Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Its going to be a busy month.

Well I haven't had time to do anything because work has been so busy this month.  So I got up early to write something short and sweet.

Xmas party on Friday was OK.  I won the grand prize so that was awesome.  $300.00, and I can totally use it to.  Funny thing that happened was one of the secretaries had shoulder surgery.  Shes been out for like 6 weeks and her arm is still in the sling.  She came to the party, and trapped one of the co workers in the bathroom to help her zip up her pants, the funny thing about it was the 3rd person in the bathroom heard it and told the entire office while we were eating lunch.  We laughed so hard, especially when they both came out of the bathroom.

That night the hubby and I went out with a couple of my friends.  Yes he was hanging out with the girls.  All was good except I was so full from the steak I ate I couldn't fit much more in my stomach, so we went to 3 different places and I had 2 drinks.  Water at the last place.  I should have known the hubby was getting hammered when he started to talk relationships with one of the girls.  He was like giiiirrrrlll, if he hasn't committed by now then he wont ever.  If you move and he doesn't follow you, you need to dump his ass.  After about an hour of this I decided to drive his drunk ass home.  He was one hung over son of a bitch on Saturday..........It wasn't pretty!

I went to the mall on Saturday in an attempt to find the girl something for Xmas.  She's 10 and at that wonderful age where she doesn't really want toys or anything.  Its so hard to buy for her right now.  I figured milling around the mall I was bound to find something.  And the mother load I did. I found this store called Justice and it was girl overload.  All things her age that she would like.  Needless to say she is done.  I still have 3 more to buy for, but that's going to be easy.  Hell I don't even have a tree yet, I think I better to get on it before Xmas is over.

Work right now is busy.  I get the job of putting together all the client gift boxes and mailing out candy to all the "Other" clients and businesses.  It their way to kiss ass.  It's fun though,  keeps my ass doing something all day for the rest of the month.  So my posts may slow down a bit.  I will try to do it as much as I can, but It might get quiet for a few days.

Happy Tuesday!

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