Friday, January 28, 2011

My Car Farted!

Well on this very lovely Friday morning, I had to drive my ass to the next town for a delivery.  As you are aware of my car is the biggest piece of shit EVER, that just wont die.  Usually if I have to go up any sort of hill the thing starts to choke and lose speed, then the rotten egg smell starts.  I am really starting to feel sorry for the people that have to drive behind me.  So a new smell has developed since the last time I took the old girl up a hill.  The only way I can describe it is it's a cowish dog shit kind of smell.  I was like WTF?  I leaned down to even check my shoes to make sure I didn't un noticeably step in something on the way to my car this morning.  This has got me baffled as hell.  I sat there breathing in through my nose to the point I was almost hyperventilating to make sure I was smelling it right and looking around for some random cows that might be wandering around in the middle of the highway.  Nothing.  I rolled down the windows to get the smell out as soon as possible, because it wasn't something I wanted to smell for the next 20 minutes of my drive.  It finally went away and I thought maybe it was just some kind of coincidence.  So the next test came on the drive back.  Up the hill, and there was that smell again, only this time it was mixed with some rotten egg.  Oh an now the car seems to be dying at the stop lights again.  Last time this happened the hubby tuned up the car, burnt his hand, yelled every cuss word in the book at the top of his lungs in the driveway, along with pitching various tools across the yard.  So my conclusion is this I either ran over a cow pie, or there is a whole new set of problems that are starting.  Why cant some really nice car with insurance run into my car and put it out of it's misery.  A bolt of lightning perhaps.  A gust of wind to push a tree on top of it where I purposely park next to them hoping that one day I will get lucky, but so far only branches and bird shit are falling from them.  One day, one day, it will be my turn!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The hubby finally went into melt down mode last night.  Mr. rock, Mr. voice of reason, Mr. quit complaining and just make the best of it, finally broke down.  This came to a complete shock to me by the way.  I think the reality of being in limbo with this whole house situation is getting to him.  I mean geez, when it was starting to eat away at me at the beginning of this month, putting me in a bad mood, stressing over the fact that I might actually have to move, he turned it into a major fight.  This is why I didn't say anything to you about it.  You will just tell me it is what it is and there is no use stressing about it.  HA, welcome to my world asshole.  Since the fight, I have mellowed out a lot, just taking it day to day.  Some are better then others, depending on how irrational my brain wants to function.  The only thing I said to him last night when he finally told me what his problem was, was that hey I know how you feel.  Should I start a fight with you like you did with me about it?  No, I'm just going to leave you alone to work it out in your own head like you should have done with me.  No sense adding to the situation.  And one month till D-day.  Then we will know how far BofA wants to shove it in our asses.

On the bright side the kids are actually behaving themselves this week.  Well my two are anyways.  Evil step bastard has an agenda of his own to make everyones life a living hell because he is grounded and has an F.  Thank god it's his week at his moms.  However I have to hear the backlash of him being grounded by the constant text messages he sends the hubby every night.  Last night before I went to the gym, he graced us with his presence for about 10 minutes so he could get yelled at by dad.  This kid just doesn't get it.  The hubby should have taken the phone away too.  And lucky me this adds to the hubby's bad mood.  And he just cant understand why I keep searching for a 3 bedroom house. 

I swear I had the hardest time getting up this morning.  My bed was all warm and cozy.  The hubby called on my way to work this morning and says did you drug me last night?  Um, no!  He says I just cant wake up today.  Yep I know how you feel, I am having the same problem.  And besides if I was going to drug your ass, it would be to put you to sleep permanently.  It's just the Wednesday rut.  Or there was something in the spaghetti I made last night, like that stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy.  Good thing I decided on a crockpot meal today, that way it will be ready when I get home, no fuss no muss!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Calgon....Take me Away!

