Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today just isnt your day!

I think the hubby is having a bit of shits.  Not in the sense that you would think, but in the fact that he has been down and things just aren't going his way.  It all started last week when he decided to take the entire week off.  Not because work was slow or anything it's because the boss yelled at him and his friend who also works there for god knows what (I didn't get the story as of yet) so I guess he thought he needed to take some time off.  OK if I took a week off for every time my boss yelled at me for something, I would never be at work.  Plus it's not like it was paid or anything either.  So yay, no paycheck this week.  Good thinking asshole.  We don't need food.  Get your priorities straight.  I, however will not say this to him just so I don't have to start an argument (it's really not worth it trust me)  I am just keeping quiet about the whole thing hoping he learns his lesson when he's out of cash (which he is, lets see how long this lasts).  Thank god we keep separate accounts.  I myself have money....haha.

Yesterday he went to the ghetto doctors office.  He has insurance, but since he had pre existing conditions (high blood pressure & diabetes) the wont cover any visits related to that for 11 months.  So he has been having his meds refilled, and the doctors office said they wont do it till he comes in anymore.  Seriously, he has 2 months to go until the 11th month.  So he makes an appointment and goes in.  He comes home and says "I HATE that place"  I say whatever at least there is a place for people to go that aren't insured.  Yeah but it's gross, some guy sat next to him who he said smelled so bad it grossed him out.  But hey they refilled your meds and now you can go see a real doctor in a couple of months. 

I forgot to take something out for dinner last night, so I ran to the sub shop.  I said I want a #2 for the hubby.  As I was looking over the menu deciding what I wanted the guy starts making a #1 and I was like SHIT.  Oh well he likes all that crap anyways so I didn't say anything.  Of course I get home and say here your sandwich is wrong but you like the one with the salami.  He throws a huge fit and is like FUCK what else is going to go wrong today?  I said after the new year I wasn't going to eat anymore salami or pepperoni because he gained all the weight he lost back.  Hey man lay off the beer and pizza and that might help!  I say oh well pick it off then, ate my sandwich and ignored his mood for the rest of the night.

I forgot to mention last week about the crayon melter the girl got for Xmas.  It was the coolest toy ever.  No more throwing away your broken crayons, just collect them and melt them into a whole new crayon.  Totally fun shit, until the "incident".  We all played with it for about 2 days making cool swirly crayons, testing different colors, crap like that.  On the second day the hubby was helping the girl and says oh lets do these colors.  So I'm like cool they are all entertained I am hitting the shower.  Towards the end of my 15 minute shower the girl comes running in and says he melted the crayon melter.  Huh, it's broke already?  What happened?  I get out put a towel around me and go to the living room.  The tray that the crayons sit in to melt, by a light bulb mind you, is melted and it smells like burned plastic int he house.  Mr. bright idea forgot to wipe out the tray after the lid unlocked so the crayon hardened.  So instead of scrapping it out, or running it under hot water to soften it he gets his blow torch to heat it up.  It melted a hole through the metal tray.  I'm like what the hell?  He says it seemed like a good idea.  Yeah, now we, or no HE owes her a new one.  But yes they were wildly popular this year and the stores are out lucky us, cause she's still waiting, and don't think she will forget either.

Well 3 days back and still no mention of the "minion meeting"  still waiting!

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