Friday, December 17, 2010

It's OVER!

The school production nightmares are over!  It started Tuesday with the boys.  The entire first grade sang songs and played instruments (xylophones, nothing special) anyways, my son being the clown that he is was right in the middle and the hubby was waving and making faces at him, so in return the boy got all silly and was making faces the entire time and throwing up the "devil horns" every 5 minutes.  Totally over emphasizing every movement he made, it was funny, but I'm sure annoyed some parents.  Plus the stupid music teacher was like oh I didn't think this many people would show up.  Really?  The entire first grade is singing and you didn't think that their family's wouldn't come?  What are they just suppose to drop them off at the door and go have a drink for an hour?  Dumbass!

Wednesday, I was NOT in a good mood at all.  I decided since we had all this crap this week, we should at least try and hit the gym once.  So I get home after an incredibly busy day at work to hear the hubby complain that he's all stiff and can barely move from having to be on his hands and knees all day installing pergo at some place he's working at.  DUDE, I don't fucking care.  Take a pill, and shut it.  It's not all about you.  So I go to the gym and continue to yell at my mom about him, work and everyone else's problems I had to deal with all day.  Then I see a commercial for one of the hotels in town and was all, that's what I need, a steak, a martini, and a fucking massage to get my ass in a better mood.  My mom started to laugh and said don't you remember when you were young, you used to stand out in the driveway warning people not to go in the house because "I was evil"  I said no, and started to laugh my ass off.  It did cheer me up.......a little.

Yesterday I was in a great mood, I had called my mom that morning and she was like are you feeling better today?  I said yeah I feel great, I think it was just a touch of PMS or something.  She started laughing and was like I was going to ask if you were on the rag yesterday but didn't want my head getting ripped off.  Yeah I know, I was a bitch.  I picked up the kids, got the girl dressed for her choir thing, and we made our way to the school.  The all gathered on the risers and did their songs.  My daughter and all her glory stood there for an hour itching herself all over, adjusting her tights, and pretty much looked like she had either ants in her pants or turrets.  It was a little embarrassing.  However that's until I noticed the very enthusiastic lad on the top row singing as loud as he could, and well the only way I can describe it was either he thought he was in a Broadway show with the constant throwing of jazz hands, or he was being overly obnoxious.  Either way even my son asked why is he singing so loud?  It was funny though because out of 75ish kids, he was the only one you could hear.

I am finally getting my hair cut today.  I am so fucking excited.  I have been waiting FOREVER to be able to afford to go see the gal who does it right.  I would rather pay to have it done correctly then be cheap and have 50 crappy haircuts.  Although I did it last march and just now it's grown out enough to have it re-done.  Never again!  So the boy threw a small tantrum this morning.  It was kind of funny, I left the school cracking up.  OK he got some new hoodies, he's been all into wearing them.  Which is fine, the weather has been pretty mild so he doesn't have to wear a coat.  Well it's snowing this morning and he was throwing a big fit about having to wear his coat with the sweatshirt.  Pouted all the way to school, then gets out and was like aaaahhhhhhhhhh, while throwing punches in the air.  HAHAHA, WOW was he PISSED, but I know best and he will get over it.

Have a nice weekend all!

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