What a frustrating fucking day it was yesterday.  The minute I get to work all hell breaks loose.  It started with the receptionist letting me know she was going to be late.  Which is fine and that means I cover for her until she gets in.  I didn't go into my office at all and didn't happen to see that one of the conference rooms needed to be set up that morning.  The secretary comes down and asks me about it and I said shit, I cant, I'm stuck up here for the moment.  So no problem she starts doing it, the receptionist comes in and I go to take over.  Make my way up to the room and find the door closed.  I open it and I swear to christ it looked like a bomb went off in there and it was 30 degrees in there too, I thought a window was left open.  I was like what the fuck?  I called the gal who cleans the office over the weekend and she says it wasn't me.  The cleaning company was in over the weekend.  She did say check with one of the attorney's, who will remain nameless because he brings his kids in a lot and they trash the rooms.  OK I run the the one who's having the meeting and change the rooms for him, move the crap, and make my way down to the suspects office.  Turns out it was his daughter.  She had a bunch of clear confetti and went to town.  It took me a half hour to vacuum all that shit up.  Not to mention it was in the chairs on the table, pretty much every corner of that room.  I would love to get a glimpse of these people I work withs homes, because by the way they are around here, I hope they pay someone to clean for them.  PIGS!

Next my afternoon was pretty light until my grandma calls to bitch and complain about my daughter leaving her earrings at her dads house.  REALLY, you fucking calling during work to tell me this shit?  Then wants to have a whole conversation about how she thinks there is something going on with the girl because of the way shes been acting lately.  Usually I just tell her what she wants to hear to make her happy and be done with it, but yesterday was not that day.  I said the girl is an absolute drama queen bitch.  There is nothing wrong with her, she's 10 and it's only going to get worse from here on out.  After 15 minutes or so of arguing over this, I said gotta go and hung up.  I realize she is also dealing with other issues right now like my grandpa being in the hospital, but seriously, stop worrying so much about her and worry about him.  So then she calls back.  Well the girl called her and said she didn't have lunch, could she bring her a sandwich?  I was like what?  She had money on Thursday to pay for lunch if she didn't turn it in that's her problem.  Just leave her maybe she will learn a lesson.  The call number 3.  She said she feels sick because she sat next to a boy with the stomach flu.  OH MY FUCKING GOD!  This girl is trying my patience.  I said leave her I will deal with it when I pick her up.  This leads to a fight, which I tell her there is nothing wrong with her, she is just calling you because you are the sympathetic ear who will go out of your way and baby her.  That leads to her hanging up on me and I was like whatever.  So I go get the girl, which latchkey calls 5 minutes before I leave the office to tell me she isn't feeling good.  Get her in the car and ask what the hell is it she thinks shes doing?  Why did you call grandma?  Did you turn in you lunch money?  Yeah she says I called her to bring me a snack.  I was like oh no that's not what she told me.  Oh and another thing is there something wrong with you?  Anything you need to discuss?  Because by what your telling grandma she thinks there is something wrong.  No, nothing she says.  I say fine call her and tell her you lied.  She of course tried to talk her way out of it, but in the end her lies caught up with her.  I told my grandma she is just going through a phase and to stop worrying so much because she plays off that.  In the end I got an apology, the girl wasn't really sick, and she was sweet as pie for the rest of the night.   Only to turn back into mega bitch this morning.

I found a nice rental today.  One I have been eyeing for about 2 weeks.  It was in the paper and even though we are not ready to move yet and still don't know what the final verdict is going to be come the end of next month.  I might be jumping the gun a little but it's in the neighborhood I want, and the price is fantastic and they take dogs.  So I text dumbass saying it's in the paper.  So he says call and you know what questions to ask.  Fine so I call ask the pet question, the deposit question, the credit check question.  And she says I will be there on Saturday if you would like to come look at it.  OK whats the harm.  I know what it looks like though because that's the neighborhood I grew up in.  So I make an appointment.  Then the dumbass yells at me for jumping the gun.  Were not ready to move yet, we still have at least a couple of months.  You just fucking told me to call ASSHOLE.  I cant fucking win.  I finally find something that I like, finally accepting the reality of the bank telling me to fuck off, and getting with the program to find something in my price range that will let us have extra money every month to go out like normal people and do things and I get my ass jumped.  It's like I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't.  You know what, here's whats going to happen.  I am moving in with my mother until he finds us somewhere to live and if I don't like it, he can live there by himself, ALONE!  I have had it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pussy Galore!

Entitled post as promised! See previous post for the explanation! OK so one of the very lovely ladies that reads this blog gave me an award.  Fucking A, yay me!  And fortunately for her the boss is gone and I have lots o time to do this today!  I would first like to thank Goofy Girl from  she is a very cool lady and you should check her out.  And now on to the crap I have to fill out after receiving this award!

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave this award to you.  Done!

