forgot to turn off the ringer, like I do every night because of my relatives on facebook posting shit from different time zones.  So in the middle of the night we were fighting.  Oh and then he gets up this morning and looks at his bank account and cant figure out why it said he had a buck nine last night, but doesn't say that this morning.  I'm like because it's constantly changing due to your transactions so it will never be the same.  Well I don't get it.  Well stop using your ATM card like it's burning a hole in your pocket.  I swear this is why we have separate accounts now.  Because he couldn't figure out why we had no money, but would continue to use that card.  Now if he's out that's his problem.

This month is going to be trouble for me.  The food everyday is killing me.  Everyday during the month of December 1 or 2 people bring food for the office.  I have been stuffed everyday to the point of not wanting to even eat dinner.  And god help me we are only 9 days into December.  One gal made Benyas (sorry I spelled that wrong, but you get the point) I went to the gym that night and was on the elliptical talking to myself saying burning off the benyas, burning off the benyas.  If I come out of this month without gaining more then 5 pounds, it will be a fucking miracle.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Its going to be a busy month.

Well I haven't had time to do anything because work has been so busy this month.  So I got up early to write something short and sweet.

Xmas party on Friday was OK.  I won the grand prize so that was awesome.  $300.00, and I can totally use it to.  Funny thing that happened was one of the secretaries had shoulder surgery.  Shes been out for like 6 weeks and her arm is still in the sling.  She came to the party, and trapped one of the co workers in the bathroom to help her zip up her pants, the funny thing about it was the 3rd person in the bathroom heard it and told the entire office while we were eating lunch.  We laughed so hard, especially when they both came out of the bathroom.

That night the hubby and I went out with a couple of my friends.  Yes he was hanging out with the girls.  All was good except I was so full from the steak I ate I couldn't fit much more in my stomach, so we went to 3 different places and I had 2 drinks.  Water at the last place.  I should have known the hubby was getting hammered when he started to talk relationships with one of the girls.  He was like giiiirrrrlll, if he hasn't committed by now then he wont ever.  If you move and he doesn't follow you, you need to dump his ass.  After about an hour of this I decided to drive his drunk ass home.  He was one hung over son of a bitch on Saturday..........It wasn't pretty!

I went to the mall on Saturday in an attempt to find the girl something for Xmas.  She's 10 and at that wonderful age where she doesn't really want toys or anything.  Its so hard to buy for her right now.  I figured milling around the mall I was bound to find something.  And the mother load I did. I found this store called Justice and it was girl overload.  All things her age that she would like.  Needless to say she is done.  I still have 3 more to buy for, but that's going to be easy.  Hell I don't even have a tree yet, I think I better to get on it before Xmas is over.

Work right now is busy.  I get the job of putting together all the client gift boxes and mailing out candy to all the "Other" clients and businesses.  It their way to kiss ass.  It's fun though,  keeps my ass doing something all day for the rest of the month.  So my posts may slow down a bit.  I will try to do it as much as I can, but It might get quiet for a few days.

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This post is going to be a lot to digest!

I know, I know, it has been forever since my last post.  Sorry, but its been a long holiday week......end!  OK, where to begin?????  How about Wednesday.  Of course the hubby took the day off as well.  Fuck if I can get a damn day to myself once and a while.  So in return for him ruining my day, I made him chauffeur my ass around all day.  First thing in the morning we went and got some wood from his dads shop.  Well we stole wood from his dads shop.  He neglected to go wood cutting this year, so we are left with no wood for the fireplace to keep warm.  And JESUS, I think we had the coldest week on record for November EVER, last week.  After that we decided to brave Walmart.  I had to pick up a few things for my moms elderly neighbor......I know I'm a fucking saint.  Then we looked at a loft bed for the boy.  His bed is turning to crap and we thought this would give him more room to play.  More on that little fiasco later!  I swear I think half the town took that day off just to get ready for Thanksgiving.  The stores were PACKED.  We made our way over to Costco, another one of my favorites.  I managed to get out of there for $100.00.  I came up with a basic concept for shopping there.  Count everything you have in your cart at $10.00 and usually it comes really close to the total cost.  It works every time.  So yes, I had 10 things :(  and you know what else, they really need a frigging 10 items or less checkout in that fucking store.

