Thursday, December 9, 2010

The bitch caught me red handed.

Well the girl probably no longer believes in the tooth fairy.  She lost her tooth and of course I have nothing smaller then a $20 in my wallet and she wasn't getting that.  And unless she wanted a bag of change from the tooth fairy, I stole a dollar from her purse to give back to her (don't judge me) and before I got in the shower, crept into her room and tried to slide it under her pillow when the edges caught and made this sssscccchhhhh sound.  Of course she wakes up and is like what are you doing?  I quickly said, uh, I heard a noise and I was just checking on you.  Then closed the door.  I think she suspects something, but hasn't said anything yet and didn't say (like she always does) look I got a buck from the tooth fairy.  Maybe I actually put it in her pillow case by accident, it was dark.

So the hubby is playing sick, well he has a cold, but you know how men get.  It's like the whole world is coming to an end.  So needless to say he hasn't been in the best of moods over the last couple of days.  My phone beeped at 2 this morning and he was like shut that fucking thing off.  I forgot to turn off the ringer, like I do every night because of my relatives on facebook posting shit from different time zones.  So in the middle of the night we were fighting.  Oh and then he gets up this morning and looks at his bank account and cant figure out why it said he had a buck nine last night, but doesn't say that this morning.  I'm like because it's constantly changing due to your transactions so it will never be the same.  Well I don't get it.  Well stop using your ATM card like it's burning a hole in your pocket.  I swear this is why we have separate accounts now.  Because he couldn't figure out why we had no money, but would continue to use that card.  Now if he's out that's his problem.

This month is going to be trouble for me.  The food everyday is killing me.  Everyday during the month of December 1 or 2 people bring food for the office.  I have been stuffed everyday to the point of not wanting to even eat dinner.  And god help me we are only 9 days into December.  One gal made Benyas (sorry I spelled that wrong, but you get the point) I went to the gym that night and was on the elliptical talking to myself saying burning off the benyas, burning off the benyas.  If I come out of this month without gaining more then 5 pounds, it will be a fucking miracle.

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  1. I have definitely given bags of coins as tooth fairy leavings. Money is money.