2. Share 7 things about yourself .  OK here goes, lets see if I can come up with anything of interest!

1.  I started this blog because the people at work were always listening to my crazy ass stories and said I  should start writing them for the world! :)

2.  My husband is approximately 9 1/2 years older then me, and you think with all this life experience he has on me, he wouldn't be such a dumbass at times.

3.  I have worked at this Law Firm for 11 years and plan on retiring from here as the oldest, longest, runner in the history of the firm.  Unless I get fired at some point! I mean I am only 32.

4. I HATE (hate might be an understatement) my step kids.

5. I love trying new foods.  I love going to restaurants and ordering new things to try and I am always in search of new recipes to cook.

Jesus this is harder then I thought!

6.  I am half Italian from my mothers side, that's probably where I get my fiery attitude from or the fact that I am also an Aries.  The other part of me is just a mix of hillbilly, considering my Dad's family is from West Virginia.  One can only hope there was no inbreeding!

And last but not least:

7.  I really love to read, I, however did not discover this new found love until I was 30ish.  There are so many great books out there that I never had any clue that I would enjoy reading this much.  Currently I am reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Not something I would normally pick up, but I really am digging the story!  Yay for trying new things!

3.  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers:

All right this is going to be hard since I love reading everyones stuff.  I might not make 15 but here are a few of my favorites in no particular order:
The boob nazi at
If you like a lot of weird and interesting facts then check out
This chick is a crack up

OK 13, that's pretty good.  Considering some of the people that I follow haven't posted in months.  Get with it PEOPLE!

4.   Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award:  UGH, REALLY?  Fine!

5.  Oh YAY, I'm done........  :)

Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm sure you all are wondering about the header to this post.  Over the last few months I have been looking at that feedjit thing I have on the blog.  I swear 2-3 times a day the post entitled "Fuck Me" gets read by various people.  I'm sure it's sicko's and perverts looking for a thrill, but in an attempt to test this theory out I put boobies in the header and I want to see how many times that gets read.  The funny thing about it, is that I was so pissed off when I wrote that fuck me post, it was meant as more of a saying like "fuck me, I cant believe this is happening"  so here is my test.  Lets see how many people want to read boobies!  I think I might entitle my next post as pussy galore just to see what happens.

Well if the shit hasn't been bad enough in my life, I decided to do my taxes last night.  Big fucking mistake!  I owe the IRS $300.00  YIPPEE, cant wait to pay them.......AGAIN.  Oh well at least it's less then I owed last year.  I cant believe I skipped the gym for that little disappointment last night.  And to top it all off I was going to make fish for dinner but when I took the box out of the freezer I only had 2 pieces.  Ugh!  I guess it was stupid on my part not to check before I decided what we were going to eat.  So pizza it was.

So I haven't spoke to the Bipolar minion in 4 days so far.  I am still pissed about the whole (insert whinny voice here) "oh I'm taking Wednesday off because it's my Birthday, and then I'm going to call in for the next two days so I can have a 6 day weekend!"  And another thing I am super pissed at the boss lady for just ignoring this because she's off as of today on a cruise for the next two weeks.  We have started a bet between like 7 people in the office on whether or not she's going to call in, in the next two weeks.  I am also getting tired of everyone asking me when she's going to get fired.  I don't fucking know, when I had the talk with the boss about it, I said I think she should be, however she thought we needed to have a meeting with her first.  Well as you can see that never fucking happened.  So I'll just file that one under forget about it, it ain't going to happen!

Well at least it's Friday today, that one thing to be thankful for.  I am starting to feel the craziness is just getting started in my life.  Let's hope the roller coaster makes a stop once and a while so I can regain my sanity at some point!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crazy things!