The girl was sick all week and stayed at my grandmas house in order not to infect the rest of the house.  Only draw back to that was my grandma had Thanksgiving and we are lucky she didn't contaminate the whole dinner.  I sent the hubby out early Thursday morning to get milk and eggs for breakfast (yes I forgot them at both the stores I went to the previous day)  and a paper for the black Friday ads to peruse for my shopping excursion.  We had Thanksgiving dinner.....blah......blah.....blah, typical crap nothing worth mentioning.  Then I stayed up till 11:45 when my BFF picked my tired ass up and we started the whole ordeal.  First we hit the casino for coffee and breakfast.  12:30  Walmart.  I did most of my shopping, but was waiting till 5 so I could get a TV for my son that was on sale for $150.00 less then the original price.  Then we went back to the casino to kill an hour before Kohl's opened at 3.  I know I'm crazy, but in the past I have managed to get all my shopping done in a matter of hours.  This year not so lucky.  I did however come out $9.00 ahead from playing the slots :)  YAY me.  So on to Kohl's :(  The line was ridiculous waiting to get into the store.  We finally made it in and made on trip halfway around the store, hit the line to check out and stood there for 30 minutes for 3 things.  I had one item and she had two.  By the time we checked out it was almost 4 just in time for Target to open.  HA, what a fucking joke.  We parked noticed the line was like 2 miles long, they had 1 door open letting people in, we walked half the line said fuck it and left.  Back to Walmart only this time we went to the one on the other side of town, figuring it would be less crowded.  So we walk in and oh yeah I also got suckered into getting a TV for his dad as well.....since I was already there and all.  Needless to say I wasn't to happy about it, but we did steal his wood.  I get in there looks pretty good, not a lot of people, its 45 minutes before 5 I see some people in line at pillars with TVS on them so I ask the clerk wheres the line for the 50 inch and wheres the line for the 32 inch?  He says the 50 inch is over there and the 32 is in electronics.  My BFF says I will go to electronics and stand in that line.  So I get in the other.  I am #9 in line and the lady says OK we only have 11 TV' score!  I get a call 10 minutes later, BFF says there are 100 people in line for 50 TV's.  DAMN well looks like the boy is getting something else.  So my mom and aunt show up and get in line behind me cause the aunt is getting a TV too.  We get out tickets at 5 and am told go to the checkout pay for it then go get your car, drive to garden and they will load it for you.  Seems simple enough.  We go to garden, in her little Hyundai mind you, but the hubby swears the TV will fit.  Uh huh, while he's at home in a nice warm bed and I'm freezing my balls off shopping at ungodly hours just for a deal.  Well guess what?  The TV wasn't even gonna come close to fitting.  Thank god my uncle was 3 cars back in his truck and took it for me, or we would have had to strap it to the roof, like the Xmas tree in Christmas vacation.  Long ass story short (I know sorry)  I made it home at 7 am.  I stayed up 24 hours to go shopping and got not even half of it done.  Very disappointing year.  I slept till 10 am and decided to stay up and lay in bed all day just to sleep later that night.  I made it till 7 pm before i passed out, then slept 12 1/2 hours.  I felt GREAT on Saturday morning.

Saturday was the great Walmart fiasco.  The hubby had shown the boy a picture of the new bed we were going to get and promised to get it on Friday.  Well both Walmarts in town were out, I was in a zombie like state so we decided to go to Reno to get it on Saturday.  We stoped at Texas Roadhouse for lunch Yumm, my favorite.  Then off to the first Walmart.  No bed, next Walmart, no bed, next Walmart, no bed.  Finally I say let me get online and see which one has it in stock, cause there are like 10 Walmarts in Reno.  Of course the only one that carried it is way the fuck out in Sparks like 20 miles away.  We get there and SCORE, 1 left.  Quickly grab a cart and pay and leave, all while the hubby's head is ready to explode over the fact we just drove 60 miles and 6 stores looking for a bed.  But I wasn't the one that PROMISED it to him, you were, so he had to deliver.  Next was putting the thing together, that took 3 hours.  Then we cleaned out his closet and toy box, and piled everything into the living room to get rid of.  Some kid is going to have a nice Xmas with all the toys we got rid of.  I really should have thought this whole loft bed through.  It seemed like a really good idea until the bed was put together and I had to put sheets on it.  I had to have the hubby take the mattress down just to get the sheet on then had to stand on a 3 step, step stool to make the thing half assed, I even had the boy get up there and finish making it.  Bad choice on our part, but he loves it and that's all that matters.

Sunday we did NOTHING, but sit around with the fire going.  A nice relaxing day.  And the last 2 days of work have been busy as hell.  This Friday is our company Xmas party, so that should be fun.  I should have lots to report on that one.  It's always interesting.

Happy Hump Day!