Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Almost Time!

Well Christmas is almost here.  I cant wait to be done with it to tell you the truth.  After almost having to bankrupt myself due to the expensive shit that the kids want every year, I decided fuck them, I'm not doing it this year.  I went minimal.  I am tired of getting them things that they play with for like two seconds, then in the spring their rooms end up being so cluttered with crap that I end up throwing shit away.  I'm sick of it.  So, if they are disappointed, OH WELL.  I went out on Saturday and finished my shopping, which consisted of buying for 2 cousins of mine, we'll just call them fatty and retard (I cant stand them if you hadn't noticed) I got some movie gift cards, because I am all about the let's knock as many people off the Xmas list at one place type of person.  Then, light bulb went off and knocked a third off the list.  So I basically shopped at 2 places and got everything done.  YAY me!  However I do have to go to, UGH, I don't even want to say it, Walmart.  The unholiest of stores especially this time of year to get a movie that came out today for the girl.  OK then I'm done, really!

I have a suck ass busy week ahead.  Tonight is my son's Xmas singing thing at the school.  Thursday, it's the girls singing thing at the school.  Which I have already heard the songs like 2 times already.  Last Friday she had a little singing thing at the governors mansion with her choir, then the school had some winter wonderland thing going on and I got dragged to that.  Where I had to hear the whole rendition of songs over again.  Cant wait for round 3 of jingle bells this Thursday!

We went and finally got a damn tree on Sunday.  That was the biggest waste of $40.00 EVER.  I cant believe we spent that much on a fucking tree that will be up for 2 weeks.  Cause that suckers coming down Xmas day as always.  Yeah I know, bah humbug.  But Xmas is over, the tree looks sad with no presents under it, and I don't want to water it anymore.  Well hopefully I can get into the Christmas spirit here one of these days soon.  And I'm betting on probably not. 


  1. $40? There's not a Home Depot or Lowe's where you live? I spent $20 on a nice tree. I'm already sick of watering it.

  2. Yeah I got it at lowes. I think I got ripped off!