So in an attempt to cover our asses, just in case this whole mediation thing blows up in or faces we have been checking out rentals in case we have to move.  Let me tell you the whole situation and searching for a house to rent SUCKS BALLS.  I have been keeping an eye on the paper, and searching Craig's list, along with driving around just spotting signs and checking the realtor's websites as well.  I forgot how much I really hate doing this.  But it's a must, just in case.  So finding a 4 bedroom house to rent is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Everything is a 3 bedroom that's even worth a look in a halfway decent neighborhood.  Which is fine with me.  The step bastard can go live at his moms for all I give a shit.  Please, go, this just might be my ticket for booting his ungrateful, drama causing ass out my front door.  One can only hope!  So we spotted a house last week and the hubby called just to get some info.  Keep in mind this is the first one we have called on.  It was a 4 bedroom and on the west side, which is a nice, older neighborhood close to the Jr. High.  The people said that they just bought a foreclosure and were in the process of waiting on the bank.  Well that's good considering that we have a month before this thing.  So they call the hubby on Monday to let him know that they are showing the house from 4-6.  He calls and says do you want to go look?  OK what the hell.  We pull up, go in and hhhhmmmm.  It's interesting to say the very least.  First of all I realize that you all are moving, but if your going to show the house in hopes of renting it for the outrageous price your asking for, you might want to clean it first.  OK house from 1960.  I am familiar with this since my house is from 1964.  However all the wood paneled walls in my house were replaced by sheet rock and texture.  Along with the ceiling.  I must say the wood paneling wasn't so bad in that house.  I did like the fact that it had one of those fireplaces that went all the way through so one half was in the living room and the other in the kitchen area.  The bedrooms were tiny,  well the master and the other two anyways.  I still haven't got to the fourth bedroom yet.  So we take a tour through the kitchen to the laundry room where low and behold it was the size of my current pantry and could only house a stackable washer and dryer.  That is not going to work for me.  I like my high efficiency washer I got a few years ago, it's quiet.  And not to mention I spent a butt load of money on it.  So back to the tour, next on to the other living room.  OK I am guessing this had to be an addition at one point cause it just seemed a little off, but flowed with the house.  The guy says here is the fourth bedroom, but before we go in there lets check out the back yard.  Alrighty then.  Through the slider into another long narrow addition with a built in bar at the end.  This is a little weird, it's like the added 10 more feet to the room but forgot to knock out the wall in between.  And there was a bed in there???  Back yard was OK.  The he takes us around the house to another room off the garage.  OK random room, check.  No reason for it to be there, but OK.  So finally on to the fourth or what I call the 6th bedroom.  He says his wife and him have been using it as their room.  We go in and it's no bigger then the other rooms, but it has one major point of interest.  A FUCKING SPA!  Yes someone, the previous owner I'm guessing made a spa room, which the current owners decided to throw a mattress on top of it and make it a bed.  Wow, now I have really seen it all.  We left and I was like WTF?  The hubby says I kind of liked the house, of course you do......figures.  I say aside from the weird and random additions and rooms and the spa room, the house was OK, but I am NOT dealing with a stackable washer and dryer.  That killed it right there for me.  Also we have one couch and a dinning room table.  Clearly not enough furniture to even come close to filling that house, aaaannnnddd I don't think our bed will fit on top of that spa!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Addict!

Well this has been an interesting week and weekend.  On Tuesday the boss brought up having the minion meeting on Thursday.  I said fine with me.  She took Wednesday off because it was her birthday.  On Thursday she called in, on Friday, she called in.  Man I don't know if the boss lady was so pissed at the fact that she called in or what but it's like the clam before the storm.  She hasn't said a damn word, but she wasn't in a good mood either.  Friday she was fine, but well see what happens tomorrow when we go back to work.  One of two things are going to happen.  She's either finally fed up and going to fire her, or she's not going to do a damn thing about it.  Considering she's leaving on a cruise Friday till the end of the month.

My hubby finally gave in after years of complaining.  He made me set him up a facebook account.  It was kind of funny cause he was sitting there for like 2 hours staring at the computer waiting for someone to comment on his shit.  Then he types with one finger to reply.  His response to setting one up was if you cant beat them, join them.  I feel I have probably created a monster.  Good thing we have more then one computer.

Well I have been enjoying my weekend of doing nothing.  And it's kind of ashame, because the weather has been in the 60's all weekend.  It's like spring out there.  Then again I'm not getting to excited considering it is still January and the snow could come at any moment.  Lets hope  spring comes early this year, after last year's incredibly long ass winter.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Epiphany!

I had one early this morning while laying in my bed starring at the TV half assed watching the news.  This has put me in a better mood, for now anyways.  Let me begin on how all this started.  Yesterday I was messing around on the computer at work trying to kill time.  I think I looked up about everything I could think of.  When it hit me 15 minutes till I got off.  I should check my credit report.  Why would I do this you ask?  Good question.  Because of this whole debt settlement thing we have been doing over the past 3 years, I figured I would just see what it looked like.  HA, fucking nothing.  Everything that we owe on is in the hubby's name.  I dont have shit on my credit.  So I went home and told the hubby and that was that.  This morning it came to me.  I have NOTHING on my credit!  No home loan, no credit cards, NOTHING.  The house is in his name which means if it forecloses it's not on me.  It means that if we have to file for bankruptcy, that I dont because I have NOTHING.  It means that technically I could qualify as a first time home buyer and get an actual 30 year fixed loan on some really cheap houses at the moment.  So first things first.  I have to find out if he can file bankruptcy without dragging me into it.  So I go next door, (another law firm)  that does primarily only that these days.  I ask the gal that I know and she says no, I dont have to be involved if everything is in his name.  So then I start searching for info on home loans.  I can probably qualify for an FHA loan with 3 percent down and my credit doesn't have to be perfect.  HHHMMM, my only problem is that I have no credit so that could be a hurdle.  But really this might actually work in our favor.  I will have to dig into it more but it gives me hope and that's better then being depressed.  We'll see what happens, but I figure now is the time to start.  Before the foreclosure finishes, cause I know the bank is going to tell us to fuck off during this mediation. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Waiting Game

So I finally got a call from the mediator for the house.  I was hoping it would take a little longer, but I knew it was coming at some point soon.  I scheduled it for the end of February.  I am really torn over this whole situation.  I am becoming an attached emotional idiot to an object.  It's just a house I keep telling myself, but in my seriously screwed up mind it must be more.  The hubby keeps saying I hope they don't work out a deal with us, and I say yeah but am secretly hoping they do.  Aside from the fact that I REALLY hate moving, I need to let the chips lay where they fall and accept the harsh reality either way.  I am trying to come to terms with my own insanity.  I spent most of the day yesterday googling every bit of information I could find.  Some was optimistic and some was utterly depressing.  So I'm letting fate take over on this one.  If it's meant to be it will, and if not fuck you fate, you condescending bitch!

On a lighter note it was gym day  I really hate going to the gym this time of year with all the New Years resolutioners out there vowing to lose weight.  This happened last year as well.  In January you could hardly find an empty machine to use and it seemed like one big cluster fuck.  By March it is usually back to normal.  You can always tell the newbies.  They have to dress up for the gym in their tight new yoga pants and tank to with matching sports bra shooting up the back.  Dude your here to work out not to find a date.  Me same old pair of sweats and a tee shirt.  Nothing fancy I'm a strictly get in, get out, type of person.  The hubby's lucky I even shower afterwards.

Well day 5 of being back and still no mention of the minion meeting.  Although I did walk in on her yelling at bipolar for having to many personal calls.  I walked in and turned around and walked through the first door I could find to get away.  I knew she would put it off.  But that's OK I really wasn't in the mood to be in this little meeting anyways.  And I know I know, I am her boss and it's my job.  Blah Blah Blah!  Bipolar is really loud on the phone though, I'm surprised she hasnt said anything sooner.  It's almost like she's yelling at the person on the other end.  It reminds me of Howard's Mom on the Big Bang Theory, raspy voice always screaming, minus the Jewish accent.  It's kind of funny.

Well that's all for now, hope everyone has a nice weekend.  I myself am looking forward to sleeping in.....hopefully!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today just isnt your day!

I think the hubby is having a bit of shits.  Not in the sense that you would think, but in the fact that he has been down and things just aren't going his way.  It all started last week when he decided to take the entire week off.  Not because work was slow or anything it's because the boss yelled at him and his friend who also works there for god knows what (I didn't get the story as of yet) so I guess he thought he needed to take some time off.  OK if I took a week off for every time my boss yelled at me for something, I would never be at work.  Plus it's not like it was paid or anything either.  So yay, no paycheck this week.  Good thinking asshole.  We don't need food.  Get your priorities straight.  I, however will not say this to him just so I don't have to start an argument (it's really not worth it trust me)  I am just keeping quiet about the whole thing hoping he learns his lesson when he's out of cash (which he is, lets see how long this lasts).  Thank god we keep separate accounts.  I myself have money....haha.

Yesterday he went to the ghetto doctors office.  He has insurance, but since he had pre existing conditions (high blood pressure & diabetes) the wont cover any visits related to that for 11 months.  So he has been having his meds refilled, and the doctors office said they wont do it till he comes in anymore.  Seriously, he has 2 months to go until the 11th month.  So he makes an appointment and goes in.  He comes home and says "I HATE that place"  I say whatever at least there is a place for people to go that aren't insured.  Yeah but it's gross, some guy sat next to him who he said smelled so bad it grossed him out.  But hey they refilled your meds and now you can go see a real doctor in a couple of months. 

I forgot to take something out for dinner last night, so I ran to the sub shop.  I said I want a #2 for the hubby.  As I was looking over the menu deciding what I wanted the guy starts making a #1 and I was like SHIT.  Oh well he likes all that crap anyways so I didn't say anything.  Of course I get home and say here your sandwich is wrong but you like the one with the salami.  He throws a huge fit and is like FUCK what else is going to go wrong today?  I said after the new year I wasn't going to eat anymore salami or pepperoni because he gained all the weight he lost back.  Hey man lay off the beer and pizza and that might help!  I say oh well pick it off then, ate my sandwich and ignored his mood for the rest of the night.

I forgot to mention last week about the crayon melter the girl got for Xmas.  It was the coolest toy ever.  No more throwing away your broken crayons, just collect them and melt them into a whole new crayon.  Totally fun shit, until the "incident".  We all played with it for about 2 days making cool swirly crayons, testing different colors, crap like that.  On the second day the hubby was helping the girl and says oh lets do these colors.  So I'm like cool they are all entertained I am hitting the shower.  Towards the end of my 15 minute shower the girl comes running in and says he melted the crayon melter.  Huh, it's broke already?  What happened?  I get out put a towel around me and go to the living room.  The tray that the crayons sit in to melt, by a light bulb mind you, is melted and it smells like burned plastic int he house.  Mr. bright idea forgot to wipe out the tray after the lid unlocked so the crayon hardened.  So instead of scrapping it out, or running it under hot water to soften it he gets his blow torch to heat it up.  It melted a hole through the metal tray.  I'm like what the hell?  He says it seemed like a good idea.  Yeah, now we, or no HE owes her a new one.  But yes they were wildly popular this year and the stores are out lucky us, cause she's still waiting, and don't think she will forget either.

Well 3 days back and still no mention of the "minion meeting"  still waiting!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's been so long since my last post.  It has been a nice holiday week aside from the fact that the hubby was home all week with me :( and the kids were driving me nuts as well all week.  I finally got sick of it and sent the girl to grandmas for a few days to get some peace and quiet.  Christmas was nice and pretty quiet.  Everyone seemed happy with what they got.  Then it was clean out the room for the new shit time.  The girls room was such a shit hole, I cant believe she accumulated that much crap since the last time we cleaned it out.  Now it's nice and organized, let's see how long it's actually going to stay that way.  The hubby and I finally got a new coffee table to replace the 500 pound one we already had.  Well it was a regular wood coffee table until he got a piece of marble and glued it to the top.  I couldn't move it an inch to vacuum under it.  It got to be a real pain in the ass.  Perks of his job, he brings home lots of needless crap.  So anyways we found an ottoman that the top flips over to a tray and it came with two smaller ottomans inside.  The whole inside is all storage so we put all our movies in it and moved the corner piece we had the movies on to my sons room so he could put his shit on it.  It totally decluttered both rooms and made the living room actually look bigger.

We took the kids to see Yogi Bear on Tuesday, it was cute, but next time I am leaving the hubby and the girl at home.  Or just make them sit in an entirely different row then where I am.  The girl, you would think she was 3 years old couldn't sit still the entire movie, and the hubby was talking loud through the entire thing.  Some people, you just cant take them anywhere.  I got sick of telling her to sit still.  I swear there is something wrong with that girl.  And the hubby, I have nothing to say except this is why we don't go to the theater.

I made it to midnight last night.  Then went to bed around 12:03.  Hey at least I stayed up.  We went over to our friends house and played a few games, had a few drinks, then the boy was tired by 10 so we went home and watched pawn stars for an hour till 12.  Oh and he lost his tooth last night too, thank god the tooth fairy had a buck this time.   Hopefully this year will bring good things for us.  Hopefully!

I woke up this morning to snow.  It wasn't suppose to snow today at all.  4 inches and counting.  Good thing I have no where to go today.  I am not looking forward to going back to work and having the meeting with boss lady and Bipolar minion.  Yes I am a bitch, but I don't like "your doing everything wrong meetings"  And I suspect she isn't going to take it well.  But it's my job and I have to suck it up and deal with it.

Well 2 more days of doing nothing and back to the grind stone.  I hope everyone had a nice holiday, be back soon with a full report on the "meeting"